What Is Brow Tinting: Put your Best Brows By This Tinting Eyebrows Method!

Eyebrow Tinting | What is Eyebrow Tinting

Remember a time when thin eyebrows were a thing? Imagine walking around with two little worms spread across your face. Well, we can thank the universe for ending that strange trend, because bold and beautiful brows are definitely here to stay. The shape and density of your brows can literally make or break your entire look. It basically frames your face! If you use eyebrow products then you will know what a huge difference dense brows make. That’s why, fine brows out, bushy brows with tinting eyebrows in! While makeup products really do help fix things up temporarily, a lot of people look for a more semi-permanent solution such as tinting eyebrows. That’s where eyebrow tinting comes in –– a technologically advanced way to essentially darken those brows and give them more definition. Scroll down to see what it is and what are the benefits of eyebrow tinting.  


What Is Eyebrow Tinting? 


Eyebrow tinting uses a semi-permanent dye to enhance, define, and shape your existing brows. It is carried out by a professional, where they darken the fine hairs of your eyebrows, usually in the areas that are scarce and make your eyebrows appear a lot fuller, in shape, and darker. The dye is often vegetable dye or henna and is formulated to match your natural eyebrow colour.


Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

 Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting


If you’ve got rather scanty brows or eyebrows that don’t tend to look fully grown out, then you will benefit from this process of tinting eyebrows. Scroll down to see the benefits of eyebrow tinting, and why you should consider investing in this tinting eyebrow process.


Saves Time

 Saves Time


Imagine filling in your brows every single time you step out of the house! That takes up a lot of time, doesn’t it? Eyebrow tinting allows you to own those full brows, without having to worry about filling them in every time.


No More Pain

 No More Pain


Whoever said beauty is pain, couldn’t be more wrong in this scenario. Achieving well groomed brows can sometimes be rather painful, especially if you like to pluck, tweeze, thread, or wax them to shape. Eyebrow tinting is a completely painless procedure that leaves you with fuller, more defined brows without any hassle or pain.


Always Look Ready


Fuller, groomed brows can change your natural appearance without the use of makeup. Strut around confidently without any makeup, and still look beautiful. Plus, tinting eyebrows is smudge-proof, so you can run around in the rain and not have to worry about your brows wiping off.


Adds Symmetry

 Adds Symmetry


When you pluck or thread your eyebrow hairs, you often tend to mismatch the left brow from the right. By opting for eyebrow tinting, there’s no room for any error. Your brows will be perfectly matched and symmetrical all the time.


How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last


The longevity of eyebrow tinting depends entirely on several factors: the type of dye, how you wash or exfoliate your face, the kind of cleansing products you use, the level of sun exposure, and your natural hair growth. How long does eyebrow tinting last? It can vary anywhere between three to eight weeks. 


How To Prepare For Eyebrow Tinting 

Since this is a semi-permanent procedure, there are a whole lot of factors you need to consider pre eyebrow tinting. Plus, in order to maintain the integrity of the process and allow it to last long, you need to take care of your brows properly. Scroll down to see the preparation for eyebrow tinting.


Before Care 


It’s important to rule out any possible allergic reactions you could have to the dye. Since the area around your eyebrows is thin, it is rather sensitive and vulnerable to irritation. Always do a patch test to make sure.


Before your eyebrow tinting appointment, make sure you discuss technicalities with the professional. This includes shape, density, and desirable colour.




Eyebrow tinting requires a little care post the process. You need to keep your eyebrows completely dry for the first 12-24 hours after tinting them. Do not rub or scrub that area –– this may decrease the longevity of your colour. Keep away from oil-based products, as this may fade the colour.


How Soon Will You See Results?

Though you may want to avoid getting your brows wet for some time, you’ll get results super soon. Immediately after getting the eyebrow treatment, you’ll be able to notice fuller eyebrows. The effect of eyebrow tinting lasts from three to six weeks. 

Is eyebrow tinting safe?

The eyebrow tinting method is a bit tricky. Though it’s quite a popular method, there are some risks too attached to it. For this method, you should be aware of the formula your technician will be using, details about dye, ingredients, etc. Before you go for eyebrow tinting, it’s good to get a small patch test in another area like behind the ear. This will help you know if you are developing any kind of allergic reactions to the dye. So, in short, if this method is done by a professional & in the right way, it can be said that it’s safe.


Side Effects And Risks Of Eyebrow Tinting


Eyebrow tinting is a slightly risky procedure, as you are toying with the area around the eye. One of the biggest side effects of eyebrow tinting is that the dye could possibly trigger an allergic reaction. This reaction can trigger redness, itchiness, and even loss of hair on your eyebrows. That’s why it’s always important to do a patch test before.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Eyebrow Products If You’re Not Ready For Eyebrow Tinting


Think eyebrow tinting might be a little too scary for you? Don’t worry, eyebrow products are a safer alternative for you. Scroll down to see the best eyebrow products if you’re not willing to take the risk.


MyGlamm Lit Brow Definer Pencil

Natural looking brows FTW! This eyebrow pencil gives you those professionally worked on eyebrows without breaking the bank. It has a soft texture that gives you an intense colour in one swipe. The hue lasts for up to nine hours –– it even features a built-in spoolie to brush those brows and keep them in place.

Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner Brow Powder - Ebony & Walnut

Two products packed in one, this eyeliner + eyebrow powder duo takes your eye game to the next level. The eyeliner has an easy-to-use precision tip that allows for even application and an intense colour payoff. The brow powder gives your eyebrows a natural fuller finish. The formula is easy to blend and lasts for up to eight hours.



Who Is Eyebrow Tinting Best For?


Eyebrow tinting is good for all skin types, skin tones, and hair colours. It works best for those who have scanty brows, looking to fill those gaps and make their brows look more defined. However, it can be done by anyone looking to amp up their brows. 


Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe?


If done carefully or by a professional, yes eyebrow tinting is safe. However, there are a few side effects that you need to take note of before opting for it. Always do a patch test to see if you have an allergic reaction to the dye.

Is It Worth Getting Eyebrows Tinted? 

Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent process and therefore it is worth it, especially if you tend to do your brows often. It saves you time and money to get them done each and every time. Eyebrow tinting is carried out periodically.

Can I Shower After An Eyebrow Tint?

You need to keep your eyebrows dry for the first 12 - 24 hours post the process. Showering might cause them to get wet, and therefore hinder the effectiveness of it.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Take?


Depending on where you get it done, the eyebrow tinting process can take approximately 15 minutes. 


How Much Does Eyebrow Tinting Cost?


Eyebrow tinting costs anywhere from Rs 5,000 to 10,000, depending on the salon or clinic where you’re getting them done.

Is Eyebrow Tinting Good For Thin Eyebrows?

Yes. Eyebrow tinting will help you enhance your eyebrows and give them more definition and thickness. 

Can You Tint Eyebrows With No Hair?

No. You need to have some eyebrow hair present in order to tint them. Otherwise, you will be dying your skin.


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Looking for those dramatic and cinema-worthy brows? Filling them in is the solution. Whether you choose to go with a more semi-permanent solution with eyebrow tinting, or would like to opt for sticking to eye makeup products, your brows will look fabulous than ever.


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