The Hottest Summer-Time Hairstyles For Diamond-Shaped Faces


You know you can shine bright like a diamond—with the right ‘do. No matter how gorgeous a certain style looks on someone, it might not translate to your hair the way you might’ve imagined it to—and that’s because the shape of your face determines whether a ‘do compliments your appearance or not. A full-on fringe, for instance, might look better on oval-shaped faces than rectangular-shaped ones. Basically—the principle to sporting a style that you can pull off is to identify the shape of your face. You don’t want to have to stare into your hairstylist’s mirror, and pretend to love your transformation, do you? 

A diamond-shaped face is characterized by a pointed chin, wide-set high cheekbones, and a narrow forehead and jawline—among other traits. If you identify with these features, this one’s for you. 

We’ve done round-ups for hairstyles for oval faces as well as hairstyles for round faces; but what about the brightest of them all? Here’s a carousel of 10 celebrity-approved hairstyles for diamond face-shape. 

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10 Of The Hottest Hairstyles For Diamond Face Shape

Poker Straight Hair With Face-Framing Bangs

Poker Straight hair for diamond face shape

Megan Fox exemplifies the diamond. The recently-engaged actress has a proclivity for poker-straight hair characterised by a middle-part; but this full-fringe ‘do is doing her more justice than any other style—simply because her bangs play into the illusion of widening her forehead, and accentuating the cheekbones. This is a simple and straightforward hairstyle, and one that compliments your face-shape effortlessly—the best bangs for diamond face shape.

A Wavy Lob With A Side-Swept ‘Do

 A wavy lob hairstyle for diamond shape face

Vanessa Hudgens’s expertise isn’t limited to her profession. The ‘High School Musical’ lead knows just how to experiment with her hair in ways that flatter the shape of her face. This ‘do demonstrates just that—side-swept hair on a wavy/curly bob. The waves add volume to the hair, and soften your features, and the side-swept ‘do opens up the top-half of the face. Make sure your hair falls below your chain, and tuck one side behind your ear to play into the illusion of an asymmetrical look—this flatters the diamond as it balances your wide-set cheekbones, and brings attention to the upper-part of your face.

A Slicked-Back Chin-Length Bob

A slicked back chin hairstyle for diamond shape face

A chin-length bob flatters diamond-shaped faces as it makes your chin look wider, and Scarlett Johannson is no exception. The idea is to soften the jawline, and enhance the angularity of your face. You can brush your hair backwards like Johansson to capture the cut better.

Long Hair With Subtle Waves

Hairstyle for diamond shape face - long hair with subtle waves

A long, sleek, polished ‘do characterised by the softest of waves and a centre-part is another hairstyle that flatters this face-shape. Shilpa Shetta—point in case. This look slims her wide-set cheekbones without stealing their spotlight. 


A Curly ‘Do With Forehead-Grazing Bangs

grazing bangs for diamond shape face

Though spotting J.Lo with a curly ‘do isn’t too common, she proves that the aesthetic flatters her face-shape excessively—thanks to how prominent her cheekbones are. This style might’ve been heavier for any other face-shape, but a diamond-shaped face carries this ‘do well. It creates an illusion of softness and fullness against the features, and the bangs make the forehead look wider. 

Side-Parted, Poker-Straight Hair

 poker staring hair for diamond shape face

Rihanna’s side-part seems to lengthen her face while keeping her wide-set cheekbones on display. This one’s a straightforward ‘do that you can replicate at home without too much of a hassle. 


A Chin-Length Bob

Best hairstyle for diamond shape face - a chin length bob.

Kourtney has been fashioning her ensembles with a chin-grazing, side-swept bob that softens her jawline, and plays into the asymmetry of her look—much like Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘do except that this one is poker-straight. Relatively short hair for diamond faces, but it looks stunning. 

Long Layers With Bangs

long layers with bangs for diamond shape face

If your hair is thin and fine, adding layers to the equation along with a set of sweeping bangs draped across the forehead is another option you can experiment with. You can count on this Taylor Swift-approved fringe to widen your forehead instantly. Make sure the layers fall below your jawline to avoid making your cheekbones look broader. 


Cascading Curls  

cascading curls for diamond shape face

Nothing’s more appropriate for those with thicker hair than a cascade of curls framing their diamond-shaped faces the way that Little Mix’s Jade’s ‘do does. This style might not translate too well on other face-shapes, but a diamond-shaped face boasts heavier and prominent cheekbones that can carry the curls flawlessly—one of the best hairstyles for diamond face-shape for females.


These were our all-time favorite diamond face hairstyles.


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