4 TV Show Makeup Looks You Can Recreate At Home


TV shows have had a major influence on people’s lives since the very beginning. The way the characters dress, their catchphrase, makeup and hairstyles, all set the ball rolling for new trends. Most of the millennials out there are guilty of trying to copy Rachel Green’s hairdo when F.R.I.E.N.D.S became popular and today’s generation is no different. There are loads of TV shows that have either brought back previous makeup looks or paved the way for new ones. If you want to look like your favourite TV characters, well, you’re in luck! MyGlamm’s MUAs have recreated four-character looks from current popular shows to help you. 

Look #1 Euphoria
Euphoria makeup is taking over the world and MyGlamm’s makeup expert Jason Arland shows you how to effortlessly rock bedazzled eyes. Whether you’re going out drinking or for a music festival, stand out from the crowd and be a trendsetter with this look.

- Begin by covering your eyelids with a shimmery copper shade and wing it out. Next, dab on a metallic champagne shade on the centre of your eyelids. Apply the same copper shade on your lower lash line as well.

- Euphoria characters are known for using jewels around their eyes so you too can bedazzle your eyes by lining them with rhinestones.

- Now that you’re done with your eyes, move on to your face and add a sheer pearlescent highlighter on your cheekbones and temples.

- Complete your look by applying a nude matte lipstick and voila! Your Euphoria makeup look is done!

Look #2 The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries may have ended back in 2017 but the makeup looks from the show are still going strong. While fake blood is a fan favourite during Halloween, there are plenty of other makeup looks which you can rock every day. MyGlamm’s MUA Ruchita shows you how to effortlessly pull off Elena Gilbert's look.

- Start by sculpting your eyes with a matte brown shade. Once you’re done, make your eyes sparkle by using a metallic champagne colour. Next, line your eyelids with kohl eyeliner and blend it. Do the same for your lower lash line as well.

- Add volume to your lashes by coating them with mascara and create the illusion of fuller brows by using brow powder.

- Add a hint of colour to your cheeks by using blush.

- Define your lips by lining them with a dark red lip liner and later swipe on a deep wine lipstick.

Look #3 Euphoria
The makeup looks on the TV show Euphoria have changed the makeup game. These looks are not only popular on Insta but big fashion houses have also taken inspiration from this teen drama. Blogger Maia Sethna Malhotra rocked her Euphoria makeup look effortlessly and you can too by following these simple steps.

- To perfect this look, first, start with your eyes. Apply a burgundy shade on your crease and bring it down to your lower lash line as well. Next, apply a matte coral shade and blend it well

- Make your eyes pop by covering your eyelids with a silver shimmery eyeshadow. Use a burgundy shade to create a winged liner and add definition to your eyes.

- Moving on to your face. First, sculpt your face with a matte bronzer. Next, use a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks to fake the flush and get that lit-from-within-glow by highlighting your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and the centre of your nose.

- For your lips, swipe on a coral pink lipstick and later add a layer of pinkish nude matte lipstick.

- Your Euphoria look wouldn’t be complete without jewels. Jazz up your look by adding a few embellishments below your eyebrow, under the wing and on the inner corners of your eyes.

Look #4 GLOW
TV show GLOW is bringing back '80s makeup so that means bold, glittery eyeshadows and heavily blushed cheeks! MyGlamm's MUA Resham shows you how to look badass and gorgeous with this easy step by step makeup tutorial.

- Start by covering your crease with a burgundy shade. Make sure to apply a bit on your temples as well.

- Next, add a purple shade on your upper lash line and blend it well. Don’t forget to use this shade on your temples.

- Once you’re done, go in for an electric blue shade and dab it on your eyelids and temples.

- Add a hint of silver eyeshadow, followed by a shimmery royal blue shade.

- Get voluminous lashes by coating them with mascara. A bit of kajal on your lower lash line will really help define your eyes.

- Sculpt your face with a bronzer. Use blush on the apples of your cheeks and get that lit-from-within-glow by applying highlighter on your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and the bridge of your nose.

- Next, swipe on pink lipstick and later layer on a darker shade of pink.

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