Chop chop! 15 Short Hairstyles To Pair With Lehengas That Are Anything But Basic


Whoever said people with short hair don’t really have many options when it comes to styling, really didn’t know what they were talking about! Why should people with long hair only have fun? Even when it comes to styling short hair for Indian wear, the options are galore –– from curly to wavy to straight. And the best part is that you can style it in literally half the time it takes to style long hair. If you’ve chopped your locks just before the upcoming festive season, don’t worry, you aren’t just limited to one hairstyle for the rest of the festivities. Let your creative side loose (not just your hair) with these 15 lehenga hairstyles for short hair! 


Lehenga Hairstyle For Short Hair


We’ve been conditioned to believe that long hair is the only thing that works with desi outfits, and boy were we wrong. Let these lehenga hairstyles for short hair serve as inspiration for your upcoming festivities.


Sleek Bob

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Looking for a sleek and sexy way to let your hair down? This is the perfect way to go! This is a straight and clean look for short hair (especially bobs and lobs). This one requires clean hair, so make sure to shampoo thoroughly before styling –– a little bit of grease can make it look flat.


Pin Up Beauty


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A simple yet gorgeous hairstyle, all you need is some hair pins. Tie your hair in a semi-messy ponytail and throw in accessories to amp it up a notch.


Flower Power


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If you’ve got really short hair, fret not! Wave it out a little in messy waves. Apply a bit of hair serum so that the style holds. Add a few fresh flowers to the crown, to give it a bit of a desi touch with your lehenga.


Side Pin


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This one’s for the off-beat yet elegant girl. Keep your natural texture, but define it a little more with some mousse or gel. Keep it sleek on one side and messy on the other. Add some accessories to bling it up!


Wavy Wonder


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Beach waves and short hair go hand-in-hand. Twist a few strands of hair into a half pony and pin in some fresh flowers.


Let It Loose


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Curl the ends of your hair with a hair curler. Run your fingers through it to loosen the waves. Add a dainty headband to give it a desi touch. Even if you’ve got really short hair this look will pair well with your lehenga.


Elegant Element

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Got curls? Then accentuate them with a little bit of hair serum and braid the crown –– you can go for a milkmaid braid on the crown as well. Add a pretty, elegant accessory to break the monotony. 


Low & Messy


Image courtesy - Instagram


Get low! This twisted bun is a messy (yet cute) hairstyle. A few loose strands to frame your face, and this look is complete!

Sophisticated Style



Image courtesy - Instagram


Take the low bun up a notch! Add an element of surprise to it by clipping on an elegant diamond studded barrette. 

Braided Beauty


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If you’re going for beach waves, why not braid it on either side. Pin the braids together with a floral clip for that extra glamour factor.


Tight Curls


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Go for some messy intense curls! You can play around with the texture by smoothing out one side and leaving the rest curly. If your hair is super dry and curly, then add some hair oil to make it shine a little more.


Chignon Fun


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A simple hairdo that speaks volumes! If you like to put your hair up in a bun, then this one’s for you. If you want to add a desi touch to it, then simply pin in some accessories on the bun. 


Pony Perfect


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A low pony custom-made to jazz up your lehenga. This slightly modernised version adds depth and dimension to a basic hairstyle. 

Pearly Dream


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Skip the shampoo and conditioner! If you’ve got second day hair, then go for this look as it holds better on greasy hair. Scrunch in some haircare products like serum or mousse and create some naturally messy beach waves. Clip on an accessory of your choice –– it depends on your ensemble, so feel free to get creative. 




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Twist the front part of your hair into different sections and pull them all back into a half twisted bun. This makes for a great haldi or sangeet hairstyle with your lehenga!

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Time to get creative with your short hair –– just because there’s less volume, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It’s time to turn up the heat with these perfect short hair modern hairstyles for lehengas. As you can see they’ll make any look, look quirky, cute, or sophisticated. Whether you want something for the festive season or for the wedding season, we’ve got covered. So even if you’re in two minds when it comes to chopping your locks, know that you’ve got a plethora of styles to choose from. So don’t hold back.


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