Pout Lips Makeup: How To Make Pout Lips Perfectly!


Bold and big is the way to go as far as lips are concerned. But if we’re all not blessed with those picture-perfect lips how can we get that perfect pout? Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some easy hacks that can make you do how to pout lips fabulously!

Line those Lips

If not blessed with full lips then lining is the trick you need. Lining your lips is the perfect way to adjust the shape of your lips. A quick hack you can try is creating an “X” right at your cupid’s bow for the perfect upper lip shape. You can also use a lip liner to slightly overline your lips, depending on where you’re lacking some lusciousness, and create that desired lip look.


Line those lips



Go bold or go home

This might be our easiest hack as how to pout your lips! Go bold with your colours. For every day it’s common to opt for nudes and mauve lipstick shades to compliment a more professional look, but they aren’t necessarily the stand out colours you need. Bold reds, corals and pinks are always sure to stand out on your lips and with minimal effort will make your pout look fuller.


See: Perfect Curves Chubby Matte Lipstick


Go bold or go home



Glow up

After applying your lipstick to make your lips more defined and impactful you can try this highlighter hack! The light and define process has 2 steps!


First, go over the edges of your lips with a bit of highlighting concealer to define the

edges of your look and give it that sharp finish


Second, Apply some of your most blinding highlighters to your cupids bow and the

centre of your lower lip to add some more dimension to your look and you’re done!


Only 2 steps to the perfect pout!



Glow up




Adding some ombre is the ideal way to make your lips look fuller! If you want to add some more dimension and roundness to your lips, you can use a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick to give the illusion of larger lips.


If you want to draw more attention to the centre of your lip look, you can use a lip liner a shade darker than your lipstick and add it to the corner of your lips to make the centre look fuller and luscious.



Ombre Lips




For some of our more over the top girls out there with a love for makeup, you can add an entire contour routine that revolves around your lips. In short, lip contouring.


To make your lips look fuller, here are some lip contouring tips:

  • First, apply your contour all-around your lips to make them look more defined

  • Then add a cream highlighter to the centre of your top and bottom look to add some richness and make them look fuller

  • Now you’re ready to apply your lip liner and lipstick

  • Once you have applied your lippies, add some more contour right below the centre of your lower lip to add some more dimension

  • Then, add some blinding highlighter to your Cupids bow and on the centre of your lower lip and voila!

See: Chisel It Contouring Palette


Chisel It Contouring Palette



Glossy love

Gloss on its own is a guaranteed way to make your lips look plump! Their glistening finish reflects light and draws attention to the lip-smacking shape of your pout. They may be a little high maintenance but their sheen has no replacement. You can even add a little bit of gloss on top of any lip look to add some definition to your lip look.



Plumping Lipstick And Plumping Lip Gloss




How do you do lip liner pouty lips?

To do lip liner pouty lips, you always follow the natural shape and even the bottom and top shape first, then post that, you blend out edges to give a great effect of fuller lips. Another way is to start at the centre by making an ‘X’ at your cupid’s bow, then outlining the corners and bottom of your mouth before lining the rest of your lips.

Does pout lips makeup makes you look attractive?

Yes, a woman with large or pout lips indeed looks more attractive than a woman with narrow lips. But also, it depends on person to person.


How do you naturally pout your lips?

There are many ways you can naturally pout your lips such as-

  • Stay Hydrated

  • Take collagen supplements

  • Use sunscreen

  • Try essential oils

  • Consider using clean lipsticks and liner

  • Exfoliate with lip scrubs

  • Apply a hyaluronic acid serum

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Now that you are acquainted with those handy tips on how to pout lips, get shopping.


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