Makeup Tips Step By Step: 8 Must-Know Simple Makeup Tips For Beginners For Flawless Makeup!


Whether you’re a teenage girl trying out your very first eyeliner or a woman finally deciding to give foundation a try, figuring out easy makeup tips, especially if you’re new, can be tricky. With newly invented makeup contraptions and confusing makeup terms, it's normal for anyone to feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To make your journey a little less tedious, we’ve curated a list of makeup products, simple makeup tricks, and easy tutorial videos. Let’s start with some amazing latest makeup tips !

Makeup Tip For Foundation

Makeup Tip For Beginners #1: How To Apply Foundation

Trying to figure out the right makeup tip for foundation is almost every makeup newbie's major issue. Picking the right shade and using the right formulation for your skin type play an important role in helping you ace your foundation. The first rule you need to follow is that if you want your foundation to match your skin tone, you need to test it on your jawline and not on your hand. This is the right makeup tip for foundation to find the perfect shade.

Step 1 – Apply & Blend

Before applying the foundation, it’s important to prep and prime your face. Once you have a clean canvas, use a beauty blender or foundation brush and apply your foundation from the centre of your face, and blend it out really well.

Step 2 – Set Your Foundation

Once you’ve applied the foundation all over your face, use translucent powder or setting powder to set it. Setting powder locks your foundation in place and helps it stay longer.

Makeup Tips Step By Step

Makeup Tip For Beginners #2: How to Apply Kajal

Kajal is the most basic makeup product in any girl’s makeup bag. The purpose of kajal is to define and/or change the eye shape. Applying it the right way can really enhance your eyes. Kajal is one of the best simple makeup tips that also helps you avoid questions like ‘are you sick?’ or ‘were you crying?’

Step 1 - Line Your Lower Lash Line

To add depth to your eyes, apply kajal on your lower lash line and wing it out. You can add it to your upper lash line as well and use a makeup brush to smudge it. This will create a light smokey effect.

Step 2 - Go Over It Twice

If you want a more intense look, go over it twice. You can also create a reverse cat eye by applying a generous amount of kajal on your lower lash line and smudge it out.

Makeup Tip For Beginners #3: How to Apply Highlighter

Highlighters help add a radiant glow to your face. They give that perfect sheen while accentuating your natural features but applying it at the right spots is important. It’s one amazing easy makeup tip!

Step 1 - Cheekbones & Temples

Get chiselled cheeks by applying highlighter diagonally along the cheekbone and on your temples. This easy makeup tip will give the illusion of sharper cheekbones while adding a radiant glow to your face.

Step 2 - Brow bones

Give your eyebrows an instant lift by applying highlighter on your brow bone.

Step 3 - Nose

Apply highlighter down the bridge of your nose. Lightly apply the highlighter in a thin line from the top of your nose down to the ball of your nose. Be sure not to apply too much as it might make it look wider rather than thinner.

Makeup Tip For Beginners #4: How To Apply Concealer

Concealer, as the name suggests, helps conceal any unwanted spots, dark circles, and blemishes. Concealers work as a wonderful  makeup tip with your foundation to give that additional coverage you need to create an even skin tone.

Step 1: Under The Eyes

Hide dark circles and all the puffiness by applying concealer under your eyes with a makeup brush. If you have uneven skin tone, be sure to use a colour corrector. Colour correcting concealers are designed to cover any skin imperfections like redness and general discolouration to give you the perfect coverage.

Step 2: Redness & Blemishes

Apply a bit on the corners of your nose and on other spots on your face to hide the blemishes.

Step 3: Eyebrows

Concealers act as an amazing makeup tip which helps you get on-fleek brows. Apply a bit of concealer above and below to create perfectly shaped brows and make your eyes pop.

Makeup Tip For Beginners #5: How To Create A Smokey Eye

Eyeshadow helps add a bit of oomph and drama to your eye makeup and it can take your overall look from good to great instantly. Eyeshadows help enhance your features as well as add depth and dimension to your eyes when applied correctly. This is one of the best makeup tips for beginners to try out!

