Flakiness Be Gone! These Makeup Tips For Dry Skin Will Give You A Gorgeous Finish


Dry skin is a real conundrum! No matter what the weather conditions, bone dry skin doesn’t make for the best canvas for your makeup. Dryness usually entails that your skin is dehydrated and void of any natural oils. This makes the skin flakey and uneven –– which doesn’t make for the smoothest application. Getting this right and fixing it means you have to opt for makeup products for dry skin that’ll retain moisture and give your face a natural radiance. Scroll down to see makeup tips for dry skin and what face makeup products you can use to keep that dewy dumpling glow. 


Makeup Tips For Dry Skin


Do you have the perfect makeup kit, but are unable to make the most of it? Check out these makeup tips for dry skin that’ll help you get the best results out of your makeup products


Moisturise Well


This goes without saying, since your skin is dry you need to make sure you use a heavy moisturiser to nourish it. This’ll prevent your makeup from caking or flaking in your dry patches. Plus, it’ll prevent your skin from getting super dry all through the day.


Don’t Forget Your Lips


Even your lips get dry! Always apply a nourishing lip balm to your pout, before you apply any lip makeup products. This’ll keep your lips naturally moisturised, and will allow for easy application of your lipstick too!


Primer Is Your BFF


Don’t you ever skip your primer! You need to opt for a hydrating primer with nourishing ingredients that will blur any imperfections and visible pores and set a seamless base for your foundation and concealer. A primer will also protect your skin, and give it that extra moisture it needs to stay supple.


Be Done With Powders


Try to avoid powders whenever possible. Creams, on the other hand, are your best friend –– this is especially true with highlighters or blushes. Even when you’re going for your eye makeup products, try to move towards creamier formulas. You can set it by dipping your eye brush into some setting spray to prevent the eyeshadow from settling into any cracks.


Opt for liquids


When your skin is dry it tends to look super dull. You can change this by adding a drop or two of liquid highlighter to your foundation so that it gives a more illuminating finish. It instantly brightens up your complexion.


Dewy And Radiant Finishes Work Best


Keep away from matte––it isn’t going to do you any good. Make sure all your foundations and concealers are of a radiant, dewy finish. If you want to tweak your matte finish foundation, then simply add a drop or two of face oil. 


Setting Spray Over Setting Powder


Again, since you need to steer clear of powders, don’t go in with a setting powder. Setting sprays that leave your skin with a dewy finish really keeps the makeup in place, without making it look super dry. Plus, you can use this spray to refresh your makeup and rehydrate it when it’s looking a little down. So keep away from any fixing powders.


Don’t Bake


Baking with banana powder or your favourite compact powder might be a great trend, but isn’t one meant for your skin type. You can use very little powder to set your cream or liquid base –– but baking is a no-no, as the powder will stick to your dry patches and make it look cakey.


Best Makeup Products For Dry Skin


The best makeup products for dry skin are supposed to hydrate, moisturise, and nourish your skin. Even if it’s just a highlighter, blush, or even a bronzer, remember, you need to use products that’ll leave your skin feeling soft and supple, rather than dry and flakey. Scroll down to see our curation of products that are meant for dry skin.


Treat Love Care Brightening Foundation


This easy to use foundation leaves your skin with a luminous finish that has super high coverage. It’s formulated with vitamins and clementine water –– ingredients that brighten dull skin and leave it nourished. 


Rs 995


Buy here


Spotlight Illuminating Liquid In Sunkissed



Want the spotlight to be on you? Then you’re going to love this sheer bronzer. Leaving you with a soft dewy look, this liquid has a metal finish that diffuses the light by adding radiance and dimension to your skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness.


Rs 1,195


Buy here


Manish Malhotra Face & Body Highlighter


Meet the highlighter that’ll leave you with that Goddess-like glow. The pigment-free formula gives you that extra dose of shine. It has a liquid metal finish and a gel-like texture that is easy to apply, and leaves you skin with a sheer to full coverage radiance. 


Rs 1,250


Buy here


Total Makeover FF Cream Foundation Palette



This flawless face palette stays true to its name –– it’s the ultimate face palette that has a cream to powder formula and is packed with a foundation + SPF 30 compact and two colour correctors. It’s long-lasting and super easy to apply, which makes it the perfect go-to for all your base needs.


Rs 1,450


Buy here


Face & Eye Kit in Rise & Shine

This one is definitely a handbag favourite! Get your full face of makeup with a kit that meets both your eye and face needs. With a translucent setting powder, a highlighter, a blush, and two eyeshadows, you literally knock out your entire makeup kit in one go, with this palette. The highly pigmented formula is long-lasting and blends really easily. Plus, it is enriched with vitamin E, making it nourishing for the driest of complexions.


Rs 459


Buy link


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