Animal-Inspired Nail Art Designs To Bring Out Your Quirky Side


No doubt animal print nail art designs are timeless, adding a fierce touch to your style. But this time let's go beyond traditional prints. Think of cute animals like cats, pandas, and elephants that can add extra charm to your nail art. We have curated a list of 18 awesome animal print nail art to help you with inspiration. From bold and edgy to sweet and whimsical, these ideas offer a versatile way to express yourself. 

Animal Print Nail Art Ideas In 2024

If you are confused about which design to choose for your next nail appointment, then we’ve got the perfect recommendation for you–animal print nail paint. Here are some awesome animal print nail art design options. Whether you're looking for a classic look or something more playful, there's something for everyone.

1. Cheetah Print With Bows


Give your French tips a fierce and adorable makeover with these cheetah animal print nail art designs. The subtle colour combination catches the eye, but it's the addition of the 3D bow element that has truly captured our hearts. This fusion of fierceness and adorableness creates a perfect nail art design.

2. Minimal Animal Print Design


If you're keen on trying animal print nail art but prefer to keep it minimal then this design is the perfect pick for you. Instead of going over the top, it features a single streak of animal print on each nail. While the design might be simple, it undeniably makes a statement and stands out.

3. Abstract Animal Print Nail Art



Elevate your basic animal nail art by incorporating a glossy finish. This design showcases a full-fledged animal print on two fingers, paired with brown French tips on the others, creating a glamorous and complementary look.

4. Colourful Animal Print Nail Art


Step away from the typical brown and white animal print and take it up a notch by adding a splash of colour. Elevate your nail art game by adding vibrant pastel shades, like in this design. Not only will it look fabulous, but it’ll also add a unique and eye-catching twist to the traditional animal print.


5. Tiger Print Nail Art


When going for the classic animal print nail art, why not add an extra flair by incorporating an actual animal into the design? Take inspiration from this nail art, which not only showcases a stunning tiger print but also features a tiger image on one nail. It's a unique twist that's definitely worth bookmarking!


6. Bunny Nail Art Design



How cute is this bunny animal print design? If you're willing to try out this nail art trend, be sure to save this inspiration right away. It's not only incredibly adorable but also adds a whimsical touch to your nails.

7. Pastel Animal Nail Art



Pastels are currently dominating the scene, and if you want to try this trend with an animal print nail art twist, we've got you covered. This design offers a subtle and minimal take on the trend, with just the right amount of fierceness.

8. Pink Animal Print Nail Art


Add some vibrancy to your animal nail art design with a pop of color. This design showcases pink leopard print on the tips and full-fledged pink nail polish on the other nails. The small sequins added to the bottom provide a shiny finishing touch that we are totally in love with.

9. Snake Print Nail Art Design



We're confident that must haven't seen anything quite like this before. Forget the usual leopard and cheetah print nail art – give this snake animal print nail art a chance. It's undeniably eye-catching and exudes a boldness that's impossible to ignore.

10. Mixed Animal Print Nail Art Design



Unable to decide between a zebra or cheetah animal print nail art design? Why not combine them all to create a masterpiece? Adorn each of your nails with a different animal print for a unique yet striking nail art look.

11. Multi-Coloured Leopard Nail Art



Upgrade your leopard print nail art design by infusing it with an abstract twist. Instead of the usual colour combination, mix different colours into the design for a unique look. Trust us, the results will be truly stunning and blow you away. 

12. Zebra Print Nail Art


The zebra animal print nail art design has no doubt become a go-to for many. But you know what can take it to the next level? Adding a pop of colour. This bright orange nail lacquer adds an extra oomph to the design, elevating it for sure.

13. Frog Print Nail Art Design



The unique charm of this animal print nail art design has certainly caught our attention. If you're not into conventional designs, then this frog print is perfect for you. It's super adorable and out-of-the-box, guaranteed to get everyone talking.

14. Pastel Snake Print Design



For those who prefer making a statement while keeping it subtle, this minimal twist on the snake print design is just perfect. We absolutely love the textured design and nude shade combination, creating a subtly striking look that's hard to miss.

15. Dalmatians Animal Print Design



For all the dog lovers out there, this animal print design is tailor-made for you. Featuring adorable Dalmatian dogs, it combines our beloved cartoon character with its natural print for a charming and playful nail art design. And the hint of blood-red on the nails definitely takes it to the next level. 

16. Panda Animal Print Nail Art



We can all agree that pandas are undeniably one of the cutest animals ever. So why not incorporate that cuteness into your animal print nail art design? This adorable design not only features black and white dots to represent them but the animal itself too. 

17. Green Animal Print Nail Art



Add a touch of green to your animal print nail art with this design inspiration. We adore how it incorporates various styles of nail art, ranging from a full-fledged design to a more abstract one. Save this one right away, ladies!

18. Minimal Leopard Print Nail Art



While leopard animal print nail art remains a timeless favorite, why not add your own unique twist to it? This subtle yet cute leopard print design is just the right balance—not too much, making it suitable for both work and college settings.

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Hope you are ready to give animal print nail art design a unique and playful twist with our curated list. These nail art designs are not only unique but will also help you make a statement with your nails.


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