Eyebrow Shapes & How To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home!


Being at home during the lockdown and taking care of our eyebrows is a heavy task as your brows have probably reached their full potential and it must surely be giving you some flashbacks to your pre-waxing/threading days. Not that there's anything wrong with full-grown lush brows but just in case you like them regularly trimmed, here’s the thing: perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows are easy to achieve even from the comfort of your own home. If you were thinking about how to shape eyebrows for different eyebrow shapes? Know that it is possible and you can do it. All you need to do is just learn the correct methods and techniques to clean up your brows.

If you have been desperately searching for tutorials on how to shape eyebrows for beginners you’re in luck 'cause we’re here to help and guide you through this process so that you’ll end up with eyebrows that will surely have you wondering why you ever went to the salon in the first place.

Eyebrow Shape for Different Face Shape

The first step to achieving perfect brows is finding the right shape but if you’re a beginner, it’s ideal to work with the natural shape of your brows and focus on only cleaning.

If you are feeling a bit confident, you can take into consideration your face shape and the shape of your brows.The best thing about knowing multiple eyebrow shapes that can suit you, is that it will bring out the , is that it will bring out the best and will highlight your eye sets beautifully. Hence, once you know what eyebrow shapes suit your face at best it will be easy for you to begin. 



Face Shape

Ideal Eyebrow Shape



High arches

Arch shape will balance the round shape.


Straight shape

Long faces look great with straight eyebrow and extended tail


Either soft of high arches

Soft or high arches will define the face shape


Soft round arches

It will soften the sharp jawline.


Any eyebrow shape

This face shapes are lucky one to try out any eyebrow shape


Straight brow or soft arched

Diamond face shape looks with balanced straight brows.


Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shape

Image courtesy - Pinterest

What’s Brow Mapping

Whether you’re just cleaning out excess hair or shaping different eyebrow shapes to suit your face, it’s important to identify the three key parts of your eyebrow pencil and mark them with your brow pencil. This will make the process so much easier.

Start: Begin by placing your brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril and then mark the starting spot of your eyebrows.

Middle: Pivot the pencil from the side of your nose, to find the midpoint or arch of your eyebrow.

End: Finally angle the pencil from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find the tail of your eyebrows.

 Brow Mapping

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Different Ways to Shape Your Eyebrows

Well wondering about how shaping eyebrows at home can be a hectic job? You don’t have to think anymore as here’s a step by step guide into shaping different eyebrow shapes at home in different ways. All you have to do is pick your method and get on with the task and in no time your job of eyebrow shaping at home is completed.

Eyebrow Threading

This is the most common way of shaping eyebrows which can also be done at home. If this is your first time threading your brows at home, take it slow and don’t rush.

Products You Need:

  • Sewing Thread (11 inches)

  • Use of Fingers


How to Shape Eyebrows with Thread?

  • Take a piece of sewing thread about 11 inches long and tied at the ends to make a loop.

  • Insert your index finger and thumb from both hands in the loop and twist the loop with the fingers on one hand 4 to 5 times. You should end up with a bow-tie shape, check image below for reference.

How to Shape Eyebrows with Thread

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Place your index finger and thumb inside the loop while making sure that the knot is on your fingers and not in the middle.

  • Now comes the tricky part. Keeping the fingers of one hand pinched together, move the fingers on your other hand. The loop's centre twist will slide up and down when you increase and decrease the distance between your index finger and thumb.

  •  This motion will help pull out the hair. But remember to NOT pull it in the same direction as your hair growth. 

  • Place one hand above your brow and the other below. The hand below will be used to move the thread. 

  • Next, place the hair you want to remove in the 'V' part of the loop and move your fingers on the hand that's below the brow. This will move the twist over the hair and thus pull it out.

to Shape Eyebrows with Thread

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Remember to only keep the excess hair you want to remove in the twist to avoid accidentally pulling out the other hair.

  • This method takes a lot of time and precision so be sure to not rush the process. 

Eyebrow Plucking

This has been the next method to create eyebrow shapes at home. Eyebrow plucking hasn't been popular but people prefer it more than twisted threading. If you are choosing this method, just follow the given instructions and you are ready to begin.

Products You Need:

  • Tweezer

  • Scissor


How to Shape Eyebrows with Eyebrow Plucking?

  • If you’re shaping your eyebrows with tweezers, first, create a clear outline using your brow pencil. 

  • Then, tweeze any strands outside the desired shape from the root to avoid breakage. Be sure to do this carefully to avoid over-plucking. 

  • Experts recommend tweezing both eyebrows at the same time – 2-3 hairs on one, then the same amount on the other side, so it is easier to achieve symmetry.

  • Whichever method you choose, once you're done, make sure to use an aloe gel or an ice pack to soothe the skin and avoid any irritation. 

  • Voila! Perfectly tamed brows without going to the salon. 

  • Now you no longer need to hide your face during those video calls.

Eyebrow Waxing

Why only try out old traditional methods on answering how to shape your eyebrows at home? When you can try this entirely different and interesting method. You can create and make qualitative eyebrow shapes at home by just using wax.

Products You Need:

  • Wax

  • Dusting Powder

  • Lotion

How to Shape Eyebrows with Eyebrow Waxing?

  • Before starting out, the skin should be greased with lotion and a little powder with talcum powder so that hot wax glides easily.

  • Heat the wax to a temperature of 37 degrees should be applied with a thin wooden stick to a small area for hair growth and pressed with a finger to better fix the hairs.

  • Let the wax settle down for a few seconds, and  attach a paper strip to it, holding the skin with the other hand.

  • Once the paper is pressed smoothly, remove the mass against hair growth. 

  • After this procedure, treat the skin with talcum powder to prevent irritation.


How to Shape Thick Eyebrows

Those with thick messy eyebrows might have a lot of grooming and tweezing to do to keep them looking neat. If you have looked for an answer for this question “how to shape eyebrows for beginners?” Even though you have thick eyebrows, keep on reading. 

Begin by removing the hair from the start of your eyebrow, once you're done carefully move to the top of your brow keeping in mind the arch and once you're done with the top, move under the arch and finally remove the stray strands at the end of your eyebrow. Repeat this process on the other side as well making sure that both eyebrows are even. This will help give your brows a more defined eyebrow shape.

How To Shape Thin Eyebrows

Doing eyebrows at home can be challenging when you don’t know how to go about it. Whether you have thin or thick eyebrows, it’s a risky job because if you don’t know the method or you don’t have the right knowledge, your efforts can go in vain.

For those with thin eyebrows, this might be a quick but tricky process. You need to be sure to only remove the excess strands of hair in order to not make your eyebrows thinner than they already are. All you have to do is apply some brow gel to lay the hair flat and then remove any stray strands on the bottom and at the edge of your eyebrows.

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Q 1: Where Should Eyebrows Begin?

The general rule of thumb for eyebrow shaping has been that if you take a ruler to the inner corner of your eye, that is about where the brow should begin. Another way to find out is to hold the brush parallel to the side of the nose, where the brush meets the brow. This is where the brow should begin.


Q 2: Where Does the Eyebrow Arch Start?

Your arch should be just outside of where the pencil hits your brow. You can also hold the brush parallel to the outside edge of your iris. Where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of your arch should be.


Q 3: Do Thick Eyebrows Make You Look Younger?

Sparse eyebrows can give an effect of the aging process due to thinning of hair, while thick hairy eyebrows can give an effect of a younger look due to its density. Expert says “thicker, fuller brow brings not only youth to the face but a bit more intensity.”

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