These Beginner Friendly Makeup Hacks Will Help You Fake A Luxe Makeover

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Honestly — you don’t need years of perfecting a cut-crease or cat-eye to fake a luxe-looking, dewy-dumpling aesthetic. The Internet abounds with makeup-related hacks that promise to endow your face with the most refined, faultless splashes of colour and sparkles. All you have to do is search for them — but don’t worry. We’ve curated a list of makeup hacks that’ll make you feel like a maestro within seconds. Ahead — 20 such techniques. 


20 Of The Best Makeup Hacks For Beginners


How do you ace Alia Bhatt’s dewy-dumpling aesthetic? And Bella Hadid’s radiant second-skin-like finish? What about Ariana’s cat-eye flicks that are so symmetrical? Find out now.

Sheer Out Your Bright Blush With Foundation

A liquid-based blusher might boast a finer consistency than other formulations; but the product’s ability to endow the cheeks with more colour than you’d anticipate is well-established. If the pigment is too bright or poppy, all you have to do is drizzle some foundation and blush on the back of your hand, and mix the two formulas together. This sheers out the blush — making it light and wearable within seconds. 


Use: MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Blush — Frozen Raspberry 

This blusher is barbiecore in a bottle. It boasts a matte-textured finish, and endows your cheeks with the rosiest of flushes. Just a little bit of the product, and it melts into your skin deliciously — moisturising and oil-controlling at the same time.


Apply Concealer Only On The Inside Of The Eyes

A concealer hack that truly works? Here. Transfer a little bit of concealer onto a (blending) brush instead of directly applying the product to the under-eye area. Only swirl it onto spots that need coverage — not the entire under-eye. Begin by concentrating the product on the inside of her eyes, and blend it out outward for a seamless finish — this beats striping the entire area with concealer.


Apply White Eyeliner Under The Eyes


This eye makeup hack remains unrivalled. Just swipe some white under the eyes to make your eyes look brighter and bigger on days when you’re feeling sleepy. You can apply some on the inner-corners to play into the effect too. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil — Mood 

This off-white eyeliner is bright enough to widen your eyes instantly. Formulated with vegetable wax to improve precision, it is composed of skin-loving ingredients that ensure a flake-free, crease-free experience. 


Set The Base Of The Eyes With White Eyeshadow


Go over your lids with a white eye-pencil to make your eyeshadow pop even more. The coverage of the pencil will intensify the vibrance of the rest of the colours. 

Melt Your Eye Pencil For Better Application


If your eye-pencil is tugging at your lids too much, and the end-result is a broken, erratic line, just place the tip under a flame for a few seconds. This melts the product enough for it to glide onto the lids seamlessly. The heat changes its consistency within seconds. Before applying the product on the lids, let it cool for a minute or two. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil - Slay

This cobalt-blue shade dispatches the most delicious-looking stroke of colour to the eyes. It is matte-textured, water-resistant, and goes onto the lids buttery-smooth. Just keep batting ‘em lashes. 


Apply Eyelash Glue With Bobby Pins


If applying glue to your falsies is a hassle, and you often end up with clumpy-looking lashes in the process, just layer some glue onto the tip of a bobby pin. Apply the glue to the band of the falsies in dots, and you’re done.

Mix Your Moisturiser With Foundation


Mix your foundation with a little bit of moisturiser or oil to play into the dewy-dumpling aesthetic. This makes your skin look radiant and glazed within seconds. Just ensure you’re not going overboard with the mixing — too much moisturiser/oil can make your face look greasy. 

Use: MyGlamm Treat Love Care Brightening Foundation Radiance

This glow-inducing, cruelty-free formula helps you emulate the coveted dewy-dumpling aesthetic within seconds. It’s lightweight, and offers medium-to-high coverage to the skin. It’s also infused with skincare benefits courtesy its composition of vitamins and ingredients alike. 

Heat Your Eyelash Curler With A Hairdryer


Instead of investing in a heated eyelash curler, just hold it close to a blow-dryer for a couple of seconds to warm it up. Curl your lashes like you normally would, and notice how the added heat curls them faster, and keeps the shape intact for a longer time. 


Use A Spoolie For The Brows


Tame your brows with a spoolie before applying gels or powders of any kind. This brush defines the shape of your brows within seconds, and allows you to fill them in more precisely than usual. You can use your old mascara’s brush too — just ensure you’re cleaning it well before brushing your brows with it. This is such a no-effort eyebrow hack.


Use: MyGlamm LIT Brow Definer Pencil - Shook

Use this brown eye-pencil to create the most natural-looking, defined brows ever. This one comes equipped with a built-in spoolie to brush the brows with. Versatility is a strong suit. 


Add Saline Solution To Clumpy Mascara

If your mascara feels clumpy and thick, just drizzle some saline solution into the bottle, and mix it around with your brush. This addition of moisture revives the formula, and extends its shelf-life. 


