10 Stunning Hairstyles That Will Perfectly Match With Your Lehenga!


Modern hairstyles are a whimsical way of expressing yourself. Who said you have to stick to the usual traditional route, even if you’re wearing a traditional lehenga? Whether you’ve gone short or have super long hair, these modern hairstyles for lehengas give a nice contemporary spin on regular looks. The key? Playing around with your locks –– go for edgy styles and bold accessories. Scroll down to check out the various hairstyles we have for you, no matter what your length.


Short Hairstyles To Go With A Lehenga


Just because you’ve got short hair, doesn’t mean you cannot go crazy with the style. The options are endless and if you’re ready to go down a more edgy route, then we’re sure you’re going to love the variety of lehenga hairstyles for short hair we’ve got ahead.


Beach Please! 


Image courtesy - Instagram


If you’ve got a bob or a lob, you’re surely going to love this one. A bunch of beachy waves paired with side parting, make this hairstyle a perfect fit for any lehenga. You can even accessorise it with some cute bobby pins or hair clips, to add the quirkiness of your look.

The Wavy Twist


Image courtesy - Instagram


An easy-breezy, effortless hairstyle that’ll go perfectly with a lehenga, the twisted half pony is what really ties in the whole hairdo. You can either opt for slight waves at the end or just keep it simple with a plain ol’ blowout.


Braided Fun


Image courtesy - Instagram


Want to amp up your pixie haircut, why not give it a bit of twisted braid. Starting from the front of your hairline, going towards your crown this braid adds some dimension to your wavy hair.


Pin It


Image courtesy - Instagram


This modern hairstyle is perfect for short hair, especially when you need to pair it with a lehenga. Use any hair clip to pin back one side of your hair. Keep the other side messy, wavy and natural –– apply a little hair oil to hold the waves in place throughout the event.


Fluff It Up 

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If you’ve got really, really short hair and don’t want to style it way too much then opt for a good, fluffy blow dry. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly before fluffing up your mane. Want to jazz it up a little? Then simply add a few accessories to pin your hair back or to the side.

Medium Length Hairstyles To Go With A Lehenga


Medium hair is probably the most easy to style –– with this length of hair, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. From braids to ponytails, here’s a few modern hairstyles for lehengas that are suited for medium length hair.


Caged Bun


Image courtesy - Instagram


Accessorise your plain ol’ bun with some accessories like this caged bun holder. Make sure it’s a sleek bun and not a messy bun if you want it to look a little elegant. 


Wavy Braid


Image courtesy - Instagram


Going for a wavy look, then why not add some braids to your hair on the side. This adds a pull-back look on one side and messy (yet neat), curls on the other. Plus the braids define the frame of your face even more.

Scarfed Up

Image courtesy - Instagram


Going for a low bun? Spruce it up with a pretty scarf. This hairstyle suits medium length hair, as you have enough and more to twist it to a low bun.


Up In The Hair


Image courtesy - Instagram


This high-top bun makes for a great hairstyle that will complement your lehenga. You can add a few hair rings or braids in the front, to make it more edgy.


Little Bow Peep


Image courtesy - Instagram


Create a half and half pony on wavy or straight hair and tie in the look with a ribbon or a bow. Use a colour that complements your lehenga. 


Long Hairstyle To Match With A Lehenga


Have fun with your long hair! These modern hairstyles for lehengas are perfect if you have those long luscious locks that can be played around with.


Curly Pony


Image courtesy - Instagram


If you’ve naturally got curly or wavy hair, or are using a tong to achieve this texture, tie it up into a high, pulled-back ponytail instead of leaving it down. This works perfectly well for second-day hair. Wrap your ponytail with a section of your hair to hide the hair tie.


Heavy On The Waves


Image courtesy - Instagram


Go full on volume with this wavy hairdo. Add some hairspray or hair serum to make these curls hold and then run your fingers through them to give it a bouncier look.


Smooth Ponytail

Image courtesy - Instagram


This sleek ponytail fuses the classic 60’s wave with a modern bling approach. The pearls add a classy touch to this elegant ponytail. This hairstyle requires all your flyaways to be kept in place –– so remember to use ample conditioner to soften any split ends. 


In The Bubble

Image courtesy - Instagram


Ever wondered what Princess Jasmine’s hair would look like IRL. This is the closest version of it. The bubble pony adds a contemporary touch to your regular hairdo. Throw in some pearl or studded hair ties and you’re ready to go. 


Big Scrunchie


Image courtesy - Instagram


Big hair, don’t care? Try, big scrunchie, don’t care! If you want a messy look, that’s part trendy, part stylish then make sure you wear your hair up like this.



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Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the usual, traditional hairdos. Always make sure you’re using the right haircare products though –– just to make sure you’re nourishing your locks instead of damaging them. These modern hairstyles for lehengas are a perfect fit that’ll suit your vibe!


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