How To Make Hair Silky Permanently? Here Are All The Tips & Tricks You Need On How To Get Silky Hair!

How to Make Hair Silky

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Silky, soft, smooth –– the three words that describe healthy hair! When it comes to looking after your mane, the main aim usually is to achieve manageable hair that literally reflects its health. Unfortunately, it takes a whole lot of effort to get your hair to behave a certain way. And then some more to maintain it. Thanks to environmental factors, your hair is vulnerable to so many damaging elements that strip it of this health. This can vary from pollution to free radical damage to diet to even the use of the wrong products. All these factors prevent or hinder your scalp’s natural oil secretion in the scalp causing it to become dry, brittle, and rough. Bye-bye dreams of gorgeous hair. So do you know how to make your hair silky? Here’s how to make hair silky, smooth, soft, and way more manageable.


Tips On How To Make Hair Soft And Silky!

Nobody likes their hair to be rough and dry –– after all it’s a very evident sign that your hair isn’t receiving enough TLC (along with its natural oils). Follow these tips on how to make hair silky with a few tweaks to your hair care routine and practices.


Comb Vs Brush



How to get silky hair at home? Always use a wide toothed comb to gently detangle your hair while it’s wet. You need to be super gentle when doing so, as your hair tends to be very vulnerable to breakage when it’s soaked. You can use a brush only once it’s dry. If you use a brush when wet, you’re ripping your hair apart. This results in a damaged outer layer –– and that’s what invites frizz, split ends, and broken hair to reside on your once healthy mane.


Choose The Right Products



One of the best tips on how to make hair silky permanently is to always use haircare products that are meant for your hair type. This includes conditioners too! Depending on your hair type, you’ll find that the ingredients present in the formulas really help bring out the best of your mane.


Use A Cotton T-Shirt Not A Towel



Towels are the biggest cause of breakage and frizz. Switch out your towel for a microfibre cloth or a cotton t-shirt. This prevents friction that usually results in a fluffy cuticle and frizzy hair. Drying your hair in a cotton t-shirt also prevents your hair from getting tangled. However, you should pat dry instead of rubbing your hair dry. It’s one of the most amazing ways how to make hair silky permanently!


Skip The Daily Shampoo





How to make your hair silky? In order to maintain that silky mane, you need to skip the regular shampoo. This is because daily shampooing strips away your hair’s natural oils. Opt for a dry shampoo, in case your hair tends to get greasy between washes.


Avoid Hot Water



While a hot water bath sounds like an amazing and relaxing idea, it is really damaging to your hair. Hot water tends to open up your hair cuticles and cold water helps seal the cuticles. Therefore washing your hair with cold water helps the strands to remain flat. This is one of the most amazing tips on how to make hair soft and silky!


Always Condition



Conditioning your hair is key! It’s one the most important rules when you’re figuring out how to make hair silky. A conditioner is essential when it comes to nourishing and strengthening your hair. The more nourishment, the silkier and smoother your hair will be.


Weekly Deep Condition



Another big tip when understanding how to make hair silky is to do a weekly deep condition. You can either opt for a hydrating hair mask, or do a hot hair oil massage. Massaging your scalp with oil helps replenish the lost natural oils. This prevents breakage and boosts healthy hair growth.


Avoid Styling Tools



Try and stay away from heated styling tools as much as you can. This can cause damage and pretty much fry your hair and leave it unruly. If you do use them, then apply some hair serum or heat protective spray that’ll coat your hair follicles and protect them from damage.

Avoid Certain Hairstyles



Try and avoid hairstyles that require you to pull your hair back tightly. Don’t use hair ties that’ll cause your hair to break or damage it anyway. Broken hair leads to frizz, which means you can say goodbye to silky locks!


Trim Your Ends



Another way to make hair silky is to make sure you trip your hair every 3 to 4 months. This’ll keep the split ends at bay and leave your hair silky smooth. 

Best Haircare Products To Make Hair Silky 


As we mentioned before, your hair products can make or break your mane. Using the wrong products can do more damage than good. Therefore, go for nourishing ingredients that are sure to leave your hair feeling and looking silky. Scroll down to see the best haircare products that’ll make hair silky at home.

MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Hair Oil

This effective hair oil is a mix of all ingredients your grandmother swears by –– cold-pressed onion seed, moringa, bhringraj, sesame, castor, and almond oils. This blend strengthens hair from the root, prevents hair fall, and makes hair silky. The anti-bacterial formula nourishes your scalp and heals it from any sort of infection. It treats dandruff and maintains sebum balance. Plus, it also doubles up as a heat protection oil that protects your hair and scalp from UV damage. Say hello to soft and silky hair with this hair oil.

MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Serum

This hair growth serum is enriched with a high concentration of cold-pressed onion seed oil, moringa, and argan oil. The ingredients help detangle and soften your mane, leaving it manageable, soft, and silky. The hair serum also helps keep frizz at bay, while protecting it from any sort of UV damage or heat styling. 

Home Remedies To Make Hair Silky


Looking to make your hair silky hair at home? These home remedies will help you in softening your mane with kitchen ingredients that’ll nourish your hair and leave it silky.


Hot Oil Massage


A hot oil massage with coconut or olive oil will nourish your roots and make your hair soft and silky. The nutrients present in either oils moisturise and stimulate hair growth, and also aids in fighting scalp conditions like dandruff and dryness.


Things You Will Need:


2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil or olive oil

A heated towel / Steamer




Step 1 - Heat the required oil and massage it into your scalp and the length of your hair. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes.


Step 2 - Leave the oil on for about 30 minutes more.


Step 3 - Use a heated towel or a steamer to steam your scalp and hair. This’ll open up the pores and all your hair to soak in all the nutrients of the oil.


Step 4 - Wash off with a gentle shampoo.


Special note: Do this once or twice a week.


Methi Seeds


Methi or fenugreek seeds hold a whole lot of iron, protein, vitamin C, and potassium, all of which are important nutrients for your hair. It prevents hair fall, and keeps conditions like dandruff or any sort of damage at bay. It’s a great remedy for silky hair at home. 


Things You Will Need:


¼ to ½ cup methi seeds

1 cup of water




Step 1 - Soak the methi seeds in a cup of warm water and let it soak overnight.


Step 2 - The next morning, blend the seeds into a consistent paste.


Step 3 - Massage the paste into your scalp and your hair.


Step 4 - Leave it on for 30 minutes.


Step 5 - Rinse off with a gentle shampoo and don’t forget to condition your hair.


Special note: Do this once a week.


Onion Juice


Onions are rich in sulfur, biotin, vitamin C, and other such nutrients that help boost hair growth, combat hair fall, and add a shine to your hair. That’s why you’ll also find this ingredient present in a lot of hair care products too!


Things You Will Need:


1 Large Onion

A few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil




Step 1 - Squeeze the juice out of the onion, add the essential oil, and mix it well.


Step 2 - Apply it to your scalp and massage it in for 10 minutes.


Step 3 - Let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.


Special note: Do this once or twice a week.




Looking for silky hair at home? Eggs are a great source of protein, one of the most essential nutrients required for shiny and silky hair. It also helps repair damage and adds a healthy shine to your locks.


Things You Will Need:


1 Egg

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon honey

A heated towel or shower cap




Step 1 - Mix all the ingredients together to form a consistent paste.


Step 2 - Apply the mask on your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes.


Step 3 - Cover your hair with a heated towel or a shower cap, to avoid it from dripping down.


Step 4 - Wash it off with a gentle shampoo and condition it thoroughly.


Special note: Do this once or twice a week.


Q - How to get silky hair instantly?

There are many ways how to get silky hair instantly such as: Choosing your hair products as per hair type, applying conditioner, using mild products, oiling hair regularly, limiting the use of heat styling products, and trying some amazing home remedies too.


Q -  Indian home remedies for silky hair?

There are many home remedies for silky hair such as using aloe vera gel, coconut oil, yoghurt, banana, etc.

Q - How to make hair silky but not oily?

There are many ways you can make hair silky but not oily such as: Don’t wash hair every day, don’t over rinse, get yourself a hair mask, use silk or satin pillowcase, etc.



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Everyone dreams about long, strong, and silky smooth hair. Follow these tips and tricks on how to make hair silky at the comfort of your home. 

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