5 Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup Looks To Look Like The Most Glamm Bride

glitter bridal eye makeup

Glitter bridal eye makeup is the best way to look glamm on your wedding day. I love how the glitter bridal eye makeup complements dazzling bridal lehengas. If you’re a bride-to-be who wants the strongest beauty game on your wedding day, glitter bridal eye makeup is the way to go. I have put together a list of the most stunning glitter bridal eye makeup looks to rock in the 2023 wedding season. 


Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup Look


Here are five sensational glitter bridal eye makeup looks that are sure to make you look utterly glamm. Bookmark these looks right away.

1 . Soft Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

Soft Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup


This is a soft glamm bridal makeup look that I absolutely love and it makes use of glitter eyeshadow perfectly. A brown eyeshadow is blended on the eyelids and then a loose glitter eyeshadow pigment is patted on the centre of the lids. The glitter bridal eye makeup look is completed with brown kajal and mascara.



This chocolate brown eyeliner can be used as kajal, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. It blends with ease in the first few seconds of application. And once it sets, it does not smudge and gives a gorgeous colour payoff.

2. Bronze Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

Bronze Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

This is a classic glitter bridal eye makeup look that will work for almost any bridal lehenga. Bronze glitter bridal eye makeup paired with winged eyeliner looks amazing on Indian brides and it makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Apply dark brown eyeshadow on the lids and top it off with bronze glitter eyeshadow. Draw a winged eyeliner and complete the look with kajal and mascara.


This liquid eyeliner comes with a roll-on applicator wand that makes it super easy to rock winged eyeliner. It is beginner-friendly and stays on without smudging or budging.

3. Silver & Gold Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

Silver & Gold Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

Mix two classic glitter hues with this beautiful silver and gold glitter bridal eye makeup look. You will need both silver and gold glitter eye makeup products to create this look. Apply the gold glitter all over the lids and add silver glitter only at the inner corners and blend it upwards into the crease. Draw on a winged eyeliner and wear mascara. This eye makeup look works well on hooded eye shapes too.


If you want doll-like lashes that are full of volume, this mascara is for you. It also gives the lashes a curled effect without having to use and eyelash curler.

4. Gold Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup With Rhinestones

Gold Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

My favourite glitter bridal eye makeup look is this golden eye makeup look and it has rhinestones too that makes it even more glamm! This bridal glitter eye makeup look is pretty simple to recreate as well. Blend a brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of the lids and then apply a gold glitter eyeshadow on the rest of the lid space. Stick on self-adhesive rhinestones above and along the crease of your lids. Apply winged eyeliner and mascara to complete the eye makeup.


To ace this golden glitter eye makeup look, this lip and eye sparkles is the perfect choice. It adds a power packed glittery effect when applied over an eyeshadow base or lipstick.

5. Lilac Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

 Lilac Glitter Bridal Eye Makeup

For a romantic glitter bridal eye makeup look, I love shiny lilac eyeshadow that gives off a princess vibe. To ace this look, apply a brown eyeshadow as a base on the lids and then layer it with a lilac glitter eyeshadow. Define the lash lines with a blended-out smokey eyeliner and load up on mascara. This purple eye makeup look is beautiful for both the wedding ceremony or the reception party.


A lavender glitter pigment to create dazzling makeup looks, this makeup product can be used on the lips and cheeks for a whole lot of shine and glamour.

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