13 Wedding Guest Hairstyles That Are Elegance Personified


Weddings can be stressful, not just for the bride, but the guests too. Finding the right kind of outfit and makeup is hard enough, let alone figuring out the hairdo. With wedding season approaching, it’s important to get the right kind of hairstyles to support your look. After all, going for the same updo or straight style might just get too repetitive and boring. Moving away from the usual, we've curated 13 wedding guest hairstyles that are pure perfection. From braids to ponytails to buns, these hairstyles are perfect and easy to wear with anything from Indian ethnic to western gowns. Scroll down to take your pick, bookmark, and save these cool, cute, and fun wedding guest hairstyles. 

Wedding Guest Hairstyles


When you have a bunch of weddings lined up, it is kind of difficult to manage your outfits, let alone your hair. For times like these, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded some of the prettiest and effortless wedding guest hairstyles that are perfect for the occasion. With the right hair care products, these hairstyles will be a breeze to recreate.

#1 - Hollywood Waves

Wedding guest hairstyle - hollywood waves

Image courtesy - Pinterest

This wedding guest hairstyle is perfect for those with medium to long hair. The Hollywood waves create volume and bounce, paired with the side parting, it adds so much elegance to your outfit—whether it’s desi or western.


#2 - Messy Bun

Messy bun wedding hairstyle for guest

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Thinking of going for a messy bun? This wedding guest hairstyle is apt for you! Add a few accessories or cool bling scrunchie, and this hairstyle will go from basic to totally fab!


#3 - Face Framers

Easy wedding guest hairstyle

Image courtesy - Pinterest

This is one of those quick wedding guest hairstyles you can pull your mane into when you don’t have much time, but still want to look absolutely fab. The face framing tendrils soften your features and add that ‘wedding’ like touch to your look. You can also feel free to pull out the curling tongs to add a fun element to your look.

#4 - Pull Up Ponytail

Ponytail wedding hairstyle for guest

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This wedding guest hairstyle works best on straight hair. Start by using a flatiron to straighten your hair. Use a hair serum to ensure that any strays or flyaways stay in place. Pull your hair into a neat ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Now wrap a few strands around your ponytail to conceal the hair tie. If you want to bling it up, try adding a few hair clips or pearl pins to give it more character and to match your outfit. 

#5 - Pin It Up

Pin up hairstyle for guest in wedding

Image courtesy - Pinterest


If you want to go with your natural waves, then this wedding guest hairstyle is perfect for you. All you need to do is add a little more volume by tonging your hair a little. Spritz a little hairspray and then pull your hair into a side-parting. Pull out your best accessories and pin one side of your hair up with some bling-y pins.


#6 - Light Waves


Light wave wedding hairstyle for guest

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This short hairstyle for wedding guests is great for when you want your hair to look glossy and feel like a million bucks. Make sure to use a volumising hair shampoo and a nourishing hair conditioner, to hold this look. The deep waves paired with the blingy hair pin, paves the way for an elegant yet simple hairstyle.

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#7 - Wavy Half Ponytail

Half ponytail wedding guest hairstyle

Image courtesy - Pinterest

Looking for that bridal-perfect wedding guest hairstyle? This one looks absolutely stunning. A great one if you are the bridesmaid or the best friend of the bride or groom, this hairstyle involves tonged out beachy waves that come together in a simple and easy half ponytail. You can tease the crown if you want a bit of volume in the area, before you pull it into a half ponytail.

#8 - Curly Updo


Curly hairstyle for wedding guest

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This curly hairstyle for wedding guests doesn’t take much effort, but it looks oh-so-good. Pull your curls back into a high bun, allowing for the curls to spill over in a neat and patterned manner. Use a small amount of hair oil on the front to create that slick look. Scrunch in some oil on the ends of your curls, to maintain that glossiness and to keep the frizz at bay.


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#9 - Half Braid


Half braid wedding guest hairstyle

Image courtesy - Instagram


Double the fun with this interesting half braid. This wedding guest hairstyle uses a fish braid to amplify the elegance. The waves, paired with the braid and the pearls make this hairstyle a perfect go-to for any wedding.


#10 - Up, Up, & Away


Best wedding guest hairstyle

Image courtesy - Instagram


Play around with your natural texture and go with a high ponytail. Pull out the front section of your hair and give it a bit of that beachy wave touch. Fluff up the end of the ponytail by waving the ends a little to add more volume.


#11 - Medieval Mane

Short hairstyle for wedding guest

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This short hairstyle for wedding guests makes for a great go-to when you love braids. The combination of the waves paired with the subtle crown braid really makes for a pretty combination. This hairstyle will stand out even more on hair that is highlighted—the waves and the braids will come to life even more. 


#12 - The Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytail wedding guest hairstyle

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Got long hair and don’t have the time to style it in any other way? Then go for your regular ponytail, but give it a bit of a stylish twist with this wedding guest hairstyle. Make sure the front of your hair sits neatly, before pulling your mane into a mid-level ponytail. Secure it with a hair-tie—now start creating the bubbles. Before moving to the next bubble, pull out of a strand of hair and tie it around the scrunchie. Repeat the process till you reach the end. Pull out a strand of hair from the area of your sideburns and neatly create a wave. This hairstyle looks absolutely stunning with a backless saree, as it stands out against the skin tone.


#13 - Waves Galore

Best short hairstyles for wedding guests

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This short hairstyle for wedding guests is a great way to amp up your length. Style your hair in big, voluminous waves. You can either do this by using rollers or try it out with a big barrel curler––the point is to create large waves. Pin the front of your behind your ears so that it sits neatly.

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Who said that you need to look boring even when you’re attending a wedding as a guest? These wedding guest hairstyles are perfect for when you want to amp up your look, but don’t want to take that much of an effort. Instead of opting for the same hairstyle each and every time, why not take a dip in something new—we’ve given you 13 options to do so!


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