Cat Eye Makeup Is Going Viral Again, Here’s How To Try The Look Yourself


If there’s one beauty trend that came into the beauty scene decades ago but still continues to hog the beauty spotlight, it’s the classic cat eyeliner. Blame it on Euphorias Maddy or our fave beauty girls who game the trend their stamp of approval - we’re seeing so many iterations of cat eyeliner flooding our feeds. The eyeliner trend has some seriously impressive celebrity endorsements, having been spotted on Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift, to name a few. Cat eyeliner gives our face a snatched, lifted appearance we all crave, and it’s deemed to rule this party season. 


However, nailing that envy-inducing cat eyeliner is no eye feat. But DW, we’re spilling the tea on how to get rock those razor-sharp wings effortlessly. Keep scrolling for a quick makeup lesson, and thank us later.


The Steps-By-Step Guide To Do Cat Eyes


Step 1: Apply An Eye Primer


First things first, to nail that perf cat eyeliner, it’s important to prep the base. We recommend cleaning and moisturising the area before applying makeup. If you’re prone to puffy under-eye, going over it with an ice cube will help reduce the bagginess. Then, smear an eye primer all over your lids to make sure your makeup stays put through the night. Alternatively, using a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your natural skin tone will do the trick.


Step 2: Define Your Eye Sockets


After priming and concealing, load some nude brown eyeshadow on a small blending brush. Sweep it along the socket of your eyes to define the crease area. Blending is key to ensuring your eye makeup looks as seamless as possible. We suggest using powder eyeshadow for this. Stick to nude and lighter shades to ensure your cat eyeliner steals the spotlight. 


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Step 3: Use A Brush To Decide Your Liner’s Path


Grab a slim makeup brush and hold it against the side of your nose. Angle it towards the end of your eyebrow arch and move it until it touches the tip of your brow. We suggest following this line for your cat eyeliner for both eyes because different angles, lengths, and widths can make your liner look off. For babes with hooded eyes, you can keep your cat eyeliner a little less angled and slightly more straight horizontally. This will gives your eyes an elongated look.


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We love this eye makeup brush because of its ability to pick just the right amount of eyeshadow and fit all eye shapes. For a well-defined application of shadow on your lids, you need this product in your stash. 


Step 4: Make A Small Dot To Mark The Tip Of Your Wings


Grab your eyeliner and create a dot at the point where you would like your wings to end. Keep in mind that the higher the dot, the bolder and more dramatic your wings will look. Repeat the process for both eyes. Before going ahead to the next step, ensure that the dots on both sides of the face are placed at the same height and angle. If it looks off, wipe it off using an earbud and a makeup remover to take it off. You can also use concealer or foundation to tidy up the area. 


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Step 5: Draw A Line To Connect The Dot To The Outer Corner Of Your Eyes


Use a fine-tipped liquid eyeliner to trace a line to connect the dot to the outer corner of your eyes. We suggest not pulling your skin while drawing the line. While pulling your skin upwards might make the application easier, when you leave the skin your liner may look a little crooked. Instead, tilt your face slightly backwards to see your lash liner clearly and then apply the liner.


Step 6: Trace A Line From The Dot To The Mid Of Your Lash Line


Draw a line connecting the dot to the middle of your lash line. You can position your liner based on how thick, slim, or high you want your cat eyeliner to be. Those who don’t have a lot of socket space can opt for a slim liner otherwise it’ll take up most of the eyelid space. Likewise, if you have rounder eyes, go for a curved line instead of a straight one to make it look bigger and elongated.


Step 7: Fill It In


You may or may not need to fill the outline in depending on how thick you drew the initial lines and how high your eyeliner is. If you’ve traced it along the lash liner, it does not need to be filed in. You can use the same liner or kajal in case you need to fill it up.


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Step 8: Connect It To The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes


Connect your cat eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes. Try doing it in one stroke to get a smooth liner. 


Step 9: Tidy Up!


If it’s a little crooked, DW, boo you can always grab a cotton swab and a concealer to rectify any mistakes. 


Step 10: Finish With Mascara


Curl your lashes and coat them with a lengthening, volumizing, and curling mascara. For an added layer of glamour, stick on a pair of falsies.


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What's the difference between winged and cat-eye liners?


The primary difference between a cat eyeliner and a winged liner is that winged eyeliner is usually a liner with a straight line along the lash line and an unturned flick at the end. Cat eyeliner on the other hand involves creating a straight line connecting the outer corner of your lids to the corner of your eyes and can be as dramatic or subtle base on your beauty aesthetic. 


Is cat eyeliner out of style?


Cat eyeliner is one of the most classic beauty trends under the sun and has the power to elevate any beauty look. 


Does cat eyeliner look good on everyone?


There are different ways to apply cat eyeliner. You can always tailor it based on your eye shape. So pick the one that flatters you the most and you’re sure to make heads turn.


Who started the reverse cat-eye trend?


Marilyn Monroe was the flag-bearer of the reverse cat-eye trend which has been experiencing unwavering popularity to date.

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Try the cat eyeliner style and be prepared to get a lot of compliments.


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