Long, Strong & Shiny – 10 Vegetables For Hair Growth


You’ve got to eat your vegetables! Every child has probably heard this growing up. While at that point in time, we would have rather picked chocolates over veggies, in retrospect eating our greens (even if it was forcefully) has proved to be rather beneficial. Vegetables often contain nutrients that are extremely important for your body’s overall wellbeing and health, including your skin and hair. These vegetables for hair growth, dive deep into your system and boost your hair health, while keeping all those mane worries at rest. We’ve listed out some of the best vegetables for hair growth—including these in your regular diet will prevent hair fall, add shine, and even boost your hair’s overall health. 

Vegetables For Hair Growth

Looking for that luscious mane? While hair care products do work their magic on the outside, it’s also important to look into the matter from the inside. These vegetables for hair growth are great to include in your daily diet—eat your way to happy hair!

Vegetables For Hair Growth #1: Onions

Vegetables For Hair Growth onion

Image courtesy - Pexels

Did you know that onions are actually one of the best vegetables for hair? A rich source of iron, biotin, and zinc, onions contain all the nutrients that help with hair growth. Onion juice is also rich in sulphur, which in turn helps with breakage and thinning of hair. Plus, its high antioxidant content prevents premature greying too. That is why onions are a common ingredient present in many hair care products including shampoos and hair serums.


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Vegetables For Hair Growth #2: Garlic

Vegetables For Hair Growth - garlic

Image courtesy - Pexels

This tasty food must-have, is actually great for hair growth. Its high sulphur content is what makes this vegetable a must-have for when you’re looking to boost your hair’s health from the root.

Vegetables For Hair Growth #3: Spinach

Vegetables For Hair Growth - spinach

Spinach is probably one of the healthiest vegetables not only for hair growth, but also for your skin and body needs too. A great source of fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin K, and minerals, the nutrients present in spinach play an essential role in preventing hair loss, strengthening the hair, and even improving hair growth. It even makes for a great homemade deep conditioner for your hair too!

Vegetables For Hair Growth #4: Curry Leaves

Image courtesy - Pinterest

Curry leaves are a great addition to your food to add that flavour, but did you know that it is also a great vegetable for hair growth too. Often present in many DIY homemade hair oils, consuming curry leaves means providing your body with the right nutrients to fight hair loss and hair fall. 

Vegetables For Hair Growth #5: Beetroot

Vegetables For Hair Growth - beetroot

Thanks to its rich colour, this vegetable for hair growth actually aids in increasing lycopene which is what stimulates growth. The red hue does wonders for the hair, and improves overall hair health too.

Vegetables For Hair Growth #6: Tomatoes

Vegetables For Hair Growth - tomatoes

Image courtesy - Pexels

This Indian-staple vegetable is rather potent and contains hair loving ingredients that help with hair growth. Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes help detox the scalp and also improve shine on the rest of the hair.

Vegetables For Hair Growth #7: Carrots

Vegetables For Hair Growth - carrot

Image courtesy - Pexels

Another great vegetable for hair growth, carrots are said to contain biotin and beta-carotene, both of which are really beneficial for your mane. They help boost hair health, strengthen the hair from the roots, prevent hair fall, and even aid in increasing your hair growth.

Vegetables For Hair Growth #8: Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables For Hair Growth - sweet potatoes

Image courtesy - Pexels

Did you know that like carrots, sweet potatoes too contain beta-carotene, an essential vitamin A that encourages healthy cell repair. This turnaround aids in boosting hair growth, and gives your mane a renewed and luscious look too.

Vegetables For Hair Growth #9: Chilies

Vegetables For Hair Growth - chilles

The next time you toss out those chilies, think again! A great vegetable for hair growth and thickness, green chilies actually contain keratin (the protein required for healthy hair) and vitamin E. These nutrients repair damage and even encourage the growth of healthier hair follicles.

Vegetables For Hair Growth #10: Bell Peppers

Vegetables For Hair Growth - Bell Peppers

Image courtesy - Pexels

Thanks to their yellow hue, bell peppers often contain nutrients that help reduce hair fall and stop the breakage of hair. This in turn boosts hair growth. It’s actually one of the best vegetables for hair growth, thickness, and volume.

The benefits of consuming vegetables for hair growth are immense. Not only do these veggies replenish lost nutrients that are required for healthy hair, but they also help maintain its health. So the next time you plan to toss out the garlic, or keep the curry leaves aside, think again––you’re going to be missing out on giving your hair the best nutrition it deserves to look and feel healthy. 


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