Use: MyGlamm Twist It Up Mascara — Black

This mascara might look standard on first glimpse — but it has so much to offer to the lashes. Endowed with the ability to curl and voluminise, and thanks to its adjustable brush, it can fit every eye-shape ever. Oh — and it’s also PETA-certified as cruelty-free. Just sayin’. 

Accentuate Your Cupid’s Bow With Highlighter


After applying lipstick, dab some highlighter on your Cupid’s Bow to play into the illusion of a puckered-up pout. This addition makes your lips look plumper and fuller without the need for overlining or lip-plumping formulas. 


Use: MyGlamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid — Stardust 

Tease the high points of the face and inner corners of the eye with this veil of shimmer. This glow-inducing elixir endows your skin with a high-shine, dewy-dumpling aesthetic that feels and looks natural and understated. 

Mix Some Eyeshadow With Vaseline For The Lips


You can never know too many eyeshadow hacks. If you like one of your eyeshadows, why not wear it on the lips? All you have to do is mix some Vaseline with the shade, and there you have it — a custom-made lip-gloss for you. 


Use: POPxo Makeup Eyeshadow Kit — Hot Mess

This Vitamin E-enriched kit features a skin-coloured, beige shade that’s just like the one employed in this look. It blends into the lid seamlessly without any fall-out, and endows your eyes with the most natural-looking colour. And — it’s vegan and cruelty-free. 

Apply Mascara On The Outer Lashes Only


Apply mascara on the outer lashes instead of coating all of them. This makes your lashes look elongated and almost cat-eye-like.

Powder Your Lashes Before Applying Mascara

This mascara hack is game-changing. To make your lashes look voluminous and thick, coat them in a layer of translucent powder before going in with your mascara. Trust us — this hack will fluff up the lashes instantly.


Use: MyGlamm POSE HD Setting Powder — Ivory

This ivory-hued powder rewards your skin with a natural, shine-free finish. It brightens your face for an even-toned radiance, and proffers a soft-focus effect that blurs out any imperfections instantly. It’s also extremely moisturising, and extends the longevity of your makeup.


Exfoliate Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick


Absolutely dread how your lipstick settles into the cracks of your lips right after application? Just DIY a sugar-honey scrub, and massage it onto the lips to buff away dead-skin build-up. This turns your lips into a crease-free, smooth canvas for application. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Soft Matte Lipstick — Berry Fantasy 

This berry-red, high-shine lipstick boasts a velvet-textured finish that feels luxurious on the lips. It is dreamy, light-as-air, and infused with tropical oil that makes your pout feel petal-soft and supple. 

Dampen Your Beauty Blender With A Face Mist

It’s a known fact that beauty blenders work better when spritzed with some water; but spraying it with a face-mist or essence hydrates the skin even more, and allows for better blending of your products. 

Tightline Your Eyes

Rim your waterline — upper and lower — with jet-black kohl to accentuate the shape of your eyes and make your lashes seem thicker and fuller. 


Use: MyGlamm Jet Set Eyes Kajal Eyeliner — Noir

This intensely-pigmented kajal-cum-eyeliner boasts the creamiest texture, and glides onto the lids smoothly to deliver a semi-matte-finish. It’s budge-proof, smudge-resistant, and long-lasting.

Apply Blush Using This Chinese Beauty Technique


Also known as the Douyin Blush Hack, this technique involves etching tiny 'v's or hearts onto the high points of your face — atop the cheekbones, chin, and nose, and around the outer corners of your eyes to lend a doll-like finish to your look. All you need is a liquid or cream-based blusher to execute the hack. You can blend the pigment into your skin with your fingers or a sponge or blender. 


Use: MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Blush — Sweet Peach

This bright coral blusher boasts a matte-textured finish, and endows your cheeks with the softest of flushes. Not only does it pigment the skin decadently, it’s rich in vitamins A and C to prevent your face from damage. Get it now!

Apply Contour With A Tweezer


If you’re new to contouring, you can add some definition and character to your nose with some product and a pair of tweezers. Just apply the contour on the outermost edges of the tweezer, and press it against the nose — in a way that the centre of your nose is in the centre of the tweezer. Blend away with a sponge, and you’re done.

Trace Your Winged Eyeliner With Eyeshadow


Looking for an eyeliner hack? This winged eyeliner hack is one of the best. If asymmetrical wings are all you’re left with at the end of a gruelling session of squinting your eyes in front of a mirror, you’re going to need this hack. Dip a small, fine-tipped brush in a shade of black or brown, and trace the outline of the wing first. Once you’ve done that, define it and fill it in with liquid eyeliner. 


Use: MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Glitter Eyeliner — Black Moon 

This eyeliner pencil will bring you the moon — not even the stars. Highly pigmented and transfer-proof, it boasts a metallic finish, and will not budge from the eyes for 12 hours straight. What are you waiting for? Get it now!


Which of these makeup hacks for beginners did you like best?



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