Master The Eyeliner For Almond-Shaped Eyes Like A Pro With This Step-By-Step Guide

Eyeliner for almond eyes

Are you wondering what is the best way to wear eyeliner for almond eyes? We have the answer. The almond eye shape is one of the most alluring of all and it needs is the right kind of definition with eyeliner to amp up its appeal. There are both small and large almond eye shapes and both these sizes can benefit from sharp eyeliner application which accentuates even the corners of the eyes along with both lash lines. Here is a guide to correctly applying the best eyeliner style for almond eyes.

How To Apply Eyeliner On Almond-Shaped Eyes


Eyeliner for Almond Shape Eyes


Eyeliner for almond eyes can be worn in different styles but the most suitable style is the classic winged liner style because this eye shape itself is a classic and naturally beautiful. Here is a guide on how to apply eyeliner for almond eyes.



Collect Your Tools

For perfect eyeliner application you will need the right tools by your side. Eyeliner pens are easy to use and create sharp winged eyeliner styles. You can even use liquid eyeliners or gel eyeliners. Make sure to keep an angled brush by your side to correct any mistakes you may make or to create effortless wings using gel eyeliner. Kajal pencils can also be used aside from other eyeliners.


Begin From The Outer Corner

Start by drawing your eyeliner from the outer corners of your lash lines and move inwards along the lash lines. This will help make the outer corners more pronounced and sharper while making the inner half of the lash lines more fine and precise.


Get your hands on this liquid eyeliner kit as it offers three liners in shades black, brown, and grey. The eyeliners are smooth to apply and do not budge.


Make The Wings Dramatic

You can make the outer corner wings thicker if you like. Since almond shaped eyes are generally upturned, making the wings thicker will make that lift more prominent.


Accentuate The Inner Corner

Carefully define the inner corners with thin strokes of eyeliner. You can clean up with an angled brush and concealer if you mess up. You can also use the angled brush to stamp on eyeliner at the inner corners as an easier beginner-friendly method.


This cream concealer blends beautifully on the skin and the shades on the palette can be mixed and matched to suit your skin tone.

Define The Water Lines

Use kajal to define your water lines which are on the top and bottom lash lines. This will follow your natural eye shape and define your almond eyes beautifully.


An intense black kajal that stays on and doesn’t budge. This kajal delivers bold colour pay off and is waterproof.

Apply Mascara

Don’t forget to apply mascara after applying eyeliner. Mascara completes a look and it is absolutely essential for any eye makeup. Wear mascara after completing your eyeliner application and make sure to cover the lashes on your bottom lash lines too. You can go for two coats of mascara for more dramatic results.


This mascara gives lashes loads of volume and even helps curl them up for a more wide eyed look.


Almond eyes will look beautiful with this eyeliner style and application technique. Follow these steps to the T and applying eyeliner for almond eyes will be a breeze. Try it out now and thank us later.

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