Decoding The Trend: A Guide To Creating Halo Eye Makeup Like A Pro

Halo Eye Makeup

Halo eye makeup is a gorgeous trend that literally shines the spotlight on your lids. You’ll find this eye makeup trend on the pages of editorial magazines, on runways, and on your favourite celebs. If you love the halo eye makeup look but don’t exactly know how to recreate it, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating the coveted halo eye makeup look with basic eye makeup products.


How To Get The Halo Eye Makeup Look


You will need an eye primer, a concealer, an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, and mascara to create the halo eye makeup look. First blend a base eyeshadow like a dark brown or black, or plum shade all over your lids. Then apply some concealer on the centre of your lids and lightly dab to blend so that you have a space to place the halo shimmer. Once the concealer is tackled, dab on a shimmer or glitter eyeshadow in a shade that contrasts the base eyeshadow colour. Line your lash lines with eyeliner and complete the look with mascara.


Halo Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Follow this essential guide to creating halo eye makeup. It is a simple tutorial that shares the best steps to acing the coveted eye makeup trend.


Place The Base

Place The Base for halo eye makeup


Prep your lids with an eye primer so that your eye makeup is more vibrant and lasts longer. Apply a base eyeshadow in a dark hue all over your lids or blend it only on the inner and outer corners of your lids while leaving the centre blank.


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Serving 4 pigmented eyeshadow shades, this palette is perfect for the base eyeshadow of the halo eye makeup look. The black and brown shades from this palette are well-suited for the halo eye makeup trend.

Carve With Concealer

carve with concealer


Clean up the blended eyeshadow at the edges with a concealer and also dab the concealer on the centre of the lids to get a clean canvas for the next step.


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This is a sweat and water-resistant concealer that offers smooth application. It also does not crack or crease, making it an ideal product to ace the base for the halo eye makeup trend.

Add The Shimmer

add shimmer for halo eye makeup


Dab a shimmer or glitter eyeshadow directly on the centre of the lids where the concealer was just placed. The best time to do this is when the concealer isn’t completely dry and still a little bit tacky. It will hold the shimmer better.


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This loose glitter is perfect for the halo eye makeup look. It offers immense shine and is available in an array of pretty colours.

Apply Liner

apply eyeliner for halo eye makeup


Define your lash lines with eyeliner. You can try any eyeliner style you desire. Opt for a fox eyeliner for a striking look, a classic wing for a sophisticated look, or a smokey eyeliner for an edgy look.


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This is a pigmented eyeliner that works for both smokey eyeliner looks and sharp-winged liner looks.

Brush On Mascara

brush mascara for halo eye makeup


No eye makeup look is complete without mascara. Swipe the product on your lashes. Go in for a second coat if you need more volume.


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With a unique brush applicator, this mascara delivers super voluminous and curled lashes with just one swipe.

Tips For Halo Eye Makeup


For beginners attempting halo eye makeup, try a dark brown base eyeshadow with a gold shimmer or glitter eyeshadow combo. This one is perfect to get beautiful results. You can also experiment with other colour combos like magenta with pink shimmer, black with silver, and so on. 

Halo eye makeup is a stunning eye makeup trend that anyone can try out. It makes your eyes appear bigger and well-highlighted. This eye makeup trend suits all eye shapes and looks absolutely stunning. Just choose your colours and get started. Any colour combination is up for experimentation when it comes to the halo eye makeup trend.

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