10 Steps To Happy Hair: Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Korean Hair Care Routine


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When it comes to all things beauty, you know you can trust the Koreans. K-beauty has continuously come up with innovative ways to treat yourself –– be it through skincare, hair care, or makeup. They start the trend, and the rest of the world follows. This time around, it’s the Korean hair care routine that has caught everyone’s eye! Proven to be the ultimate go-to for healthy, soft, and shiny hair, this routine is the one-stop-solution to meet all your strong hair dreams. Scroll down to see how you can follow this Korean hair care routine to the tee. Bid farewell to dry, rough, and unmanageable hair, and say hello to glossy locks.


Korean Hair Care Routine


Do you know why Koreans have such amazing skin and shiny hair? It’s because they religiously follow a very detailed routine. Scroll down to follow this step-by-step Korean haircare routine.


Step 1 - Use A Scalp Scaler

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A scalp scaler is a cleanser that is formulated for your scalp. This is a significant step in every Korean hair care routine. The use of a scalp scaler basically prevents a buildup of oil and dead skin cells –– this maintains your scalp’s health. Meant to be use once a week, it is similar to shampoo, however you need to leave it on your scalp for a bit before you rinse it off.


Step 2 - Go In With A Shampoo

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In order to cleanse your scalp and hair, you need to apply a shampoo. Stay away from parabens and sulfates, and always opt for a gentle shampoo. This’ll help get rid of any dirt, without stripping your hair off its natural oils and disrupting its natural pH levels.

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Dry and dull hair isn’t fun to deal with at all, and can lead to a whole lot of hair care woes too! This shampoo is the nourishing cleanse it needs. The mix of passion fruit and rosemary extracts cleanses the hair, while nourishing and moisturising too. Loaded with Pro Vit B5, the formula also helps repair damage. Get deep cleansed hair, without stripping it off its natural oils! 


Step 3 - Head Massage

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Use a silicone bristle brush to gently massage your scalp. This helps improve blood circulation in your scalp and allows for nutrients to reach your hair properly. It also stimulates healthy hair growth and makes hair a lot thicker.


Step 4 - Conditioner

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As part of the Korean hair care routine, you need to towel dry your hair a little, before you apply conditioner. Apply it on the lengths of your hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before washing it off.

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The ultimate go-to for dry and dehydrated hair, this conditioner helps nourish and moisturise your locks –– taking it from drab to fab in an instance. Enriched with nutrient heavy passion fruit extracts and olive oil, the formula restores your hair and revives it. The pro-vitamin B5 formula hydrates and protects your hair too!


Step 5 - Hair Mask


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Everyone loves a little bit of a mask right? So does your hair! A hair mask in the Korean hair care routine conditions dry hair and prevents it from frizzing. It is usually loaded with natural hair oils that moisturise the hair, prevent frizz, and help combat breakage. 


Step 6 - Hair Rinse


One of the most essential parts of the Korean hair care routine, a hair rinse is often done to keep your hair’s natural pH levels balanced. This is usually done with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water –– it is applied directly to the scalp and then rinsed off! A hair rinse basically cleanses your scalp and prevents buildup of dirt, dryness, and itchiness.


Step 7 - Treatment


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A Korean hair care routine contains a scalp treatment that helps revitalise your scalp and gets rid of dandruff and moisturises a dry scalp. This often comes in the form of a mask, cleanser, or a scrub. You need to use a scalp mask once a week after you shampoo –– leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse off. 


Step 8 - Toner

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Yes, your hair needs a toner too! The Korean hair care routine involves using a hair toner that clears the scalp, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and strengthens the hair. It also forms a protective layer that keeps all pollutants out of your hair and protects it from damage. A toner is meant to be applied on your scalp.


Step 9 - Hair Serum


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Hair serum is one step in the Korean hair care routine, that is non-negotiable. The scalp serum helps nourish and hydrate it –– it ensures that the moisture is locked into your locks, and remains hydrated for long periods of time.

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Ever found your hair tangled in a hot mess! This serum is there to fix it. Powered by a high concentration of onion seed oil, moringa, and argan oil, this hair serum detangles your hair and helps soften them. In doing so, it also tackles frizziness and dryness. The formula has the ability to protect your locks from UV damage and heat styling.


Step 10 - Overnight Treatment


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A Korean hair routine also involves a little bit of extra TLC for your gorgeous locks. This overnight treatment entails the use of overnight hair care products that go the extra mile and condition and repair damaged hair.


Korean Hair Care Tips


Once you’ve got your Korean hair care routine in place, you then have to maintain your hair’s health. These Korean hair care tips are the perfect way to do so –– just so that you can retain that shiny, soft, and manageable mane. 


Consume Kimchi


Kimchi is a huge part of the Korean diet. Rich in nutrients and minerals that help boost your immune system, it also helps maintain your hair and skin’s health. It keeps hair shiny and soft.


Protect Your Locks


Always protect your hair from sunlight and heat. This doesn’t mean you don’t step out during the daytime –– all you have to do is use a hair serum that coats your locks and keeps all the bad away. You can also provide an extra layer of protection by wearing a hat or a scarf everytime you step out.


Don’t Sleep With Damp Or Wet Hair


This is a huge rule that you cannot break, if you want happy hair. Make sure you go to bed with hair that’s completely dry. Wet or damp hair is more vulnerable and prone to breakage. Also remember, a damp scalp is breeding ground for bacteria –– this often results in dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis.


Cold Blast


It’s best to let your hair dry naturally. However, if you do need a blast dry then go for the cold option on your hair dryer. This’ll keep the damage at minimum and will also dry your hair quickly.




How Often Do Koreans Wash Their Hair?


Due to the environmental pollution, it is common for people in Korea to wash their hair every day. Because the Korean hair care routine is all about scalp health and cleansing, the products used are very gentle and don’t cause damage at all.


Can I Include Any Essential Oils In My Korean Hair Care Routine?


Yes, you can. As long as you dilute in another carrier oil or your conditioner.


Should I Stop Using Shampoos With Sulfate To Follow The Korean Hair Care Routine?


While it is recommended to avoid using shampoos with sulfate, in a Korean hair care routine you can use it once in two weeks, to deep cleanse your scalp.

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While a Korean hair care routine might seem like way too many steps, it is actually one of the best ways to get shiny, soft, and healthy hair. So bring out the hair care products and nourish your locks away!

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