Siren Eyes: The Eye Makeup Look That Will Lead You Into Your Villain Era


We all love a good eye makeup look with eyeshadow and all and yet the simplicity of just dramatic winged eyeliner is so impactful that you kind of want a trend that meets you in between. That’s where the siren eye makeup comes in. It is an eye makeup trend that heavily depends on eyeliner to make your eyes look sharp and lifted with slightly exaggerated contours. The trend is all over Instagram and all the IT girls from Ananya Panday to Kylie Jenner are fans of it. So if you too want to hop onto this trend, here’s a simple guide to get you on the right track. 


What is Siren Eyes

Siren eyes is an eye makeup trend that has gained popularity for being a total showstopper. Seen on runways, reels, and IRL, siren eye makeup is what all the cool girls are wearing. It is sharply drawn on eyeliner that extends into an elongated wing at the outer and inner corners of the eyes. This eyeliner style is usually paired with a cut crease eyeshadow look for high-fashion effect or nude and soft shimmer eyeshadows for a more natural effect. Siren eye makeup makes your eyes look lifted, sharper, and longer.

How To Create Siren Eyes

How To Create Siren Eyes

If you are convinced that siren eye makeup is the biggest trend of the year and that it is truly breathtaking, then this siren eye tutorial is for you. 


The first step is applying eyeshadow to create the base that you want. If you are going in for siren eyes natural, apply a nude eyeshadow all over your lids or simply use your favourite natural highlighter. If you want a bold and glamm siren eye look, do a cut crease eyeshadow with neutral hues and glitter.

POPxo Makeup - Drama Queen - 4 Eyeshadow Kit

Whether it is natural or glamm siren eyes, this quad eyeshadow palette is all you need to ace the trend. It can make a natural eye look, a cut crease, and even a smokey eyeliner look with just these 4 vitamin E-enriched pigmented colours.



The next step is key to getting the sharpest natural siren eyes. Hold your eyelids up and apply kajal on the upper water lines. This is called tightlining and it will make your eyes look defined without any mess. Make sure to apply the kajal to the water line at the inner corners of your eyes as well as that makes all the difference. You can then swipe or stamp an angled brush with some kajal on it on your upper lash lines to slightly thicken the kajal definition.

MyGlamm Super Kohl Long Stay Kajal - Black | Matte Finish, Long Lasting, Smudge Proof & Water Proof Eye Kajal Pencil

Recreate the boldest siren eyes with this super-pigmented black kohl kajal. It has a smudge-proof formula that lasts all day without fading.

Liquid eyeliner


Yes, siren eyes call for two types of eyeliner. After kajal, pick up a liquid eyeliner or a felt tip eyeliner and use it to draw long wings at the outer corners of your eyes. You can use the upward direction of your lower lash line as a guide to place your wings. After the outer corners, use the same eyeliner to accentuate the inner corners of your eyes and use the downward direction of your upper lash line as a guide. This paired together creates an illusion of upturned siren eyes.

MyGlamm LIT Glossy Liquid Eyeliner - Black Party (Midnight Black Shade) | Up to 24hr Water-proof & Smudge-proof 

A liquid eyeliner with a glossy finish, this one is for all the divas. It has a bold colour payoff and it also never smudges or fades away.


A siren-eye look is not complete without mascara. So apply mascara on both your upper and lower lashes to bring the siren eye makeup look full circle. Choose a mascara that has a lengthening or curling effect for best results.

MyGlamm Twist It Mascara - Black Shade | Water-Resistant, Volumising, Curling, Smudge-Proof Eye Mascara

This mascara has a curling effect and makes your lashes look thick and fanned out. It has a waterproof formula that gives no fallout.

Tips To Create The Siren Eye Look

Tips To Create The Siren Eye Look

When recreating siren makeup, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These tips will help you look your best and let the eye makeup shine. 


Tip 1: Do Your Base Later

Normally you might always start your makeup routine by doing your base first, but when creating siren eyes, you can start with the eye makeup itself as the first step. After applying primer all over your face and neck as a base prep, move on to doing your siren eye makeup and then apply foundation and concealer. This will allow you to clean up any eyeliner mistakes with concealer and will also make your eyeliner look more prominent.

Tip 2: Always Wear Mascara


Never skip mascara when rocking siren eyes. Without mascara any eye makeup look is incomplete. Lashes can make or break this eye makeup trend.


Tip 3: Groom Your Brows


Since this trend puts the focus on your eyes, it is important that your eyes are framed well with the help of eyebrow grooming. The best to groom your brows for this eyeliner trend is upwards and with a feathered effect. A clear or tinted brow gel or brow soap makes for the perfect fit for this eye makeup look.

FAQ about Siren Eyes

Is siren eye trend good for hooded eyes?

Yes, siren eyeliner is especially great for hooded eyes because it is sharper and not thicker which means it doesn’t get hidden in the crease.


Are siren eyes attractive?

Yes, many celebrities love wearing it for the same reason.


Are siren eyes sleepy eyes?

No, it is the opposite of sleepy eyes because it makes your eyes look more defined and sharper.


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The siren eye makeup trend is for everyone who wants to look like a total baddie and claim all the attention. Go on and give this trend a shot and it will never disappoint.

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