Eyeing Now: Cut Crease Eye Makeup Is Causing All The Drama & Here’s How

cut crease eye makeup

If we’re talking makeup, eye makeup products are one such thing that steals the show. From eyeliner, concealer, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow to mascara and kajal, we’ve aced it all. Now let’s skip to the good part! Bored of creating the same basic eye makeup on repeat mode? Are you looking for some internet references to help you spunk up your eye game? Well, yes! It's time to break free from our comfort zones and experiment with more dramatic eye makeup looks. Here’s a disclaimer to all you beauty buffs: Once you’ve taken this path, there’s no coming back.


Cut crease is one such eye makeup look that’s taking on the internet by storm. Yes, you’ve heard it absolutely right. To prevent harsh lines, we were always reminded to blend the shadow well. That seems to have changed. When beauty gurus like Nikkie and Huda Kattan recreated the much-talked-about eye makeup look on the runways, cutting the crease became quite viral. Cut. Crease. Repeat.

What Is A Cut Crease Makeup?

Just as the name suggests, in this makeup look the eyelid is primed with a lighter shade of concealer and then the crease is cut across with a play of contrasting eyeshadows for enhanced depth and dimension. The aim is to highlight the crease with a darker shade, and if that isn't enough, you may then use a glitter liner to outline the crease.

How To Create A Half Cut Crease Makeup Look?

  • Step 1: Prime the eyelids with a long-lasting, transfer-proof primer.

  • Step 2: Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a neutral hue one to two shades darker than your skin tone, define the crease. This will give dimension and definition to the overall look without deviating from it.

They glisten and sparkle, smooth as cream and sleek as liquid metal—ideal companions for a night on the town or a dazzling day out.

  • Step 3: Using a darker eyeshadow colour, define the crease even more. If you're trying for a more colourful appearance, this should be emphasised on the outer corner of the eye and can be a neutral hue or a brighter, matte shade.

  • Step 4: Using a flat shader brush and a waterproof concealer, outline half of the crease. Bring the concealer to the middle of the eye and smooth it into the shadow without blending them.

Designed with short, dense bristles, this eye blender brush provides you medium to full coverage and works well with cream and powder eyeshadows.

  • Step 5: You may either use a neutral, matching tone to set the concealer or add a burst of colour to take the look to the next level. You have an option.

  • Step 6: Next, apply the shadow from the outer crease underneath the eye and smoke it out to complete the look.

  • Step 7: To finish off the look, apply a winged liner that complements the contour of your eyes.

This limited-edition liquid eyeliner is formulated with natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Its smudge-proof, creamy composition glides on smoothly and may be blended or smudged to achieve a variety of looks.

How To Create A Full Cut Crease Makeup Look?

  • Step 1: Sweep a dark brown eyeshadow right above the crease of the eye, near to the brow bone, with a neutral shadow that closely matches your skin tone. TIP: Use a makeup primer to make this look last all night.

  • Step 2: To clean up the sides of the brown eyeshadow and offer a guide for the cut crease, apply a light concealer across the lid. Sweep concealer outward and across the tail of the brow with an angled brush.

With the colour correctors that offer you a natural shine, you can conceal your bags, circles, and blemishes while also evening out your skin tone. Use this one to create a cut crease for your next makeup look.

  • Step 3: To truly amp up the contrast, layer a cream or white shadow over where you've placed your concealer. This technique gives the illusion of a "cut crease."

  • Step 4: Grab your favourite eyeliner to complete your cut crease eye. To achieve the ideal cat eye, carefully drag across your lash line and curve upwards.


Q. What is the purpose of a cut crease?

A. The sole purpose of creating a cut crease is to open up the eyes, making them appear wider while emphasising on each eye shape. If you want a brighter or more dramatic eye makeup look, this is a terrific technique to use.

Q. What products are used to create a cut crease?

A. First things first, having the right shade of bright concealer that will complement your skin tone is a must. You’ll require a primer to prime your eyes, light base eyeshadow to create contrast, darker shade of eyeshadow to create lines, and a small blending brush to make the magic happen.

Q. Does a cut crease makeup look good on the hooded eyes?

A. To be honest, the best thing that can happen to hooded eyes is a cut crease makeup look. When applied to hooded eyes, the cut crease makeup technique will enhance the eyes and make them appear more lifted and open.

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It’s time to cut that crease! Get ready because this trendy eye makeup look will add drama and dimension to your eyes.


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