The Party Don’t Start Till You Walk In With These Looks

 Party Makeup Looks

Do you have one of your weekends reserved for a party? It’s time to retrieve all of your stashed-away palettes and lippies in that case — because we’re disposing off our preference for subtlety, and playing it dramatic this time. From exaggerated dabs of red on the lips to maximalist cut-creases, here’s a round-up of ten of the best party makeup looks of the season. 


10 Of The Best Party Makeup Looks

From Patani’s fiery-red aesthetic to Dua Lipa’s lilac-hued eyes, we’re bringing to you an assortment of party-ready looks. Read on. 


Pangs Of Pink

If playing it a little simple is your thing, take cues from Hadid’s look. Notice how flushes of pink come into bloom on Bella’s face — further playing into her satin-skin iridescence. Just dust the lightest shade of the colour onto the apples of your cheeks, and complement it with a barely-there pink on the lips. Drench your lids in sweeps of shimmer-laden eyeshadow, and draw a razor-thin cat-eye on each lid before highlighting the high-points of your face: temples, nose, cheekbones, and jawline. This one’s a pretty simple party makeup look to recreate. 

Use: MyGlamm K.PLAY Flavoured Blush - Frozen Raspberry

Floating Funk

Hudgens has drawn two lines across her lids — just below her brow-bone — and paired it up with conventional cat-eye flicks. Both pairs look like they’re mirroring each other. This is the easiest way to pump a tinge of glamour into your look without requiring an expertise in makeup – or too many makeup products


Use: MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliner

Brow Blitz

 Brow Blitz | Party Makeup Look

Accessorise your brows like Sydney has. All you have to do is line your brows with rhinestones using tweezers and a little bit of lash-glue. You’ll find these sequins at any art-supply store. You can keep the rest of your makeup simple. 


Use: MyGlamm Twist It Mascara

A Play On Purple

A Play On Purple | Party Simple Makeup

Dua has opted for a shade of purple on the lids, and married the aesthetic with longer-than-ever feline flicks. This one draws attention to the eyes — if that’s something you like. Conclude the look with a brown lipstick, and sweep some blush on the cheeks. 


Use: POPxo 12 Eyeshadow Kit - Squad Goals

Red Rage

 Red Rage | Makeup for Party

Replicate Disha’s fiery-red look with dustings of red on the lids, cheeks and lips — make it glossy too. You can set the base with a dewy foundation. Don’t forget to use a primer to prime your face beforehand, and tightline the eyes to make them appear larger and brighter, and glue a set of falsies to your lashes to exaggerate your peepers a little more. Don’t forget to carry a compact powder wherever you go — this look can make you look sweaty but a few dabs of the right compact can remedy that instantly.


Use: MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick - True Red

Sunny Hues

Sunny Hues | Light Makeup for Party

Sometimes — just packing a hint of the poppiest of colours into the inner-corners of the eyes is enough to tie your entire look together. Megan Fox has teased her eyes with an orange-yellow shade, and it’s enough to lend an element of glamour to her look. Tease the waterline with a white eye kajal too. 


Use: MyGlamm POPxo Makeup Collection, Hot Mess 4 Eyeshadow Kit

Bronzed Babe


Bronzed Babe | Makeup Look for Party

This year’s installment of the Met Gala witnessed Stallion sporting the boldest look ever — molten metal on the lids accentuated by jet-black eyeliner, and a dark lip-liner enveloping a shade of nude on the lips. Bronzes and golds come into play in this look, and lend a very regal element to her makeup. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner - Black Diamond

A Case For Confetti

A Case for Confetti | Party Makeup Look

If Camila’s eyes could speak, we’re pretty sure we’d hear them vibing to some music ATM. The singer’s lids are swarmed with a smattering of colourful, vibrant sequins — very Coachella-esque. All you have to do is paint your lids pink, and attach the sequins with tweezers and lash-glue — overall light makeup for party.


Use: MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick - Peach Pink

Brown Bliss


 Brown Bliss | Party Makeup Look With Lehenga

Like Sara, if warm-toned makeup is more your thing, opt for a darker shade of brown on the lips, and pair it with a lighter shade on the lids. You can dab a little bit of a silver eyeshadow on the inner-corners of the eyes like her — perfect party makeup look with lehenga.



Blue Blues

Blue Blues | Light Makeup for Party

How do you feel about a coloured cat-eye? This is one way you can add a little bit of vibrance into your overall look, and retain an element of simplicity for the rest of your face. 



Which look did you like best?




  1. What is the difference between party makeup and bridal makeup?

Bridal makeup is something you don’t wear every day — it’s exclusive to your wedding, and it takes a lot longer to perfect than makeup for any other kind of event. Apart from enlisting the skills of an MUA, you’ve to keep a lot of factors in mind to ace the look: you need long-lasting, waterproof makeup that doesn’t budge for hours, and a look that’s not too experimental but different in terms of aesthetic. And so on.


  1. What is party makeup?

There’s no one look or product that captures this aesthetic. Notice how the aforementioned options differ vastly from one another — while one focuses on the eyes, the other highlights the lips. But this category speaks to the more glamorous side of makeup — from dramatic cat-eyed looks and cut-creases to pops of glitter and scarlet-red lips, you tend to play it up a little more than usual. 

  1. How should I do my makeup for a party at night?

The way in which you do your makeup during the day differs from the way you do it at night, and it all has to do with lighting. Your makeup will need to be a little more saturated at night to be able to stand out. Keep these three tips in mind: 

  1. Don’t apply sunscreen at night and remove any residue of sunscreen from your face. Sunscreens can make you look white and pale in low-light situations. 

  2. Add glitter to the mix to capture the glam of the night, and opt for bolder shades of lipstick

  3. Wear a deeper shade of eyeshadow or eyeliner than you’d wear during the day. 


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