These Euphoria Makeup Looks Are Having A Major Moment Right Now!

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Ever since its release, Euphoria is all anyone can talk about! But while the show has impressed everyone with its raw portrayal of modern teenagers and their battle with addiction, young love and trauma, it has also left the beauty world awestruck by their makeup styles. In the show, makeup is not only used to enhance their beauty but also a way to express each character's personality and emotions. Even designers at NYFW took a cue from this teen drama and incorporated some looks into their fashion show.


Here are 3 characters’ who are breaking makeup norms and inculcating a whole new trend amongst the Gen-Z generation and fashionistas all over the world.


Zendaya’s character Rue plays the role of a laid back, drug addict teen. Throughout the show, she’s seen with shimmer under her eyes, which is now dubbed as the ‘sad clown’ look.

Her most remarkable look is from the 2nd episode where she’s shown crying glittery tears after ingesting hallucinatory drugs.


Hunter Schafer a.k.a Jules has some of the most memorable eye makeup looks throughout the show. In the beginning, her makeup included a lot of vibrant colours but later it starts to take a darker route, a way to signify the character's struggles. From minimalistic patterns to tricoloured lids, Jules' makeup is experimental and daring just like her bold personality. 

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- Simple yet captivating. These neatly lined clouds instantly bring all the attention to her eyes and it also looks bomb AF!

- Rose gold is every millennials favourite colour and clearly, it looks even better as an eyeshadow.

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- Another subtle yet impactful look. Who knew a simple gold line on the crease would look this good.

- We’re sure these semi-circles on the outer corners of her eyes will be taking over your Insta feed very soon if it hasn't already.

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- Neon pink lids with patterns on the outer corners of the eyes surely puts a whole new twist to your basic winged liners.

- Tricolour lids are another fan favourite. This mixture of green, pink and red is the definition of bold makeup.

- She put a modern twist to Juliet's makeup from Romeo + Juliet with this gothic gold and red look. Hauntingly beautiful is one way to describe it.


In the show, most of the time, this pre-teen pageant queen is seen with jewels on her face. Sequined brows, winged eyeliner overlaid by jewels, gems around her eyes is a recurring theme for her look.

- Giant flame eyeliner, Twiggy-style lower lashes, and plenty of glitter can be your next Halloween look.

Adding gems to your eye makeup first started back in the '60s, but outlining your cat-eye is new and we're predicting it's going to be the next big thing.

Her character really took eye makeup to the next level. This gold chain liner on her blue-covered lids is definitely worth all your attention.

Even without the rhinestones, she still manages to add a bit of drama to her makeup. Maddy looked fierce with her orange lined eyes and a purple liner on her crease.

The characters on Euphoria expressed themselves with their unique makeup choices and so can you with MyGlamm!


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