10 Arabic Eye Makeup Looks That Are Oh-So Glamorous


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There’s something about Arabic eye makeup that’s really alluring. Whether it’s the ultra glamorous approach or the use of colours, it’s all about the drama. Arab women tend to have big, gorgeous eyes and they play it up with the use of heavy eye makeup products –– be it a winged eyeliner, smokey eye, heavy eyelashes, or just kajal, it’s all about the eyes. The use of bold hues like black, grey, brown, red, blue, all play an important role in creating these looks. Throw in some fake lashes and strong brows, and you’re good-to-go. Scroll down to see how you can recreate these Arabic eye makeup looks easily.

Arabic Eye Makeup Looks


Go bold, or go home with Arabic eye makeup looks that take basic trends and add a whole lot of drama to them. Scroll down to see how you can recreate them.


The Cut-Crease

The Cut-Crease arabic eye makeup

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This Arabic eye makeup look gives the cut-crease an exotic touch. You can go for hues of brown and gold, and pair it with a whole lot of shimmer. Use other makeup products and pair this look with a nude lip and a heavy contour, for the full effect.


How To Create The Look


Step 1 - Apply Eyeshadow


After priming your eyelids, use an eyeshadow palette that has pigmented shades of brown, black, and gold. You need a whole lot of shimmer for this look. Apply a matte mauve shade in your crease and blend it so that it looks seamless. Now apply a lighter brown on your eyelids and top it off with a shimmery gold. Apply a light brown hue just under your crease and extend it to create a wing. Highlight your brow bones.


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Step 2 - Add A Dramatic Eyeliner


Use liquid eyeliner and line your eyes with it. Think thick! You want to create an angular wing and not a cat eye. Make sure the ends are really, really sharp. Use a concealer if you want to correct the edges.

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Step 3 - Coat Your Eyelashes With Mascara


Get some mascara and apply it on your eyelashes. It’s all about achieving those falsies without using them, so be generous with the application.


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The Intense Smokey


The Intense Smokey Arabic eye makeup

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You know a normal smokey? Now take that up a couple of notches. This Arabic eye makeup look is intense and dramatic, so give it all you got!


How To Create This Look:


Step 1 - Eyeshadow First


This smokey eye is a little bit different –– instead of the normal light to dark, go from dark to light. Apply the dark brown hue in the inner corners of your eyes. Apply the light shimmery hue in the centre of the lid and finish off the look with a warm mauve on the outer corners. Don’t blend the colours into each other, but just blend them where they connect.


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Step 2 - Load Up On Eyeliner


For this Arabic eye makeup look, make sure you apply a whole lot of kajal or eyeliner. Go for a pencil so that you can smoke it out a little. Apply it to both, your upper eyelid and your lower lash line. Finish off with mascara.


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Step 3 - Go For The Brows


You will have to fill in your brows and make them more defined. Go for a brow pencil and fill in the gaps. Create a shape that frames your face.


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Drama Central 


Drama Central Arabic Eye Makeup

Image courtesy - Instagram  


While this Arabic eye makeup look seems a little more subtle compared to the others, it actually can be played up to appear more dramatic. Again, the focus is one the eyes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold back on the cheeks and lips. 


How To Create This Look:


Step 1 - Start With Some Eyeshadow


Apply a wash of red eyeshadow on your eyelids and blend it out, all the way into your crease. Use a light brown eyeshadow to highlight the brow bones.


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Step 2 - Add The Eyeliner


Line your eyes with a kajal or eyeliner pencil. Tightline your upper lash line and go over the lid with the same pencil. Use the same pencil to fill in the lower lash line, but just make sure it isn’t very heavy. Use a makeup brush to smoke it out a little.


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Step 3 - Throw In Some Mascara


Apply 2 - 3 coats of a volumising and curling mascara. Tip: Coat your lashes with some baby powder before applying the mascara. This’ll make them appear longer and thicker.


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Mix & Match Arabic Eye Makeup Look



There’s something about Arabic eye makeup and when it comes to mixing all colours, it helps you achieve a great look. All you got to do is pick 2 or more shades of eye pigments and try out this amazing combination on your eyes. 

How to create this look:


Step 1: Start priming your eyelids with either a light moisturiser or primer. You can also use a concealer as it works as an excellent base.


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Step 2: Then paint your eyelids with multiple eyeshadow shades, preferably darker as they help your eye makeup look popped up.


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This is a great eyeshadow pencil that ensures precise and easy application on the eyes. It stays on the lips for longer hours and gives an excellent colour payoff too.


Step 3: To finish off the look, you can add a stroke of mascara to the eyes and create a beautiful Arabic eye makeup look.

Try Out The False Lashes Effect



Want an Arabic eye makeup look that’ll up your eye makeup game like a queen? Get this look right now! This is a beautiful and subtle eye makeup look that only requires you to either get false eyelashes or create a look by using mascara.


How to create this look:


Step 1: The first step to create this look is to first prime your eyes for better application and long-staying power.


Step 2: Then all you need to do is to coat your eyelashes with mascara to get the stunning arabic eye makeup look.


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Winged Or Cat Arabic Eye Makeup



Thinking to look like a dreamy queen? Here’s a look you should try out for sure! All you got to do is to buy a gel or liquid eyeliner and you’ll be startled to see the difference.


How to create this look:


Step1: The first step after applying primer & eyeshadow on eyelids is to apply your eyeliner.


Step2: Then apply eyeliner on the upper lash line by pairing it with kajal on the lower lash line.


MyGlamm Recommends:


Manish Malhotra 24H Kajal Eyeliner 

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Golden Eyeshadow Arabic Eye Makeup



If you are someone who wants to add a beautiful intensity to your eyes, get this golden eyeshadow Arabic makeup for yourself. 


How to create this look:


Step 1: The first step to create a golden Arabic eye makeup look is to paint your eyelids with golden eye colour.


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MyGlamm’s LIT Lip & Eye Sparkle

It is a fun loose shimmer pigment that adds the right amount of balance and shines to your lips and eyes.


Step 2: Then apply a dark kajal inside your eyes for that dramatic effect.


Be The Showstopper With Kajal



Kajal is a perfect way to beautify any look without doing much. Get this Arabic eye makeup look and look great!


How to create this look:


Step 1: The first step to start with this Arabic eye makeup is to line your eyes with a dark kajal in whatever shade you like.


Step 2: You can also coat your eyelashes with some coats of mascara for that extra effect.

Browbone Highlighting


This Arabic eye makeup look will make you look quite spectacular. All you got to do is highlight your brows and it will make you look like a princess!


How to create this look:


Step 1: All you have to do is to highlight your brow bone and the lower regions of your eyes.


Simple Arabic Eye Makeup Look



Simple arabic eye makeup is one of the most gorgeous eye makeup looks you’ll ever get to see. It’s for every woman who wants to keep it simple & sophisticated.


How to create this look:


Step1: To achieve this look, it depends on you if you want to focus only on the eyelids or coat your lashes with mascara.


Step2: You can also line your eyes with a kajal eyeliner to beautify the eyes.


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