Monsoon Hair Care Routine

Though we all love the monsoon season, we also know that rains call for some extra hair care. We’ve got you covered with the most valuable tips that’ll help you flaunt shiny mane throughout the season:

#Tip1 Use wide-tooth comb
In the monsoon season, it’s best to use a wide-tooth comb. This helps in not just detangling your drenched locks but also, makes for a useful conditioning comb. You can use this while you have conditioner in your hair. Comb them using a wde-tooth comb to evenly spread the conditioner.


Use a wide-tooth comb


#Tip2 Use very little oil in your hair
If your hair is weak and you’re massaging your scalp rigorously, then you’re damaging them further more. Also, if you oil your hair too much during this season, you tend to over-wash your hair with shampoo which in turn does damage to your mane. Therefore, put very little oil, massage your scalp using your finger tips and use a gentle shampoo to wash them.


Use very little oil


#Tip3 Avoid towel-drying your hair
If you get drenched in the rains, avoid towel-drying your hair. As the humidity in monsoons is high, your mane is bound to get frizzy. Shampoo your hair if you get drenched in the rains and use a slightly stronger conditioner instead of just letting them air-dry.


Avoid towel-drying your hair


#Tip4 Follow this hair wash routine in monsoons
Step 1: Soak your hair in lukewarm water before shampooing them
Step 2: Massage your scalp gently and use your fingertips to circulate the shampoo into your scalp
Step 3: Rinse off the shampoo completely
Step 4: Avoid using too much conditioner and condition only the lengths and ends of your hair
Step 5: Spread the conditioner evenly using a wide-tooth comb
Step 6: End your hair wash with a cold water rinse as this helps in lending a shine to your cuticles


Hair wash routine





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