Trending Purple Nail Art Ideas To Dazzle Your Digits With


Opting for purple nail art is a stellar way to upgrade your manicure this season. Different shades of purple can signify wealth, royalty, creativity, mystery, power, ambition, and even magic. Therefore, wearing purple nail art designs will help add a whole lot of character to your look and make you look utterly stylish. If you’re in the mood to upgrade your manicured nails, trying purple nail art is the best way forward. Here are some amazing purple nail art designs that you can try out in the salon along with a few tips to do your manicure at home. Read on!


Purple Nail Art


Check out some of the prettiest purple nail art designs that are trending this season. From whimsical designs to edgy nail art, we’ve curated a wide variety to choose from.


Purple Unicorn Nail Art


Alt - Purple Unicorn Nail Art | Purple Nail Design



Unicorn nails are one of the best ways to wear purple nail art. Choose a holographic glitter polish with a purple undertone or layer a purple nail polish with holographic glitter to get this look. This nail art design can be created at home or you can do it at the salon for better results.


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A pretty metallic nail polish that has a soft shimmer effect, this Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer in shade Crushed Velour is a great product that will help you recreate mystical and magical purple nail art designs. The shade Crushed Velour is a royal azure shade that looks like lavender shimmer dust in different lightings. 

Jelly Nails Purple Nail Art


Alt - Jelly Nails Purple Nail Art | Purple Nail Art With Glitter



Jelly nails are the manicure trend that has taken over Instagram currently. And purple jelly nails are just to die for. This nail art design can only be best created by a salon pro as it takes acrylic nail bases and sheer polishes along with starry nail art to make this particular design pop. 


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Opt for this gel finish nail polish if you want to attempt jelly nails at home. The Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer in the shade Lavender Lust is ideal for the above nail art design as it has a gel finish and can also be used in a single coat to get a slightly sheer effect. The shade Lavender Lust is a pastel lavender nail polish with pink undertones.

Midnight Purple Nail Art


Alt - Midnight Purple Nail Art | Purple Colour Nail Art



This purple nail art design is high on edge and perfect for those of you who dare to be bold and different. This design is created on square-shaped acrylic nails and it features a super dark purple polish on all nails and only the ring fingernail has a dark purple glitter as well. You can easily recreate this purple nail art look at home with the right polishes by your side.


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A set of two nail polishes in one, this nail polish duo is the closest we can get to the original nail polish combo shown in the design. The MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind Nail Enamel in Party Parade is a set of long-lasting nail polishes that have a gel finish. The shade duo Party Parade serves up a dark berry purple polish colour and a silvery pink glitter polish.

Galaxy Gold & Purple Nail Art


Alt - Galaxy Gold & Purple Nail Art | Purple Nail Idea



This is a fun purple nail art design that looks good on both short and long nails. It involves mixing a drop of purple polish and white polish in a bowl of water, stirring the two polishes together and then dipping your nails and getting the mixed polish on your tips. After this, all you have to do is clean up the edges with acetone and a Q-tip and seal the polish with a top coat. This design can be created at home too in case you’re feeling creative this weekend.


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For a more galactic effect, try a metallic and shimmer-infused purple nail polish like this one. The Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer in Velvet Stardust is a gel finish nail enamel that delivers a high shine effect. The shade Velvet Stardust is a royal purple shade that looks dazzling on the nails.

Elegant Purple Nail Art


Alt - Elegant Purple Nail Art | Purple Nail Polish Design



For a more elegant manicure design, try this beautiful purple nail art look. It features nude nail polish on the index and ring finger while the other three fingernails have dark purple polish. The ring finger has dark purple polish placed in an abstract design at the tip and on the side next to the cuticle. The index finger has the purple polish placed in the place of the white polish in a classic French manicure. This purple nail art design is created on almond-shaped nails, but you can create it on short nails as well.


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Add a touch of vibrancy to your fingertips with this poppin’ purple nail polish. The MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel in Bold Digger is a chip-resistant nail enamel with an ultra-glossy finish. The shade Bold Digger is a neon lilac shade that will look beautiful alongside nude nail polishes as shown in the above purple nail art design.

How To Do Purple Nail Art 


If you want to do purple nail art at home, it’s possible with a basic nail kit and some skills. Cut and shape your nails with a nail cutter and nail file. Massage your cuticles with oil and apply a base coat on your nails. Apply a coat of purple nail polish and allow it to dry before you apply a second coat for more colour payoff. You can use toothpicks, tape, paintbrushes, or whatever you think can work to create unique nail art according to your liking. Just make sure to seal the design with a final brush of clear top coat over all your nails.

Purple nail art is one of the coolest manicure trends to indulge in this season. Bookmark these beautiful purple nail art designs and try them out whenever you feel like glamming up from head to toe.


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