Here’s Why Overlay Nails Reign Supreme Over Your Extensions


Most of us are always on the lookout for an in-between — for something that feels neutral and stable to us. This often translates into our beauty aesthetic too. Notice how we’re not too minimal or too dramatic? We fall somewhere in between. Enter overlay nails — a manicure that borrows from the glamour of a perfectly-done manicure while maintaining the length of your nails. This is ideal for people like us — who don’t care for extremities. Here’s why overlay nails are all the rage RN, and why you’re going to love them.

What are Overlay Nails?

It’s a type of manicure that involves layering a nail-product — either acrylic, gel, or dip — onto the nails without extending their length. The point is to enhance the durability and strength of the nails without altering the tips. There’s a reason why many prefer overlays to polish and extensions.


Your nail-polish cannot thicken or reinforce your nails to make them stronger, and your extensions just weigh your nails down because of the amount of product applied to them. This manicure is an in-between in many ways. 


They last you longer than nail-polish and extensions — while the former chips away, the latter is subject to more strain and stress thanks to how long they are. They’re ideal for those who want to shape and strengthen their nails without lengthening them.  For anyone with brittle nails that are prone to chipping and breakage, overlays offer a layer of protection that help your nails grow strong over time. It’s also perfect for those who struggle with growing their nails. They aren’t as time-consuming as extensions either. Overlays on natural nails? Hell, yes!

Types of Overlay Nails  


There are different types of overlay nails: you can choose between dip powder, gel overlays, and acrylic overlays based on your preference and availability. Try opting for a gel-based overlay — they’re much more healthier than acrylic overlay nails.


Overlay Nails Look


The best part about this line-up is that there’s versatility not just in design but in shape. Check them all out ASAP! You can even recreate these looks with normal nail-polish if that’s what you’re looking for. 


  1. French 


This French-tipped manicure is chic and minimalist. It’s proof that you don’t need much length to pull off a classic French mani. You can ask your manicurist to embellish a couple of your nails with some flowers as demonstrated in this look.


  1. Playful


This manicure goes against all your cold-weather rules. While many of us gravitate toward icy-blue, silver-ish shades, neutral-toned backdrops, or even dark-hued aesthetics in general, this one’s a summer-drenched festival. You can alternate between painting your tips and your nails to balance it all out. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Nail Enamel - Turnt 

Enlist the expertise of this ultra-pigmented shade of orange for your manicure. This one’s cruelty-free and vegan, and it’s endowed with chip-resistant, long-stay abilities. 


  1. Neutral 


This neutral-toned manicure just made a case for star-studded embellishments, and the result is stunning. If you’re a minimalist looking to elevate your mani a little, just throw in some itsy-bitsies, and you’re done. 


  1. Christmas 


Seems only fitting, doesn’t it? This Christmas-themed manicure is a pretty iteration of the French mani. For all of our Christmas-enthusiasts out there, you’ve got to recreate this one STAT. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel — Boi Bye 

Complete your Christmas-themed manicure with this cherry-red splash of red. This one’s glossy and glazed — and it doesn’t chip off easily. 

  1. Jelly 


Who says jelly nails only work with reds? This manicure features a see-through wash of pink that’s fresh, chic, and clean. This trend is so in sync with the subtlety of lip-glosses and glass-skin-like finishes, you're not going to know how to stay away. So, hey, for anyone who swears by the clean-girl aesthetic, don’t look any further because this is the one for you. 


  1. Blue 


There’s something about the appeal of blue that becomes much more apparent during winters. Imagine coordinating this manicure with a cosy pullover at a cafe. Sounds like something right out of an MV. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel — Bad Romance 

This is the prettiest variation of blue, and you cannot debate it. It has a non-clumpy consistency that paints the nail seamlessly in a single stroke. 


  1. Barbie


Did someone say Barbiecore? Because this manicure is so onboard with the theme. It’s girly, poppy, and playful, and it borrows from 2023’s hottest colour — a rich, luxe-looking shade that's set to headline 2023 as per colour-expert Pantone. All hail Viva Magenta. You need to get this one ASAP. 


  1. Abstract 


This manicure is embellished with abstract swirls that are just so casual and wearable. Notice how the green, white, and nude contrast each other gloriously — it’s not jarring or in-your-face, and that’s how we like our manis. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer — Blush Babe 

Use this shade to set the backdrop of your manicure. It endows the nails with the softest of flushes without overpowering the nail-art. 


  1. Snow 


If you want to celebrate Christmas without playing around with the reds and greens, this white-and-neutral nail-art design is absolutely perfect. It’s equal parts festive and subtle. 


  1. Glitter 


Aren’t most of us still in love with glitter-loaded tips? This one looks like it’s right out of Euphoria. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer — Sterling Lace 


This silver-grey metallic shade adds a little pop to your nails, and that’s exactly what the manicure calls for. Get it now!


Now that you know what this manicure is all about and have a whole mood-board to take cues from, which one of these designs are you picking for your year-end aesthetic? Spill!

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