Step 1: Fill In

First, apply black kajal on your eyelids and blend it well. Using a kajal as a base will intensify your smokey eye.

Step 2: Add The Eyeshadow

Apply the eyeshadow with your fingers only if it’s a formula . An eyeshadow brush is a good investment as it’ll make the application process easier and help you avoid any mistakes.

Step 3: Eyeliner

Complete your smokey eye look by lining your lower lash line and smudge it out with your makeup brush.

Makeup Tip For Beginners #6: How To Apply Mascara

For those of you who want long, thick lashes without using falsies, then mascara makeup tip is your best companion. Mascara helps thicken, lengthen and even darken your eyelashes while giving them a natural look.

Step 1: Coat Your Lashes

While applying mascara, make sure to glide the brush upwards starting from your roots in a zigzag motion. This will help you get even coverage.

Step 2: Swear By The Second Coat

To get voluminous lashes, apply a second coat but make sure not to pump the mascara wand. Instead, swirl the wand around in the bottle to coat the bristles properly.

Makeup Tip For Beginners #7: How To Apply Lipstick

Available in matte and creamy textures, lipsticks are the best way to instantly brighten up your face. Just the right shade of lipstick on your lips and voila, you’re ready to slay with this makeup tip!

Step 1: Define

Before applying the lipstick, make sure to outline your lips with a lip liner but make sure that your lip liner matches your shade.

Step 2: Fill It In

You can use the lipliner to fill your lips before applying lipstick. This helps your lipstick last longer.

Step 3: Swipe On The Lipstick

Create an ‘X’ in the centre of your top lip. This will help define your Cupid’s bow.

Makeup Tip For Beginners #8: How To Apply Eyeliner

Just like the kajal, eyeliners are one of the best makeup tips that help define your eyes and/or change its shape. The main difference between kajal and eyeliner is that the former can be used on your upper and lower lash line while the latter is only suitable for the upper one.

Step 1: Outline 

If you're just starting out with a liquid liner, begin with dots and slowly connect them.                       

Step 2:  Fill In 

Once you've created the outline, it's now time to fill it in. A good point to remember about eyeliners is that brown eyeliners create a subtle effect while black eyeliners create a bold & striking look.

Makeup Tip For Beginner: #9: How To Apply Face Powder


Face powder is one of the best makeup tips that ensure a flawless finish and long-lasting makeup. It’s a blessing for those who have sweaty skin and you can also use it for regular touch-ups.

Step1: Take compact powder matching skin tone:

Choose your compact powder in the shade that matches your skin tone.

Step2: Apply with sponge or brush

Simply dab the product onto your face, pat well onto your skin, and then blend it evenly. Using a fluffy powder brush, load the brush with powder, dust off the excess, & start by applying from the centre of your face. In dabbing motion with long strokes, follow it up with a sweeping motion. Lastly, blend it evenly on your face & neck.


Makeup Tip For Beginner: #10: How To Apply Face Powder


A lip liner is one of the most amazing makeup tips for beginners. Incorporate this makeup product & create bold and natural makeup looks. From creating dimension to adding volume, a lip liner does wonders for the lips.

Step1: Define lip shape

The first step to applying lip liner is to define the lip shape first. Start the application at your cupid’s bow or the centre part of your upper lip & trace your top lip first. Follow the natural lip line to the outer corners. After lining the upper lip, follow the same for the lower lip. 





Does wearing makeup damage your skin?

A heavy coating of makeup doesn’t allow your skin to breathe properly and clogs pores too. It leads to causing wrinkles, fine lines, acne, etc. So it’s better to use qualitative and branded makeup in the right quantity. Make sure to follow good skincare habits ensuring good skin and makeup.

Does makeup cause wrinkles?

Makeup cause wrinkles when you use non-branded products, do not take care of your skin, choose the wrong makeup against your skin type, end up applying too much makeup, or apply the makeup in the wrong way.

Should I Do foundation or eyes first?

Usually, people start with doing their eye makeup first followed by foundation.

What makeup should I start with first?

The makeup you should start with first is primer/moisturiser. 

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