New Year's Eve Makeup Looks For 5 Different Occasions

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2020 is just around the corner and that means running helter-skelter trying to prep and get everything in place for year-end festivities. Right now you’re probably making your New Year's Eve plan or figuring out what outfit to wear. Well, we've got something else you can add to your NYE planning list - MAKEUP! If you were planning to just wing it and go for a routine makeup look, forget it! It's the time for new beginnings so why not create new looks with your makeup products for New Year's Eve.

We've got the perfect New Year's Eve makeup looks for any occasion that will help you start the year on a glamorous note. Best of all, these makeup looks aren't restricted to only NYE. It can be used anywhere, at any time. So, edit your resolution list and add in "try new glam makeup looks"

New Year’s Eve Makeup #1


For the party girl who’ll be hitting up the local club, a full-face makeup look is a sure thing. Shimmery smokey eyes are made for this night, so let your eyes shine with black shimmery eyeshadow and red lipstick. Make sure to use waterproof lipstick. You don’t want it fading away after your first drink.

Makeup products you need: Foundation, Black Eyeshadow, Red Lipstick, Bronzer, Highlighter.

New Year’s Eve Makeup #2

Romantic Date

If it’s just you and your partner out for a fancy romantic dinner date, then you need to bring the sultriness with not only your outfit but with your makeup as well. You don’t need to go for a black shadow to bring out your inner seductress. There’s nothing sexier than a smouldering bronzed smokey eye with a clean winged liner, well-groomed brows, and burgundy matte lips. Forget about the fireworks, with this makeup look, you’ll surely turn up the heat and he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

Makeup Products You Need: Brow Pencil, Bronze Eyeshadow, Burgundy Lipstick.

New Year’s Eve Makeup #3

Family Gatherings

Insta PC: @dausell
Even if you’re celebrating the new year with your family, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your makeup at bay. Since your plans with the fam will either include game night or a full hearty feast, you needn't go for a heavy makeup look. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Add a little twist to your basic cat-eye by drawing your winged liner on your upper lash line and then extend the line from the end of the wing, up and above the crease. This instantly changes your eye makeup game. A pink lipgloss and a bit of shimmer on the corners of your eyes are enough to complete your look and make you sparkle.

Makeup Products You Need: Liquid Eyeliner, Pink Lipgloss, Highlighter

New Year’s Eve Makeup #4


Insta PC: manicuresbydaniella
Going out on New Year’s Eve is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you plan on having a girl’s night in, it doesn’t mean you can’t glam it up for the new year. No sleepover is complete without spilling some tea so add a nail painting session to your juicy gossip meet. Go for glitter nail paints, that way you can enter the new year on a glamorous note.

Makeup Products You Need: Glitter Nail Polish

New Year’s Eve Makeup #5

House Party

Insta PC: @patrickta
There’s nothing better than a good old house party. House parties mean familiar faces and clicking a whole lot of pics and selfies. So you need to find the right makeup that will make you look good on camera. HD makeup is perfect for all those who are bringing in the new year at a house party. A pearlescent eyeshadow, blush, a bit of bronzer and a matte mauve lipstick shade is enough to make you look camera ready.

Makeup Products You Need- Pearlescent Eyeshadow, HD Blush, Bronzer, Mauve - Pink Lipstick.

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