How To Wear Glitter Makeup

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Glitter makeup is still going strong. Be it eyes, cheeks, lips an even, the body, a dash of glitter can make you sparkle and shine like a polished diamond. What more? These shimmery bits come in various colours, so you can let your imagination soar while matching them with the makeup too. Shimmer makeup is so popular that many cosmetic brands have rolled out entire range dedicated to glitter, fancy that!

But wearing glitter as an adult can be unnerving, especially if you have just started or are trying to get into the glitter league. Here are some tips that will help you conquer the glitter like a pro.

Glitter Eyeliner
Start small
If you are trying out glitter makeup for the first time, start with one feature at a time. Ether wear shimmery eye or go for glittery pout. Try both or wear too much of it, and you might end up looking like a disco ball.

Flaunt sparkly nails
Wearing glitter on the nails is perhaps the simplest and safe way to try glitter on without being intimidated. Get a high-glam manicure or simply coat your nails in glittery nail polish. You can take yur pick from the boldest colours and maybe even match your lipstick with it.

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inner corners of the eyes
Subtle eyes
While glittery eyeshadows can amp up the glamour, not wearing them correctly can make you look garish. Following the ‘less is more’ rule, instead of overdosing on high-glitz eyeshadows, swipe on a metallic liner along the lash line for a head-turning statement.

Another simple way to wearing glitter on the eye is by using a dash of glitter on the inner or outer corner of the eyes. This will immediately add a sparkle to your eye makeup.

Or dab some glitter on the centre of the eyelid instead of covering the entire lids after wearing eyeshadow. It’s simple and doesn’t require any specific makeup skill. Pick up some glitter on one of your finger or rush and apply lightly on the middle of the lids. This adds a hint of sophisticated sparkle and makes your eye makeup appear 3D.

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Glitter Lips
On lips
Thinking of pairing nude lip with smokey eye again for your next party? Try swapping the neutral lip shade for a shimmery gloss. It will pair well with the smoky eye and also add glamour without going OTT.
After applying lipstick, dab on some glitter on your Cupid’s bow and on the centre of the lower lip for instant holographic lips.

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Gitter Highlihgter
Hint of glitter on cheeks
If you run out of highlighter, just mix a dash of glitter in your blush or simple brush on a shimmery blush on your cheeks. This will also add sparkle to the skin while adding colour to the cheeks.

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