How To Hide Double Chin: 9 Quick Makeup Tricks To Hide Double Chin With Makeup In A Jiffy!

How to Hide Double Chin

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Ever open up your front camera to only find your face taken over by your chin? Well, you’re not alone! The double chin makes quite the appearance, especially when you don’t want it the most. Your skin loses elasticity as you age, especially around your neck and jawline. This causes the skin to sag and look a little less taut. A double chin also appears when a layer of fat starts to form below your chin but the important thing to note here is that it is completely normal. While you can totally rock your double chin as it is, if you do feel more confident when it is hidden, then we’ve got just the quick fix- makeup! But do you know how to contour double chin? Thanks to the power of face makeup products, you can totally learn how to hide double chin with makeup in a jiffy.



How To Hide Double Chin With Makeup- Top Tricks To Follow


It’s all about creating shadows and lights in the right way! Check out how to hide double chin with different makeup techniques –– it’ll give you that chiselled jaw, your selfie-camera is going to love. 


Start With Your Jawline



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So the first step on how to hide double chin is to start with jawline. Since the double chin sits around the jawline, you want to make sure you use the right products to chisel it. You need to create an illusion of it being slimmer and toned. For this you can opt for a contour palette that’ll help you shape and create shadows to make your jawline appear thinner and very supermodel like. Contour your face just below the chin and make a triangular shape on both sides. Blend it downwards for a subtle shadow.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Makeup Products To Hide Double Chin


Chisel It Contour Kit


A fun trio palette that houses a bronzer, blush, and highlighter. It gives your skin a flush of colour, while allowing you to chisel your face to perfection. It has a buildable coverage, with a luminous, silky effect. Plus, it blends like a dream!

Connect The Contour


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When you contour, you need to ensure that your face and your chin don’t look disjointed. In this case, make sure you blend in what you’ve done around your jawline to your ears. You will also need to consider contouring your neck a little, just so that your face, chin, and neck look in unison and don’t seem disconnected or discoluored.


Pick The Right Formula & Texture


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Stay away from shimmer and always pick matte textured bronzer or contour sticks when you want to hide that double chin. This makes it easier to blend across your face. Remember shimmer formulas will only accentuate your double chin and won’t camouflage it. You can even opt for a creamy formula that settles into matte. Sometimes, even foundation sticks in darker tones are great for contouring, especially when you want to get a more precise chisel. This is the second makeup trick on how to hide double chin!


MyGlamm Recommends Best Makeup Products To Hide Double Chin


MyGlamm Pose HD Foundation Stick

A stick foundation that gives your skin a matte finish. It has a super smooth application that gives you medium to high coverage. Formulated with shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, it nourishes and hydrates your skin, while blurring imperfections. You can use it either to conceal, highlight, or contour — take your pick.


Get Your Shade Right

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Do you know shade plays an important role in the process of how to hide double chin? Take your time to find the right shade to contour your face. Contouring means sculpting, which means you need a darker hue to bring out those shadows. Always go two tones darker, without it looking like a patch.


Use A Bronzer


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Feel free to use a bronzer around the neckline and jawline, going from ear to ear. You will need to blend it to make it seamless though!


MyGlamm Recommends Best Makeup Products To Hide Double Chin


MyGlamm Pose HD Bronzer Duo

This matte finish bronzer has a high definition formula that’s lightweight on the skin. It has a buildable coverage that blends beautifully. It has an advanced optical technology that blurs imperfections too! 

Go For The Bold


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The hue you choose to wear on your lips really makes a difference to how your chin appears. Go for bolder, brighter colours like dark red, browns, maroons. You can even opt for shimmery lip glosses. The idea in the process of how to hide a double chin is to take away focus from your chin and on to your lips.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Makeup Products To Hide Double Chin


Manish Malhotra Soft Matte Lipstick - Velvet Wine


A soft sheen matte finish lipstick with a creamy formula, this lip product isn’t your average matte. Enriched with tropical oil, it also moisturises your lips. With a medium to full buildable coverage, this one is a handbag staple.


Play Up Your Cheeks & Eyes

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Another way to divert attention from your jawline, is to pull focus to your eyes and cheeks. Use some blush to add a flush of colour to your face and pair that with some fun eye makeup products.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Makeup Products To Hide Double Chin


MyGlamm Superfoods Kajal - Indigo

Get defined and bold eyes while keeping them nourished. The Superfoods Kajal is formulated using nourishing avocado oil extracts, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil. The intense and smooth pigment glides on really well and lasts for up to 12 hours.

Show Off That Neckline


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Use a highlighter to highlight your neckline, collarbones and chest. This makeup trick on how to hide double chin will also help blend in the bronzer that you’ve used to hide the double chin, making the entire camouflage look more natural.


Blending Is The Key


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If you want to make any contouring look work, remember you need to blend it in so that it looks absolutely natural. You can either do this by using a blending brush or a makeup sponge. However, a blending brush will give you better results when it comes to contouring.


How can I make my chin look smaller in pictures?

To make your chin look smaller in pictures, you can draw your chin forward in a slight arc like you’ve tucked a peach under it. It works wonders! Another way is to contour the jawline and use a dark-colored foundation & bronzer just below the chin to make it appear small in pics.

Can you tape a double chin?

Yes. All you have to do is to gather the skin around the nape of your neck, tape one end of it, pull it back and tape the other end too. And then you can cover the tape with your hair.

How do you contour a double chin for beginners?

The best way to contour a double chin for beginners is to contour your face just below the chin and make a triangular shape on both sides. Then blend it downwards for a subtle shadow around your jawline to your ears. 


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How to hide double chin is an important question a lot of people have. With the right makeup and the correct technique you’ll be able to make that double chin look as chiseled as ever!


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