Love Is In The Air: Trending Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas To Try In 2023

valentine day nail art

Let’s face it, Valentine’s day will always be filled with more than cheesy traditions and motifs. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from sporting a stylish look on the festive day. That said, when you’re putting together a look for a night spent with your girls, your beau, or yourself (because who doesn’t need some quality alone time?), nothing will set the mood quite like the perfect Valentine’s day nail art.

In fact, there are plenty of Valentine’s day nail designs that are downright cool - and something you’ll want to wear past February 14. Think sparkly rose-gold finishes that actually look grown-up, rainbow nails in shades of pastel or gradients of pink, and of course, a few french mani options. Whether you’re the type who’s into all things romantic or your idea of a perfect Valentine’s day is a hot date with your couch and Netflix, these Valentine’s day nail art ideas will have you feeling the love. 

Fall In Love With These Valentine Day Nail Art Designs

Whether you’re choosing Valentine’s Day to go all-out with some nail art or you want to keep everything on the minimalist side these chic Valentine’s day nail art ideas will put the finishing touch to any ensemble for the occasion. Scroll down to see them all. 

The Chicest Nail Art For Valentine’s Day


Image Credits: Instagram

Negative space nails have been trending for a while now, and that’s because they are a really subtle way to add some drama to your nails without having to do a ton of detailed painting. To ape those crisp lines, use a thin nail brush achieve this valentine day nail art design

The Heart-Tipped French Mani

Image Credits: Instagram

If you’re looking to kill some extra time at home and take your Valentine’s day nail art up a notch, consider trying this breakout nail-art trend that is equal parts festive as it is minimalistic chic. This is a classic take on the trend and it will legit make your heart skip a beat this Valentine’s Day.

The Moody Valentine’s Day Manicure

Image Credits: Instagram

To recreate this valentine nail art with stunning colour-blocked nails? Start with a light pink base. Then, once it's dry, paint a straight line down the center and fill it in half with red.

The Compliment-Inducing Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram

K, so we know we said this list wasn’t going to be all about hearts, but you blame us? This Valentine’s day nail art idea is so simple and chic and manages to hit the romantic vibe without being corny.

The Pink-And-Red Valentine’s Day Mani

Image Credits: Instagram

The key to - ahem - nailing this manicure is painting the colours in the right order. Start by painting your nails in a neutral base. Then, create the shapes with red and pink nail paints, and once they are all dry, seal in your hard work with a clear top coat. 

The Cutesy Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram

Look we would blame you if you want to screenshot this Valentine’s day nail art for your nail artist. But if you are up for a DIY challenge, you’ll need a baby pink, pink, and red nail polish along with a precise mani brush to create a heart shape at the center of your digits.

Don’t Forget To Love Yourself, Too!

Image Credits: Instagram

Our favourite trend lately is a colourful French mani, and this nail art is the perfect example. Pick a few of your fave nail colors- like red, maroon, pink - and paint your tips with the same or different hues.

Spice Up Your Nail Game

Image Credits: Instagram

The best thing about this Valentine’s day nail art idea is that it isn’t overtly Valentine’s Day-themed, thanks to the subdued colours. Prepare to copy this sweet and chic look all-year-round.

Quirky Valentine Day Nail Idea

Image Credits: Instagram

Valentine’s day isn’t just about pinks and reds, y’all. This heart French mani is a cool and stylish way to celebrate. Take heart-shaped tips to the next level with sugary-sweet phrases like “let’s kiss” and “xo.” 

Universally Flattering Iteration

Image Credits: Instagram

Nail stickers are the easiest way to do Valentine’s Day nail designs at home. And it doesn’t get cuter than this pink and white set worn on only one finger. 

Black & White Hearts Valentine Nail Art Design  


Valentine’s day is often associated with reds & pinks, right? But do you know you can ditch the cliche & try black hearts on a white base? We’re super sure this nail design for valentine's day will look super LIT on your special love day! All you got to do is start with a white base & draw little black hearts on top of it

Blue Ocean-Pretty Pink Nail Art Valentines Day Design


Is there anything better than a strong combination of blue ocean & pretty pink hues!? Well, try this valentine’s nail art design & you’ll be in awe of this! Paint your nails half-half in pink & blue shades & say hello to this beautiful manicure.

Minimalistic Polka Dots Valentine Nail Art



If you want to draw your partner’s attention on Valentine’s day, this is the perfect valentine’s nail art for you. We guarantee the simplicity & subtle effect it’ll bring to your nails. Create a pastel pink base & draw little dots in different colours. Isn’t it pretty pretty? If yes, then go for it!

Dark Wine Glitter Nail Design For Valentine's Day



If reds, pinks, or even blacks are too cliche for you, then get yourself a dark wine valentine nail art! This design will not take much time but will rather stand out! Paint your nails in wine shade & leave any one finger in golden glitters!

Nude Pink Valentine Nail Art



Nudes have always dominated almost every trend nowadays. So if you want to go in the comfy, sophisticated, & subtle way, opt for this valentine’s nail art by painting your nails in a nude pink shade.

Electric Pink Nail Art Valentine’s Day Design



This valentine’s day nail art design will for sure make a statement on your special Valentine’s day! Just grab this electric pink shade & paint your nails to flaunt them sexily.

Kissing Nails Valentine Day Nail Art



This Valentine’s day nail art will go amazingly well with your flirty Valentine’s look! These nails will go best with nude pink nails or white nail base. 

Silver-White Valentine Nail Art



The best way to add swag & style to your manicure is to go with white & silver paints on the nails. Go for this valentine’s nail art & it’ll complement your uber-chic dress in the most perfect way!


Red Tips Valentine Nail Art



The best key to nailing this valentine’s nail art is to cut nails & paint them uniformly at the tip of the nails in red colour. If you succeed in doing this, your manicured nails will definitely shine out!

Rainbow Nails Valentine’s Day Nail Art



Looking to add some fun to your nails? Try this valentine’s day nail art for this Valentine’s day! With the same pattern in different colours on each nail, your nails will look nothing less than a rainbow!

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We are totally crushing on these Valentine's day nail art ideas!


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