If You're Looking For A Sign, These Are The 6 Types Of Bangs You Can Get


Ever toyed with the idea of getting bangs? And continued to talk yourself out of it because it implied too much of a change in your look? This is your sign to forgo your skepticism, and elevate your aesthetic with these forehead-skimming strands.


Bangs are fiercely coveted at the moment — with Khushi Kapoor modelling microbangs, and Taylor Swift abandoning her full-on fringe for face-framing, curtain bangs. If you’re contemplating draping some strands across your forehead, know that there’s many ways you can do so. Don’t want to commit to a full-fledged cascade sitting atop the brows? Enter wispy bangs. Looking to accentuate your cheekbones? Side-swept bangs have descended upon the scene. That’s why we’ve rounded up 8 of the hottest types of bangs, and why you should get them STAT. 


8 Types Of Bangs Sweeping The Internet RN


Here’s a carousel of the eight different types of bangs dominating the scene ATM — from types of bangs for short hair to types of side bangs, here’s a lowdown on each one of them.

Blunt Bangs

blunt bangs

These bangs are straightforward. They’re sleek, thick, straight, and cover your entire forehead — grazing your eyebrows gently. They 3: don’t come with layers, and are one of the most common types of bangs. If you’re endowed with a voluminous cascade of spirals, this style is yours to claim. 

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Baby Bangs

baby bangs

These bangs are trending not just in Hollywood — but in B-Town courtesy of Khushi Kapoor. This style is much like the previous one — just that it’s shorter. In that it claims about half of your forehead, and displays your brows clearly. If you’re rattled by the idea of having strands of hair stab you in the eye, you might want to consider fashioning your hair with these bangs. They don’t come in your way, and lend a softness to your look while complimenting the eyes. While many celebrities like Emma Watson have sported the shortest set of bangs, you can model yours after Kapoor’s — not too short but enough to qualify as microbangs.


Korean Bangs

korean bangs'

Think of Korean Bangs as a subtler iteration of Blunt Bangs — they emulate much of its characteristics without coming off as heavy or opaque. They’re see-through, light, and dance between your lashes and brows. 

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Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

These bangs are distinct. In that, they don’t conceal your forehead as much — they’re coveted for how well they frame the sides of the face, and enhance your cheekbones. They’re cut shorter on the inside, and become longer toward the outside. They’re longer in general, and are the easiest to maintain as you don’t have to go to the parlour as frequently as you would. You can let them grow out for a bit. Taylor’s bangs for the 2022 VMAs was a shorter version of the cut; but these look beautiful when they’re longer too. 


Side Bangs

 side bangs

Ah — just how romantic are these? These bangs are swept toward one side of the forehead — usually skimming the cheek. They’re known for altering your face-shape just a little, and highlighting your eyes and cheeks softly. If you don’t want to commit to a full-on fringe, this hairstyle is less ‘in-your-face’ because you can just tuck it behind your hair once they’ve grown a little.


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Wispy Bangs

 wispy bangs

This is for everyone with fine or thin hair. You can add some character to your hair by sparsely embellishing the forehead with light, airy, wispy strands. This will add some shape and height to your hair. But this style doesn’t have to be reserved for one hair-type. If your hair is thick, opting for this style will break up the density and volume of the hair around your face. 


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Choppy Bangs

choppy bangs

Did someone say they want different kinds of bangs? These bangs are cut at varying lengths — messy and textured. They’re perfect for lending some dimension to the bangs, and their length can differ from one end to the other. If your face is round or long, this style balances it all. 


Long Bangs

long bangs

Looking for types of bangs for long hair? Long bangs! Do it like Dua. You can style your grown-out bangs just like this. All you have to do is part them down the middle, and sweep both halves toward the sides of the face. This makes your bangs look more like layers. 


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Tips To Maintain Bangs

  1. Trim Regularly


Bangs grow quickly. You’re going to want to visit your hairdresser regularly — possibly every six weeks depending on the rate at which they grow — to have them trimmed and shaped (unless you don’t mind them stabbing you in the eye). Again — it depends on the type of bangs you’re sporting. While micro-bangs require consistent grooming, curtain bangs can grow out a little without you having to worry about maintenance. 


  1. Wash The Fringe


Since your bangs are draped over your forehead, they’re going to absorb all the oils from your skin, and end up looking greasy soon. Instead of washing your hair, just shampoo the fringe to rid it of build-up. 


  1. Always Blow-Dry


Air-drying isn’t the way to go with bangs. This portion of hair is not easy to style when it is dry — which means you might not like the shape they’ve taken on post-drying. To ensure this doesn’t happen, use an air-dryer to blow-dry your fringe — with the nozzle pointed downward. 


  1. Carry A Comb


Don’t forget to carry your comb when you’re stepping out of the house. You might think taming them with your fingers is enough — but this just makes them greasy. Because your skin has oils, and they can transfer to your hair. Not a good look. Just make sure you have a comb on you at all times. 


  1. Minimise Styling


Over-styling the bangs will just weigh them down, and make them look oily. Just use a little product to settle them, and you’re good to go. 


  1. Go Sulphate-Free

Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner if you aren’t already. Since bangs frame your face, and are more conspicuous than ever, you don’t want them looking coarse or frizzy at any point of time. 


  1. Pin Them Up During Workouts


If you exercise every day, you’re going to sweat through your bangs — making them oily and greasy, and increasing your chances of breaking out all over the forehead. Just pin your bangs out of your way toward the sides, or wear a cloth-based headband that holds them back.


And that’s it. — from types of korean bangs to types of curtain bangs, you’ve seen it all. Are you ready to take the plunge? 


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