10 Blue Eye Makeup Looks That Are Going To Be All The Rage This Season!


10 Blue Eye Makeup Looks That Are Going To Be All The Rage This Season!

In love with blue? So are we! Blue eyeshadow looks have taken over this season and everyones getting in on the trend. If you too want to experiment with this calming and vibrant hue, then you’re in luck. Here are some of the best blue eyeshadow makeup looks to try in 2022 that are absolutely stunning.


10 Blue Eyeshadow Looks & Tips to Get Them At Home


Blue eyeshadow looks are trending in 2022. From fashion weeks to the streets, there’s no escaping this riot of blue hues. Check out these blue eyeshadow makeup ideas that are oh so alluring.


Ocean Eyes


This dark blue eyeshadow look is bold and bright with a touch of glam glitter. Blue eyeliner is used to fillin in the lids and define the lash lines while a glitter liner defines the crease lines. Her skin is kept fresh and blushed with a fruity pink lipstick.

Summer Sky


A powder blue pigment on the lids paired with a darker blue in the crease makes this blue eyeshadow look utterly gorgeous. You can see how gorgeous it looks against deep skin tones. The look is completed with highlighter and a rose pink lipstick.

Midnight Madness


A cool way to rock dark blue eyeshadow looks is with negative spacing like this one. Here a dark blue eyeliner is smudged along the lower lash lines and on the outer corners of the upper lash lines. The liner is also drawn on the inner crease line and all of it is blended well. Silver eyeshadow is then dabbed on the lids for a halo effect.

Dual Deal


Pair blue glitter with green glitter for a stellar blue eyeshadow look. Apply the blue shade on the inner and outer corners and dab green at the centre. Finish the look with smokey kajal and mascara. Opt for apricot blush and highlighter along with nude lipstick to complete the look.

Sapphire Eyes


Shine like a jewel with this edgy blue eyeshadow look. Dab a silver glitter on your lids and then define your lash lines, crease lines, and outer corners of your lids with blue eyeliner. Keep your lips juicy with a tint and gloss.

Mystic Waters


Add a touch of whimsy to your classic black smokey by dabbing an ice blue shimmer pigment on the centre of your lids and lower lash line. Keep your skin contoured and highlighted for a striking effect.

Flower Power


Make your eyes look like a pretty flower by merging blue and violet pigments. Smudge a blue eyeliner on your lids and blend it. Define your lower lash lines with purple liner. Keep your skin matte and opt for a nude pink lipstick.

Blue Magic


Look magical with this powder blue eyeshadow look paired with bold winged liner. Add a pink blush to your cheeks and wear a creamy nude lipstick to make your eyes stand out.

Sunset Lake


This reverse cut-crease blue eyeshadow look is giving us all the feels. It features a blue shimmer shade all over the lids and a bright yellow hue blended on and above the crease lines all the way to the brow bone. The look is balanced with a plump toned lipstick.

Light To Dark


We are loving this vivid blue eyeshadow look that has both light and dark shades of the hue. A metallic ice blue is used all over the inner corners while a dark blue takes on the outer half of the lids, extending into wings and defining the lash lines. The perky pink blush and petal pink lipstick makes this look even more alluring.


Can you wear blue eyeshadow with brown eyes?

Absolutely. As proven above, blue eyeshadow looks beautiful on those with brown eyes.

What colour lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

Nude and pink shades work amazingly well when paired with blue eyeshadow. Candy pink and nude plum shades are also gorgeous.

Is blue eyeshadow tacky?

Not at all. When applied correctly it will make you look just like a movie star. Take cue from these blue eyeshadow looks for some stunning inspo.


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Blue eyeshadow looks are going nowhere and we are so glad that they are going to be trending this year. With this list of eye makeup looks, you are all set to slay the trend in style.


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