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There’s something very mesmerising about hazel brown eyes! Throw in eye makeup that truly makes them pop and they’ll be all ready to hypnotise. Jokes apart, after black eyes, brown eyes are the most versatile. You can play around with subtle hues or pops of colour, whatever your choice it’ll instantly make your peepers look bigger and brighter. This means your eyeshadow palette is your playground. We’ve narrowed down a few colours that’ll surely add that x-factor in your entire makeup look. Scroll down to see what hues work in your favour and how to put them to good use –– time to get inspired with these makeup colours for brown eyes.


Makeup For Brown Eyes - Ideas And Inspiration


Let’s be honest, brown eyed beauties are spoilt for choice –– so many makeup products, so little time. With that being said, when you have so many options it can get confusing. Get inspired with these makeup for brown eyes. 


Golden Girl


Image courtesy - Instagram


Go for the gold with this shimmering eyeshadow that shines the spotlight on your brown eyes. This is must have in your makeup kit. A nice balance of yellow and orange, paired with highlighted cheekbones and a high shine lip, makes this look one for the books.


How To Recreate This Look: 


Step 1 - Go for an eyeshadow palette that has warm hues of golden and yellow. Apply the slightly darker hue on your eyelids and top it off with a brighter yellow eye sparkle in the centre and the inner corners of your eyes. Blend, blend, blend away!

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Step 2 - Line your eyelids with an eyeliner. Remember to keep it very fine, just so that it adds definition to your eyes without taking anything away from the eyeshadow.


MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner in Black Diamond



This felt tip eyeliner is a Godsent for beginners! Need to get that perfect wing or precise line, then this one should be your go-to. The tapered felt tip allows for a smooth flowing application that delivers pigmented wear. It lasts for upto 24 hours and is water-resistant and non-transferable.


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Step 3 - Apply a shimmery highlighter on the highpoints of your face. You can even dab some on your brow bones to make your eyeshadow pop even more.


MyGlamm Recommends - Pose HD Highlighter Duo - Champagne And Rose Gold

This high-definition highlighter flatters every skin tone out there. It adds a subtle glow to your face with a hint of shimmer. It’s lightweight and blends seamlessly, leaving your with a natural radiance.


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Hues Of Blue


Image courtesy - Instagram


A pop of blue will really help bring out those brown eyes. You can either go for a full blown eyeshadow, or get creative by lining your eyes with a shade of blue.


How To Recreate This Look: 


Step 1 - Drape your blush onto your eyelids and on the apples of your cheek. Top off your cheekbones with a hint of illuminating powder and blend away.


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Step 2 - Go in with a blue eyeliner or kajal and make sure you slightly wing the ends. You can either opt for a matte liner or go full out with some shimmer and shine to make it pop even more.


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 A little glitter goes a long way with this eyeliner. With a metallic finish, it glides on smooth enough to create a seamless wing. It’s easy to apply and is waterproof and non-transferable. It’s long-lasting, which means you can wear it all night long...come rain or shine.


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Step 3 - Finish off this look with a pink lipstick –– take your pick from a bright pink to a nude pink, either way it’ll really tie in the whole look.


MyGlamm Recommends - Mini Lip Kit - Pretty Mess

This creamy matte finish lipstick is a great go-to for all your pout-y needs. The lightweight formula makes it comfortable to wear all day long and glides effortlessly. It’s highly pigmented and enriched with vitamin E, and doesn’t dry out your lips. This kit comes with three pinks, all soft romantic hues.


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Metallic Heaven


Image courtesy - Instagram


Want to go down a more experimental route? This neon makeup look will bring out the best in your brown eyes. Play around with two different bright colours to make it pop even more. Add a little bit of mascara –– trust us when we say, a little bit will go a long way.


Step 1 - Apply a bright blue or green eyeshadow to the top of your lids. Smoke it out as much as you can.


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Step 2 - Take a pink eye chalk and apply it on the lower lash line. You can even create a small wing on your upper lash line.


MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk in Violet Rush


A velvety texture eye chalk that leaves your eyelids with a metallic matte finish. The pearlescent colour payoff is amazing and the formula melts away on your skin. Finish your eyes with a lightweight mascara.


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Step 3 - Tie in the full look with a glossy, pout plumping lip gloss, that’ll add a nice pink tint to your lips.


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Best Makeup Colours For Brown Eyes


Bring out the best in your brown eyes with colours that’ll really make the colour pop. While brown eyes are usually quite compatible with most eye makeup kit, there are some that really work well with them. You’ll find these colours even in mini eyeshadow kits. Scroll down to see what makeup colours for brown eyes will get the party ball rollin’.




Whether it’s metallic or matte, blue really complements brown eyes well! You can either opt for an eyeshadow of this hue, or go in with an eyeliner.


Bronze & Gold


The bronze gold pairing may seem basic, but it makes your eyes look like they’re red-carpet ready. Throw in some dramatic falsies (or mascara) and you’re ready for the paparazzi.

H3: Metallic Teal


This hue really brings out the brown in your eyes, especially if you’ve got a duskier skin tone. Amp up the drama with some mascara and a little bit of eyeliner.

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From smokey browns to one-toned greys, jewel tones to metallic hues the options for brown eyes are endless. To prevent you from going batshit crazy with the plethora of colours to choose from, our curation of makeup for brown eyes will help you navigate the looks that’ll bring out the brown in your eyes.

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