Here’s A Comprehensive Guide On The 12 Types Of Hair You Need To Know In 2024

Types of hair

Did you know that there are many more different hair types besides the common straight, wavy, and curly variants? To be honest, there are 12 different types of hair, and you can tell which one you have by the way your strands behave, how they feel, and how thick they are.


Following a good hair care routine and washing your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner can benefit any hair type. It’s also important to use a nourishing hair oil, hair mask and non-sticky hair serum to maintain the structure of your hair. You can identify your hair type by using this simple guide. It will also explain why your hair acts in a certain way and what you can do to enhance its inherent beauty and strength. Read on.


12 Different Types Of Hair


You can choose the best hair care regimens, styling products, and even hairstyles by understanding your hair type. Read on to know them all.


Type 1A: Poky Straight Hair


Hair type - Poky Straight Hair

One-hundred percent straight hair, or 1A hair, has a noticeable shine and is frequently very thin, flat, and lacks body. Choose dry shampoos or other volumising products to add texture to this type of hair. Also, avoid using hair care oils and sprays if your hair is already oily because they can make it even oilier.


Type 1B: Straight Hair With Texture


Straight Hair With Texture  hair type

Because of its medium texture, Type 1B is straight but not quite as flat as Type 1A. It has more body and texture and can hold a curl, especially at the ends. Again, if your straight hair is fine, you should avoid using heavy butters and serums or frequent shampooing. Instead, learn the art of adding volume to the crown to create full, dreamy hair.


Type 1C: Straight With Soft Bends


Straight With Soft Bends | Hair Types

The one with the most body and gentle bends among the three types is 1C. Since it has a looser texture, it is the one that will probably retain a curl.


Girls with this type of hair can actually wear any hairstyle without worrying that the cut will alter in shape during hot weather. Less shampooing and oily products will help to maintain a fresh and healthy-looking head of hair in this situation.


Type 2A: Tousled Hair


Tousled Hair Type


Many of us dream of having hair like type 2A, which has those lovely beach waves. It starts out wavier near the ear level and is fairly straight near the scalp. 2A hair can be curled or straightened and is less frizzy than other type 2 textures.


Type 2B: S-Shaped Waves


S - Shaped Waves type of hair

Defined waves make up Type 2B, which is typically seen with some frizz. Similar to 2A type, it has a more finely tuned curl pattern beginning around the eye area and is flatter at the roots. To define and enhance your hair texture, try mousses, gels, cream-gels, or sea salt sprays. 


Type 2C: Wavy Hair With Few Curly Ends


Wavy Hair With Few Curly Ends

Type 2C hair is the frizziest of the three, with very tight waves that curl around one another, adding bounce and erasing the distinction between wavy and curly hair patterns. Compared to other wavy hair types, type 2C also has a tendency to be a little bit coarse.


Type 3A: Large, Loose Curls


Large, Loose Curls - Hair Type

Loose curls classify the 3A hair texture. It gives the hair more shine because it is less tight. This type does not require much styling or product to look great. Simultaneously, lack of proper care causes the curl to become dull and damaged.


Type 3B: Springy Ringlets


Springy Ringlets - Hair Type


These curls are either tight curls that corkscrew around themselves or spiral ringlets with a little bounce. This type of hair can be extremely frizzy and may need styling creams or gels. Because 3B hair has a tendency to become dry, be careful to moisturise your locks enough. Apply the product to your wet hair to prevent unnecessary frizz.


Type 3C: Tight Curls


Tight Curls - Hair Type

This hair type has a lot of volume and is made up of tight, highly textured curls. The definition of the curls is reasonable, but they are not as smooth as the other two types of curly hair.


Type 4A: Dense Springy Coils


Dense Springy Coils hair types

Typically, type 4A hair has compact coils that, when stretched, reveals an "s" pattern. The curls typically have a cylindrical shape and are springy in nature, adding yet another level of curly hair to the classification of curls. In comparison to other type 4s, 4a coily hair has a more distinct curl pattern and is looser.


Type 4B: Z-Shaped Curls 


Z-Shaped Curls hair type

In contrast to 4A's cylindrical pattern, this type of hair has tighter, crimpier textures that, when stretched out, resemble more of a "z" than "s." Compared to the roots, the hair shaft's ends typically have a more distinct pattern.


Type 4C: Curls With Zig Zag Pattern


Curls With Zig Zag Pattern hair type

This hair type was not initially included in Andre Walker's Hair Typing System, like type 3C. However, type 4C hair differs from other types of 4s because it has zigzag-patterned curls that frequently exhibit very little to no definition.

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Which Is The Strongest Hair Type?

3s and 4s are thick or coarse, making them the strongest hair type. The cortex, cuticle, and medulla are three hair layers that are present in this thick, coarse hair type.


How Do I Identify The Diameter Of My Hair?

To determine whether your hair is fine, medium, or thick, perform the strand test. Thumb and index fingers can be used to hold a single hair strand.


Can You Change Your Hair Type?

There isn't much you can do to change the type of hair texture you have because it is hardwired into your DNA.


What Does Hair Density Mean?

The number of strands of hair growing out of each square inch of your scalp is your hair density. By looking at your scalp or counting the diameter of a ponytail, you can determine your hair density at home.

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Are you ready to care for your hair type now?


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