On Point: The Ultimate Guide To Nailing Arched Eyebrows

eyebrow arched

If there’s something we can all agree on is the fact that our eyebrows hold the power to transform our look and is an integral part of our daily beat, especially when we’re opting for a minimal look. However, brushing and styling your eyebrow arches to perfection is a major skill. It is kind of like geometry and art combined because getting the perfectly arched eyebrow is all about the proportions and angles of your face shape. But DW, If you want to boost your brow game, we’re listing down the step-by-step guide to getting bomb brows. Keep scrolling for your crash course. 

What Is an Eyebrow Arch?

Eyebrow arch helps in determining the overall shape of your brow. It’s basically the highest point of your brow, the point where your eyebrows change angles. It can be shallow or steep. The right eyebrow arch for you is dependent on a lot of factors like your face shape as well as your beauty aesthetic. You can easily change your eyebrow arch using makeup or hair removal techniques. 

How to Create Arched Eyebrows

Creating envy-inducing arched brows is no easy feat. Because we like you too much, we’ve broken down the tips to get the eyebrows of your dreams. Whether you have naturally sparse hair or are blessed with Cara Delevingne-Esque bushy brows - read on to know how to get the arched eyebrows of your dreams. 

Step 1: Start With Brow Mapping

Brow Mapping for arched brows

The key to getting the perf arched brows is understanding your face shape. Decide the kind of look that you want to go for and then determine the parameters of your face shape. We suggest using a thin, long object like an eyebrow pencil or a makeup brush to do this. Hold it vertically against the outer corner of your nose. The point where the tool touches the brow is the point where your brows should start. Tilt the brush diagonally so it goes over the center of your eyes, this is where your eyebrow arch aka the highest point of your brows should be. Tilt the tool further till it goes over the outer corners of your peepers, you can consider this as the ending point of your arches. 

Step 2: Grab An Eyebrow Stencil

Eyebrow Stencil

Take an eyebrow stencil of your choice. You can choose the one based on your personal preferences and desired brow shape. Use the eyebrow stencil to mark the points starting and ending points of your brows as well as the spot where you want your eyebrow arches to be. You can create a basic outline of your brows this using step one. 

Step 3: Groom Your Brow

Groom Your Brow

Before you start filling your brows using an eyebrow pencil, make sure your brows are properly groomed. Use a tweezer to remove stray hair and a scissor to cut extremely long hair. Once this is done, you can proceed to the next final step.

Step 4: Fill Them In

Fill them for eyebrow arch

The market is flooded with plenty of different types of eyebrow products. There are holy-grail brow gels that can be used to thicken the brow hair to make it look fuller. Brow mascaras are used to darken the hair while brow pomade and eyebrow powders are used to sculpt the brow shape. If you want to fill in sparse spaces, we recommend using a fine-tipped eye pencil to make a hair-like stroke. Opt for a colour that is as close to your natural brow colour as possible. Fill in the area that lies within the outline. If you love the look of laminated brows, you can up your brow game by brushing them with a brow gel. You can also use a dark brown eye shadow and an angled brush to fill in your brows. These steps are guaranteed to take your eye makeup game to the next level. 

MyGlamm Recommends: LIT Brow Definer Pencil

The LIT brow definer pencil will help you rock the fluffy, fuller brow of your dreams without bleeding your bank account. The fine tip helps fills in the sparse edges to mimic the look of fine hair while the spoolie helps to brush them in place. 


How do I get rid of my arched eyebrows?

There are a couple of ways to get rid of arched eyebrows or make them look a little more straight. You can either razor off a little portion of your brows near the tail of your brow to make it look straighter. Alternatively, you can pluck off a couple of hair from the top of your brow arch to get rid of arched eyebrows. 

Should eyebrows have an arch?

Eyebrow arches are like the soul of an eyebrow. They are used to define the shape of your brows otherwise they’ll look like a straight stripe of hair. You can have a rounded arch or a slightly or steep arch depending on your beauty preferences. 

Are arched eyebrows more feminine?

Yes, arched eyebrows are considered to be more feminine. They not only enhance the appearance of your eyes but also give a really attractive look. 

What face shape suits arched eyebrows?

Arched eyebrows suit all face shapes. However, the kind of arch you go for will depend on your face shape. A high, curved arch is best suited for folks with a square face shape as it helps to offset the hard angles of a square shape. A heart-shaped face or oval face looks best with a soft arch while those with round face look good with a sharp, angled arch.

Hello, arched eyebrows!

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