Enhance Your Pout With Perfect Lip Shapes: Different Lip Shapes & How To Apply Lipstick For Each Type

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Lipstick is such a powerful makeup product! Think about it –– a little pop of colour is enough to add a sense of vibrancy to your entire look. Like all makeup, your lip makeup products are also meant to accentuate your natural features and therefore it is imperative that you follow its natural shape –– whether it’s your brows, cheeks, or even your lips. The one size fits all kind of method doesn’t fly by here! The key to nailing your makeup each and every time is to understand the kind of shape you need to go with. For example, if you have thin lips there’s a particular technique that’ll help make them appear fuller without making them look like a lip job gone bad. Scroll down to see the different lip shapes –– take your pick and make it work for you perfectly.

Different Lip Shapes


Step one is to figure out the different lip shapes that you can commonly come across. Step two is to see how you can accentuate it so that it looks better. Step three is to use the right kind of products that will help you get there. Here’s the ultimate guide to the best types of lip shapes!


Heart Shaped Lips

heart shape lips

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Heart shaped lips are what you’d call the quintessential pout! This rarest lip shape has a defined Cupid’s bow and naturally looks fuller, even without any makeup. With this kind of lip shape, you’ll find a noticeable dip in the centre –– you don’t necessarily need to have an extremely full lower lip either.


Pro tip: To accentuate this particular heart shaped lip shape, make sure you line the centre of your lips with a white pencil. You can even use a creamy concealer to do so. This will make your pout appear fuller.


MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Soft Matte Lipstick - Romantic Rouge

A velvety cream lipstick that leaves your lips with a colour to die for, this one is a handbag must-have. The hydrating matte finish lippie comes with a formula that is enriched with tropical oil which moisturises your pout, while giving it a stunning hue. It has a medium to full buildable coverage that is non-greasy, and applies really smoothly on to your pout.


The Bottom Heavy

heavy lip shape

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Kylie Jenner’s famous pout is naturally bottom-heavy. This means that the lower lip is a lot fuller than the upper lip. Her everyday trick? To balance this best lip shape,  Jenner overlines the upper lip to match the lower. This way her lips appear equal, giving off that juicy pout.

Pro tip: Make sure to line your lips with the same shade as your lipstick. You can even add a nude eyeshadow or a neutral concealer to the centre of your upper lips to make them appear a lot fuller than they actually are. Stick to creamy or matte finishes and avoid lip glosses, as they accentuate the heaviness and make it look uber fake.

MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Liquid Matte Lipstick - Muse

A velvet matte finish liquid lipstick that is packed with pigment. This gives you that tattoo effect, the formula is non-transferable and leaves your pout with a weightless and moisturising texture.

Top Heavy

top heavy lip shape

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This perfect lip shape is pretty common among a lot of women in India. With this one, you’ll find that the top lip is a lot heavier than the bottom lip, and the Cupid’s bow isn’t all that defined or dipped. The biggest issue a lot of women face with this lip type is that it’s difficult to strike that balance. Hence, it’s best to start at the centre of your upper lip and then go with its natural shape.

Pro tip: Other than underlining your top lip, you can also try applying two different shades of lipstick to the upper and bottom lip. Go with a brighter hue on the lower and a slightly darker shade of the same family on the upper. This will make your pout look balanced.

MyGlamm Recommends - MyGlamm LIT Satin Matte Lipstick - The Affair

A satin matte lipstick that glides on like butter, this lippie goes on so smoothly and gives you an even colour application. The formula contains silicon polymers that allow for a long wear, while the pure micronized pigments allow for 100 percent pure vibrant colour. This one’s both, comfort and colour at your fingertips.

Thin Lips

thin lips shape

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People with thin and small lips often have very little area to play around with. In this case, this type of lip shape requires you to fake that pout. The next time you want to apply your lipstick, try overlining your lips slightly with a lip pencil. Smudge it out so that it looks natural and then apply your lipstick over it.

Pro tip: Apply a hint of gloss in the centre of your pout, both upper and lower, to make it appear fuller.

MyGlamm Recommends - Lip Volumizer Instant Mega Plumping Lip Gloss

This instant volumising lip gloss gives you a dramatic plumping effect that lasts for upto 5 hours. It leaves you with a spicy and tingling sensation upon application, however it’s absolutely safe to use on your pout. The formula has a sheer pink tint that suits all skin tones and is non-sticky with a super glossy finish.

Wide Lips

wide lips shape

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For those with a 32-watt smile that literally goes from ear to ear, know that you have wide lips. Since your smile becomes the focal feature of your face whenever you strike that beam, it’s best to keep a balance between the top and lower lip. Slight overlining of your lower lip is alright to balance out the top lip.



Pro tip: Stick to nude or romantic shades of pink or brown in soft matte texture. Steer clear of harsher colours to avoid making your pout look smaller and thinner.

MyGlamm Recommends - Perfect Curves Matte Lip Crayon - Spice

A matte finish crayon with full coverage, this nude peach shade is the perfect everyday go-to. It has a full coverage that is long wearing, moisturising, and totally lightweight. Wear it on its own or apply it as a base coat for another lipstick. The formula is enriched with tropical plant and argan oil that makes this lippie a nourishing option.

FAQs About Lips Shape

Which is the most attractive lips shape?

Well, this is quite a subjective question and it depends on every individual to choose their most attractive lips shape. As far as popularity is concerned, the most attractive lips shape is the top heavy lips shape.

What lip shape is rarest?

The Cupid lip shape is the rarest of all other lip shapes.

Does licking your lips too much damage lips?

Yes, licking lips causes damage to the lips. They darken the lips, make them dry, and leave them chapped.

Is bigger bottom lip attractive?

Yes, a bigger bottom lip is quite attractive and comes amongst the most popular lip shapes too!


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When you are a lipstick lover, it’s important for you to figure out your lip shape so that you can give your pout the best! Whether you want to accentuate your pout or just give it a bit of a boost, let this guide you in the right direction.


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