Lip Tip: 7 Ways You Can Make Your Lips Look Bigger Naturally


Many of us aren’t endowed with voluptuous, lush-looking pouts — and for the rest of us that are, the absence of a lip-care routine can steal your lips of their puckered-up glory. So — whether you’re attempting to enhance the fullness of your lips or reinstate that fullness, there are some hacks that pump volume into your pout naturally, and we’re spelling them all out for you. Here’s how to get plump lips.


Pucker Up, Buttercup — 7 Ways To Plump Your Lips Naturally


While Kylie Jenner-like lips are courtesy botox and fillers, these no-effort hacks can prove their prowess on the pout. All you have to do is commit to them, and you’re well on your way to achieving the pout of your dreams. Here’s how to get bigger lips naturally.


Ice, Ice Your Pout

use ice for lip pout

Yup. Icing isn’t just for the face. It can benefit the lips too, and in many ways. The process constricts your blood-vessels; which makes your lips look fuller and smoother within seconds. All you have to do is rub an ice-cube over the lips for about two or three minutes, and you’ll notice a difference instantly. Icing also reduces inflammation and hydrates the lips thoroughly — further enhancing their health and appearance. This is how to make lips bigger naturally.


MyGlamm POUT by Karan Johar - Poutitude (Fuschia Pink Shade)

Use: Here’s the coolest & the sexiest product ever! With a strong blend of ingredients like Ginger oil extracts & Capsicum fruit extracts and Macadamia seed oil, this bullet-plumping pigmented lipstick is worth the try. It refreshingly cools your lips while dramatically plumping your pout. The MyGlamm’s POUT by Karan Johar is lightweight, comfortable to wear, stays for long, leaves a glossy glow finish on the lips and keeps them moisturised. Best part? This paraben-free lipstick has 10 pout-worthy shades that deliver a great colour on the lips too!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


hydrate for bigger lips

Hydration is key — always. Dehydration manifests as sallowness, dullness, and shrivelled-up lips. Invest in a moisturising lip balm or lip-serum, and reapply the formula during the day — even underneath lipsticks or lip-tints. The product will continue delivering shots of hydration to your lips — eventually enhancing the health and appearance of your pout. Ensure you’re drinking lots of water too. Your water-intake can boost the thickness of your skin, and deeply hydrate from within as per studies. This is exactly how to get fuller lips over time.


Use: MyGlamm LIT — pH Lip Balm — Bite Me

Behold — the coolest lip makeup product. This fruit-kissed product is distinct in that it emulates the characteristics of a lip-balm and lipstick. While it’s moisturising and nourishing, it adjusts to your pH and delivers a splash of colour to your lips that’s absolutely unique to you. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan, and is infinitely portable. Get it now!

Buff Away


buff away for making lip bigger

Exfoliation isn’t just for the face or body. Your lips need to be exfoliated too. The process eliminates flakes, build-up, and dirt — all of which make your pout look smaller and duller than normal. Think about it. The lesser the amount of flakes, the more the light your lips reflect; which endows you with a fuller-looking pout in the process. You can use a ready-made lip-scrub to buff it all away or DIY one at home. Just mix some honey with some sugar, and that’s it. Apply the mix to the lips, and rub it into your lips in circles gently for a minute or two. Post exfoliation, treat your lips to some lip-balm to seal in moisture. 


Gloss It Up


 lip gloss for making lips bigger

How to make lips bigger with gloss? Fill your lips in with a lip-colour you like. Grab some gloss — either in the shade of your lipstick or clear — and dab some onto the centre of your lips to play into the illusion of a voluptuous, puckered-up pout. The shimmer from the lip-gloss picks up light — making your lips look fuller instantly. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Hi Shine Lip Gloss — Rose Lustre

This purple-pink lip-gloss endows the lips with a dewy, glazed-donut-like effect. It’s buttery-smooth, water-light, and glides onto the lips seamlessly. You’re going to want to add this to your cart ASAP.


Bring In A Highlighter

This is another fool-proof hack that enhances the fullness of your pout. All you have to do is tease your Cupid’s Bow with some highlighter, and your lips look fuller already. 


Gua Sha To The Rescue

Highlighter for making lip look bigger

While Gua Sha tightens and firms the skin, the face-contouring doubles up as a lip-plumper too. Yup. You’ll need a Gua Sha that has a scalloped or ribbed side for this one. Prep your skin with a serum, and jut your lips out just a little. Hold the lips taut with your other hand, and start rubbing the Gua Sha sideways along the perimeter of your lips. This creates friction, and plumps up your lips within seconds. Now you know how to make your lips bigger with a skincare tool.


Use: MyGlamm POSE HD Highlighter Duo 


This 2-in-1 highlighter is power-packed with colour and shimmer — while one’s drenched in gold, the other boasts pink-ish hues. It melts into the skin like butter, and sits on the surface in all of its star-studded, air-light glory. Add this duo to your cart now!


Prep A Cinnamon-Shea Butter Lip-Mask

 lip mask for lip plump

How to plump lips naturally? Cinnamon is widely coveted for its lip-plumping abilities. It enhances circulation in the lips — leading to the appearance of pink, fuller-looking lips. It contains certain irritants that trigger mild swelling and inflammation, and that’s why it works so well. That explains why it’s seen in lip-plumping glosses and formulas. But you can prepare a cinnamon-infused lip-mask at home too. 


Add a tablespoon of the ultra-moisturising shea butter to one teaspoon of cinnamon, and mix the two together thoroughly. Pat it onto your lips, and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off gently. 


Which one of these hacks are you trying out? Spill.




  1. How can I permanently plump my lips naturally?


How to get bigger lips permanently? First — exfoliate your lips to scrub off any build-up, flakes, and dirt. These elements cause your lips to look all shriveled-up and dehydrated. Invest in a lip-balm, drink lots of water, and use some ice in A.M not just to banish dark under-eyes but to enhance the fullness of the lips. Once you’ve built an entire lip-care routine, you’ll notice a change over the course of a few weeks.


  1. How do I get plump lips fast?


If you’re thinking — how to get naturally bigger lips, just whip up a cinnamon-infused lip-mask. Since cinnamon contains irritants, it can instantly lead to fuller-looking lips. Apart from the shea-cinnamon mask mentioned above, you can try experimenting with different masks containing the star-studded ingredient. You can also add a little cinnamon oil to your lip-balm. Pop some of the balm in a microwave for a few seconds. Once it has melted, add a few drops of the oil in before pouring the newly-concocted formula back into the tin. Once it has set, use away!


  1. Are plump lips attractive?


It’s subjective. There’s no one standard of beauty. Regardless of size and shape, lips are attractive; but if plump-looking lips appeal to you, you can try any one of the hacks mentioned above. They’re safe, effective, and effortless to replicate at home.


  1. Can lips naturally get bigger?


While these hacks do enhance the appearance of your lips, expecting a Kylie Jenner-like transformation is a little over-the-top. Commit to a lip-balm, do lip-masks once a week, harness the power of your lip-gloss, and you’ll see a difference. 



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