Base Makeup Tips & Products To Make Your Skin Glow


It’s the dream of anyone who loves makeup to achieve the silkiest smooth and even-toned base makeup. While initially, it really comes down to trial and error when doing your base makeup with a variety of makeup products, this guide is going to help you master your skills from the very beginning. Form the right products and follow the correct steps, we’ve covered it all. Read on to find out exactly how to master your own base makeup routine with the best makeup products in the industry.

What is Base Makeup

What is Base Makeup

Base makeup is the use of base makeup products like face primers, foundations, concealers, and more on your face to make your skin look smooth and blemish-free. Base makeup is specifically used to make skin look even toned and to conceal or reduce the appearance of dark spots, scars, and discoloration for a clear glow.

How to Apply Base Makeup

How to Apply Base Makeup


The first step to ensuring your base makeup looks utterly smooth and lasts for long hours is applying a makeup primer. This makeup product preps your skin for base makeup. It provides a tacky base that will grip the foundation and concealer so that it doesn’t fade away easily. Apply the primer evenly over your face.


Manish Malhotra Luminous Moisturising Primer

This is an illuminating makeup primer that only smoothes your skin to get it ready for makeup, it also adds a luminous glow so that your skin looks even more radiant and silky with foundation. The best part is it is an oil-free primer making it great even for oily skin types and it has a pore-blurring effect too.



After you have prepared your skin with a makeup primer, it is time to apply a foundation. The foundation helps make your skin look even-toned and radiant with a reduced appearance of pores, fine lines, discolouration, and blemishes. Dot foundation all over your face and then blend it in using either a foundation brush, damp makeup sponge, or your fingers.

MyGlamm Super Serum Foundation

This skincare serum-infused foundation is the best in the biz for making your base glow. It delivers hydration to the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid in its formula and it also feels weightless on the skin. The formula is non-comedogenic which means your pores won’t get clogged and your skin will feel comfortable and look fabulous.



Concealer comes after foundation and it is used to provide extra coverage on areas of the face that require it. Think the under eye areas to cover up dark circles or the contours of the nose for hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Apply the concealer on areas that need more coverage and blend it in with your makeup tools or fingers.

MyGlamm Super Serum Concealer

The trickiest part of base makeup is when your concealer starts to look cakey and starts to crack. But not with this serum-infused concealer. With a lightweight formula and full coverage results, this hyaluronic acid-infused concealer covers up discoloration and blemishes and makes the skin look naturally even toned. It has a satin finish which is very true to skin.



Now that you’ve concealed and smoothened the appearance of your skin, it’s time to add a hint of colour to your cheeks with blush to make it look like your cheeks are flushed. You can choose a blush shade that best suits your skin tone and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, blending it upwards and outwards to your cheekbones. You can use your fingers or a blush brush to apply it.

K.Play Flavoured Blush

This fruity blush is going to become your favourite makeup product. It is super pigmented and easy to blend. It is also enriched with vitamin C and E and it delivers a matte finish that stays on for long hours without looking patchy.


Setting Spray/Powder

Finally, after applying all your complexion makeup products, you have to set it and lock it all in with a makeup-fixing product. This last step of a base makeup routine involves using either a makeup setting spray or a makeup setting powder to ensure your makeup looks seamless and lasts for long hours without fading. To apply a makeup setting spray, you have to first activate it and then spray it on. Shake the bottle well and then hold it 8 to 10 centimeters away from your face full of base makeup. Now, spray the makeup setting spray all over your face and allow it to dry down as this will lock the makeup in. If it is a makeup setting powder that you plan on using, take a fluffy brush and pick up some of the makeup setting powder on it. Dust off the excess powder by tapping the stick of the brush against your wrist and then apply the powder all over your face to set your makeup. Focus applying the powder on areas where you have used concealer for best results.

MyGlamm Set On You Makeup Setting Spray

This is the best makeup setting spray in the market and it comes at a super affordable price too. The formula easily extends the wear time of your makeup and it also feels super refreshing. It contains aloe vera, niacinamide, and hyaluronic to keep skin and makeup look hydrated around the lock.

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These are all the tips and products you need to get the most gorgeous-looking base makeup ever. Bookmark this base makeup routine guide for the next time you want to glamm up with your favourite makeup trends.


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