Various Ways To Use Lipstick

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Lipstick is love! Yes, we mean it when we say it’s our favourite makeup item. If you are a lipstick lover (read hoarder) like us, you surely know how to use lipstick but you’d probably be ecstatic to know that your fav lippy can do much more than merely colouring your lips. Intrigued? So here it is. Your lipstick can double up as another makeup item in times of need or just like that. So, if you have lipsticks that you do not use anymore or are planning to discard, hold that thought. You can do so many things with it that you’ve never even thought of before. 

Check out these totally surprising ways to use your lipstick:

As blush or cheek stain
Lipsticks can act as a fantastic cream blush. These are especially good if you have oily skin as they sink into the skin and stay put for longer. It can work on all skin types. It gives a natural look to the cheek and can be used as a cheek stain. Apply red or pink lipstick lightly on your cheeks with your fingers and blend with fingers or brush. Set it with a little fixing powder and you are good to go. It's one of the best ways to use lipstick alternatively.

As Corrector
Who knew our red lipstick can be used as corrector? Deep colour correctors like orange, red and green are often used to hide dark and uneven skin tones. Dark circles are usually blue or green in tone. Using bright colours like orange or red on the dark circles actually neutralizes the darkness and helps to cover it well. Apply red lipstick on the under-eye areas as you would a concealer and then cover it with foundation. Set with fixing powder or compact and you will see all traces of darkness gone from your skin. There are various YouTube videos that show how to use lipstick as skin tone corrector.

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As Lip Stain
A hint of colour on the lips can work wonders on certain days. And if you do not have a tinted lip balm, just put your trusty lipstick to good use. Just dab on some colour on the centre of your lips after moisturising it and enjoy the just-bitten lips feel.

As Eyeshadow
Use your lipstick as eyeshadow and you’ll have a lot more colour options. The creamy formula will adhere to your lids imparting the colour and making it look like an eyeshadow. This is how to use lipstick as eyeshadow: Rub the tip of a finger directly on the lipstick bullet and apply the product onto the lid. Set the product with translucent powder or dab on some highlighter or glitter to enhance the look. You can also go for a monochromatic look by using one shade of lipstick as blush and eyeshadow and on the lips.

As eyelid primer
Primers keep the eyelids moisturised and provide a base for the eyeshadow. Your nude coloured lipstick can have the same effect. Just dab it on the eyelids in place of primer to make the eyeshadow look brighter and stick better.

For contouring and highlighting
Browns and dark nude lipstick shades can be used to contour the cheeks and nose. Just run it on the area that requires sculpting and blend away the harsh lines with a brush. Set a translucent powder later. Similarly, frosted or nude glittery lipsticks can be used as highlighters.

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