10 Of The Quirkiest 3D Nail Art Designs That Literally Come To Life

3d Nail art designs

3D nail art is the ‘main’ character of manicures. You cannot tell me you don’t agree. They’re bold. They’re quirky and gorgeous. And that’s why I love them. 


They sound extra at first. But I’m a minimalist, and I’m telling you that you have nothing to worry about. I’ve put together a list of the quirkiest 3D nail art designs that vary from understated to dramatic. PSA: you’re going to be spoilt for options with these nail polishes


10 3D Nail Art Designs To Add To Your Mood Board ASAP


If you’re looking to experiment with your nails, start off with these 3D nails. I promise, you’re going to love them.

  1. Drip Drop

I love water (I’m Pisces) and I love ombre nail-art designs. You understand why this one tops my list. There’s quite a lot going on here; but it looks minimal and soft anyway. I cannot find a fault in this one. 


Use: POPxo Makeup — Dreamin Mini Nail Kit 

The POPxo Makeup — Dreamin Mini Nail Kit consists of five pastels that you can set the backdrop of the look with. The shades are glittery, long lasting, and so easy to apply! 

  1. Pink Paradise

pink paradise mini nail kit

Do you like 3D flower nail art? This one is calling out to the soft, ultra feminine side in me, and I’m not complaining. If you love rhinestones, this mani is your destiny. You can ask your manicurist to vary the intensity of the pink depending on what you’re going for. 


  1. Charming Charms

charming charms  mini nail kit

The charms in this manicure claim all the spotlight. This is especially better for when you don’t want a bold base colour. The sheer, see-through layer of nail paint is lowkey yet glittery and pretty. 


  1. Summer Solace

summer solace  mini nail kit

This manicure announces the arrival of summer, and how. It almost gets you in the mood for the season, doesn’t it? The daisy definitely steals the show in this one. 


  1. Gummy Glory

grummy glory  mini nail kit

Did someone say gummies? K Beauty’s ‘jelly’ nails are undergoing a makeover, and it looks a little like this. This one’s all heart. Literally. 


Use: POPxo Makeup — Hustlin Mini Nail Kit 

The POPxo Makeup — Hustlin Mini Nail Kit is like a rainbow in a kit. Each colour is poppy and playful. Just the vibe I’m looking for.

  1. Marble Mania

marble mania

I love marble-y textures. This one’s elegant and plays around with the warmth of browns and coolness of greens and blues. 


  1. Edgy Emo

edgy emo mini nail kit

For something edgy and bold, consider this nail art design. It has a similar marble-y texture as the previous one but the vibe and mood of the manicure is different. 


  1. Richy Rich

richy rich mini nail kit

Looking for elegant 3d nail designs? If a manicure could speak, this one would say ‘I’m rich.’ It exudes royalty but is pretty understated too. You get the best of both worlds without compromising on either of your preferences. 


  1. French Funk

french funk mini nail kit

Your basic French manicure is in need of an upgrade. This one’s all sorts of girly and extra, and I’m obsessed. Just ask your manicurist to alternate between ombre and french, and there you have it — your 3D flower nails. 

Use: MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind Nail Enamel

If you like your pinks a lot, recreate this look with the MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind Nail Enamel – Flower Bouquet. This duo features a light and dark shade of pink 


  1. Butter Flutter

butter flutter mini nail kit

How about a milky-white manicure with a little butterfly fluttering off to the side? Throw in a few droplets of water, and you have something right out of a fairytale. Isn’t this 3D nail design gorg?

  1. Vibe Check

vibe check mini nail kit

I can read your aura. Nah, I’m kidding. But you might want to give ‘aura’ nails a go. The mani is typically defined by a blended-out ring of colour spanning the centre of the nails. This ring contrasts the colour in the background beautifully. Add a few 3D droplets to the equation, and that’s it. 

I cannot wait to see my manicurist. You know why. 


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