Here’s How To Groom Your Brows Based On Your Face Shape

eyebrow shape for your face

While Doja Cat recently shaved off her brows, I love mine way too much to even consider going eyebrowless. But I do get the didi at the parlour to groom them for me once or twice a month. And she always keeps in mind the shape of my face before going in with her thread. 


I asked her whether the shape of my face plays a role in how she shapes my brows. She nodded at me. I did some research of my own at home, and turns out, she was right. You know how they say your haircut makes or breaks your look? Eyebrows do that too. 


So how do you choose the right kind of brow for your face shape? I’m here to help. 

Eyebrows For Square Face Shape


How do you do your brows for square face shape? A square-shaped face is angular and defined. Your forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are typically of the same width. The goal is to soften and slim your features down and draw attention to your brows and eyes. The shape of your brows can balance out the sharpness of your features.


How To Create It: 


Opt for a high, curved arch to soften the angles of your face. Create this arch a little closer to the centre of the brow to draw attention to the middle of your face. You can add some height to it to lengthen the face too. 

Don’t define the arch too much or you’ll defeat the purpose. Extend the tail of the brow to elongate your face. This will instantly make your jawline look slimmer. Make sure the dip of the tail isn’t too low as this could make your eyes appear droopy. 


I use the MyGlamm Lit Brow Definer Pencil to define and sculpt the brows for a natural-looking finish. Since this is an ash-brown shade, it doesn’t come off too strongly.

Eyebrows For Oval Face Shape

What’s the ideal eyebrow shape for oval face? Oval-shaped faces are balanced and symmetrical. Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. You can pull off any hairstyle, and the same rule applies to eyebrows. There’s no best eyebrow shape for oval face, then. But here’s how to do it right. 


How To Create It: 


Your best bet is to follow the natural shape of your brows. Don’t define them too much. Just create a soft arch and fill in the rest of the brow as naturally as you can. 

The Manish Malhotra Precision Eyebrow Definer in Wood Mystique is another brown-ish shade that comes equipped with a slim, fine tip. This gives it the perfect microblading-like effect.

Eyebrow Shape For Diamond Face

Wondering what’s the best eyebrow shape for diamond face? If you have a diamond-shaped face, your cheekbones are probably set higher on your face. They’re wider than your chin and forehead. The goal is to make your face look shorter and narrower. Those with this face-shape are not too far off from oval-shaped faces.  


How To Create It: 


Try creating a curved, round brow to play into the appearance of a soft, less wide look. Pair it with an angled arch to soften the outline of your face even more. Make sure the arch isn’t too high. This will make your face look longer. Now you know how to do your eyebrows for diamond face.


Eyebrow Shape For Long Face


Your face is twice as long as it is wide. The goal is to make it look shorter. But what’s the best eyebrow shape for long face?


How To Create It:


Try to create a flat, straight brow to create an illusion of a smaller, shorter face. The horizontal line accomplishes this. You can also elongate the tail. 


Since my face is more oval-shaped, I can’t wait to try this hack out for myself. 


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