Less Intimidating, More Versatile: Of Course, We Are Talking About The Brown Smokey Eye!

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Well done black smoky eyes, no doubt, denote high octane glamour but that's exactly what doesn't make them an everyday look. A brown smokey eye, on the other hand, gives you a lot more room to play around with. Team it up with a bright lipstick or a nude one, it's pretty easy to adapt to. Need to amp up your work outfit? Brown does the trick. Heading out for dinner after work, it's got your back! Brunch on the cards? Brown smoky eye FTW! It's quite versatile and can go with all kinds of attires, be it western, Indian or somewhere in between. All this is reason enough to give it a try!

However, the smoky eye can be tricky. The key to looking sexy and not like an insomniac, when going for the smokey eye effect, is to use the colour in moderation and, of course, blend, blend, blend!

Here are some easy makeup tips you can follow while creating the classy brown smoky eye for your next outing:

  • To intensify the smoky effect, create your base using a brown eye pencil. After that, add the eyeshadow and blend. This will give a good colour pay off and help the eyeshadow stick to your eyelids.
  • The right tools can help you achieve the perfect look. Invest in a good quality eyeshadow brush, blending brush, and shader brush. If you consider yourself a perfectionist, you can also buy a smudging brush that'll make your life easier in the quest for that smoked-out eye makeup look.
  • Since brown tends to blend with the Indian skin tone, adding some highlighter is a good idea to make your eyes stand out. Not to mention, the highlighter will enhance the brown colour beautifully. Add it to the inner corners of your eyes, to the brow bone, and you can also pat some on the eyelids.
  • Gone are the days when the smoky eye was reserved for charcoal greys, blacks, and browns shades. Play with colours to give the brown smoky eye a twist. Mix and match brown with black, gold, silver, purple, wine and even dark blue or ruby 'coz why not! The key, again, is the technique--how well you blend to fuse the colours together.
  • The idea behind the smoky eye is for it to be perfectly imperfect. You don’t need to have all the strokes sharp and crisp. A little smudge here, an imperfection there is totally acceptable. Highly recommended, in fact!
  • If you are in a rush, avoid the smoky eyes. Blending and patience is key to creating a balanced smoky eye look. Haphazardly swiped eyeshadow and unblended colours can make you look shabby. Take your time to blend so that your eyes look slept-in sexy!