12 Winter Haircare Tips To Protect Your Tresses During The Cold Season!

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Winter is all about blankets, sipping on hot cocoa, and making the most of the cosy season. It’s also the time when you make place for jumpers, sweaters, boots, and all things warm and fuzzy. Just as you adapt our wardrobes to suit the cold and chilly weather, you also need to tweak your hair care in winter season 2023. The dip in temperature tends to make your scalp dry and flaky. Your hair also becomes brittle and dehydrated, which makes it more prone to breakage. The solution? A simple winter hair care routine 2023 with some amazing winter haircare tips.


These 12 winter haircare tips will ensure that your hair doesn't suffer this season.


Winter Haircare Tips


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Adjusting your hair care during winter is a sure shot way to not let the cold weather get to you and your beautiful locks. Even the best haircare products require a little tweaking to make the most of them, especially during the colder months. Follow these winter haircare tips so that your hair looks happy and healthy this season.


Oil It Up


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The ancient remedy of champi, aka hot oil massage is a great way to get your scalp and hair moisturised. Oils such as onion hair oil nourish your hair from root to tip and prevent breakage. Remember, your hair cuticles get really dry during winter, therefore it is prone to split ends and breakage. This is precisely why you should show your locks a little extra TLC during the winter hair care routine season with a hot oil massage.

 It’s one of the best and most common winter haircare tips.

The added advantage of a massage simply improves blood circulation in the scalp and boosts healthy hair growth.


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Use Moisturising Products

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Curly, wavy, straight, whatever your hair type ensure that you use the right hair products that’ll help take care of your hair in the winter hair care routine. Opt for this winter haircare tip to use shampoo that contains natural nourishing ingredients which will cleanse and moisturise a dry scalp.


Curly, wavy, straight, whatever is your hair type ensure that you use the right hair products that’ll help take care of your hair. Opt for a shampoo that contains natural nourishing ingredients which will cleanse and moisturise a dry scalp.


Whatever you do, don’t skip your hair conditioner ever! Make sure you apply a moisturising conditioner evenly on the lengths of your hair. This’ll smoothen out any split ends present too! Finish off with a hair serum that’ll lock in the nourishment and moisture, and protect the hair shafts from environmental factors. 


Remember, using heavily nourishing products is the best way to prevent frizz and dryness during the winter season.

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Avoid Washing Hair Regularly

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Your hair needs its natural oils to get through the winter. The more you wash it off, the more you make it dry –– no matter how much conditioner or oil you apply. Try to increase the frequency between each wash during winter months. Using mild products like an onion shampoo will also keep your mane healthy. This is one of the best hair care tips for winter season you should follow for good hair health!


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Weekly Spas


Your hair requires a lot of extra care during the winter hair care routine. While using a hair conditioner every time you wash your hair is a great ritual, make sure to deep condition it with a hair mask once every week as well. This’ll improve the overall health of your locks. Use natural DIY masks with ingredients like yogurt, eggs, or avocados to deep condition and soften the hair.


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Opt For A Microfibre Towel


This rule applies especially to people with curly or wavy hair. Normal cotton towels can be a little harsh on your delicate strands. Using a microfibre towel will not only absorb the water quickly but will also prevent friction. So you won’t have to battle tangled hair nests, frizz, and those pesky flyaways and broken baby hair. This is one of the most amazing winter hair care tips!


Avoid Hot Water Showers


Yes, a steamy hot shower sounds tempting during the frigid weather, but that really does no good for your hair. The extreme change in temperature (cold outside, hot inside) can alter the moisture levels in your hair causing it to become more prone to breakage. Use lukewarm water instead and rinse off with a little cool water. Try this winter hair care tip & you’ll notice great results!


Avoid Heated Styling Tools



This follows the same theory of taking hot water showers. Plus, since your hair is already dry and brittle, using heated tools to style it can cause it to break resulting in split ends and damaged hair.











Invest In A Humidifier

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If you live in extremely cold parts of the country, one of the best winter hair care tips is to invest in a humidifier. The air tends to be very dry during winter, resulting in your hair being parched. A humidifier balances the moisture levels in the air.


Don’t Leave The House With Wet Hair

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Whatever you do, however lazy you are, do not leave the house when your hair is still wet. The cold air can cause your hair to become weak and break instantly. Always allow enough time to air dry your hair, especially when you wash it in the morning. 


Condition Those Tresses

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Frizzy hair can get out of control during this season. Always make sure you use a leave-in conditioner to prevent the hair from frizzing up. You can also prevent it from attracting static by using a scarf or a cap to cover your hair completely before stepping out. The more frizz, the easier it is for your hair to break. This is another fab winter hair care tip to take care of your hair!












Make Sure You Towel Dry Right After Washing

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Don’t leave your hair dripping wet post your shower. Use the microfibre towel to soak up whatever you can. Sleeping on or with wet hair during winter causes the hair to become cold and the hair shaft to expand. This makes it prone to breakage.


A few pumps of onion serum run through your hair will be enough to protect it through the day. This will be a great addition to your winter hair care routine!

Brush Or Comb Your Hair Very Carefully






Does hair grow thicker in winter?

No, hair does not grow thicker in winter. 

How can I oil my hair in winter?

The best way to oil your hair in winter is to massage with coconut oil. You can also heat some oil a little to massage hair and treat your hair effectively.

Does winter damage your hair?

Yes winter does damage hair and makes the hair dry leading to split ends and damage.

Can onion juice be used in the winter season?

Yes, onions can be good in the winter season for hair if mixed with some quantity of rosewater and honey.


Your hair is brittle during the winter and tends to tangle very easily. Make sure you gently brush through your hair and use your fingers to detangle them. You can follow this process when you apply your conditioner too. Use an onion conditioner that moisturizes your cuticles and gently run a wide-toothed comb to ensure your hair is tangle-free during the wash.


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Just as the seasons change, your hair care routine also needs to adapt. Cold weather impacts the hair shafts, causing them to expand and break. This leads to split ends and unruly hair that cannot be controlled. These winter hair care tips will ensure that your hair stays safe, behaves tame, and feels and looks healthy during the chilly season.



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