Eye Makeup 101: A Beginner's Guide On How To Use Eyeliner!


Scrolling through Instagram sure makes us feel like we have a long way to go when it comes to makeup application. People are rocking graphic liner looks, creating perfectly blended sunset eyes, and doing halo eye makeup that makes them look divine and we’re here just struggling with our winged liner to match each other. Well, that’s going to be a thing of the past because we’re here to explain to you how to apply eyeliner in detail. From gel and liquid to eyeliner pencil, we’re giving you a lowdown on how to use eyeliner.



 Types Of Eyeliner

So, you know how to apply eyeliner, but do you know there are so many amazing types of it. Scroll below to get a sense of how many types of eyeliner are there which you can try and apply according to your convenience..

Gel Eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner?Though it’s not easy to apply a gel eyeliner, but you’ll love it once you start using it. They usually come in pots and you will need a proper brush to use it. 

Pencil Eyeliner

Most women love using pencil eyeliners as it’s too easy and smooth to use them. All you need is an eyeliner pencil to apply it. It’s the best type of eyeliner that is highly recommended to especially beginners. 

Liquid Eyeliner

If you are someone who loves to have precise application, then liquid eyeliners are the best for you. You get a dipping brush along with liquid eyeliners allowing you to apply the product safely and properly. 

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly – Tutorial

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes:

The first step to do your eye makeup and apply an eyeliner is to prep up your eyes with either a primer or a moisturizer. This helps the eye makeup to even out properly on the eyelids.

Step 2: Start With A Clear Face

The next step is to apply a small amount of eye primer on the eyelids, concealer under your eyes and on the top of the eyelids. Basically, the main job of a primer is to keep the face clean. Also, make sure to blend it well with the help of a setting powder.

Step 3: Line It

Then start with doing lining above your eyelashes. Always make sure to use small strokes and lines. Once you are done with one eye, do the same with the other one. 

Step 4: Finish Off The Look

The last step to finish off the look is to apply an eyeliner line to lower lashes, smudge it, and then put your mascara. And you’re done!

How To Apply Gel Eyeliner

If you’re a makeup newbie, gel liner may be easier to work with than liquid. So, here’s how to apply eyeliner for beginners to match any look.

Step One: The trick with gel eyeliner is to use the right brush. If you’re creating a winged eyeliner look then pick an angled brush so that you can make a sharp and precise wing. If you want to line your lower lash line, a flat eyeliner brush will be better and then you can use a pencil brush to smudge it out slightly.

Step Two: Trace along the lash line and create a thick or thin line as per your preference. Then because of its creamy consistency, set it in place using black eyeshadow.  

Step Three: Let it dry for a bit and in the meanwhile do other things in your makeup routine. This will let it settle and will avoid smears. It’s perfect for a cat-eye look, so you’ve gotta try that out.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can be a bit tricky for beginners as the brush requires a steady hand but the brush tip does let you apply a really precise and thin line. Hence, this allows you to create different eyeliner looks with it so if you’re looking to experiment, we’re here to teach you how to use eyeliner.

Step One: Start by looking straight into the mirror and mark a dot where you want the end of your winged liner to be.

Step Two: Apply the liquid liner from the outer corner of your eye to the dot that you just made. 

Step Three: Then start from the inner corner of your eye and use small strokes or dots to join the outer corner. If you’re comfortable with it one long application would allow a more precise line.

Step Four: Keep your eyes shut for a bit so that your liner has time to dry and smudge on your eyelid and ruin your shadow.

How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner

Another great eyeliner formula is a pencil one. Scroll down cause we’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to apply eyeliner for beginners using a liner pencil.

Step One: The downside of a pencil eyeliner is that it doesn’t usually last as long as gel and liquid ones. So, to make sure you get the maximum wear time out of it, prime your lids with eye primer to get rid of excessive oil.

Step Two: Gently pull your eyelid and apply the product in small dashes from the centre of your lid to your outer corner. Keep as close to the lash line as possible and use the point of the pencil to keep the liner thin and the pencil’s side to make it thick.

Step Three: Create dashes in the same fashion from the inner to the centre of your lid and join them all up to complete your liner.


How To Use Eyeshadow As Eyeliner

If you don’t own an eyeliner, that’s okay cause we’re teaching you how to use eyeliner but with an eyeshadow. It’s an easy DIY hack that will become your go-to. 

Step One: Take a clean and sanitised container in which you will transfer your eyeshadow. Then scrape off your eyeshadow pigment from your palette with a cotton swab and put it into the container. 

Step Two: Add a few drops of water to the shadow to create a gel-like consistency and then mix well to avoid any lumps. Then add some eye primer or face primer so that the longevity of your product increases. Then mix well and store.

Step Three: You can then use an angled brush to apply this along your upper and lower lash line as an eyeliner. You can also use a liner brush to create a fox eye look or a graphic eyeliner look.


How To Apply Kajal As Eyeliner

For those of you who are in love with their trusty kohl pencil, we’re telling you how to apply kajal as eyeliner and it’s hella easy.

Step One: Take your kajal pencil and heat it a bit over a flame. This step is optional but it’ll help give you a super dark and pigmented look. 

Step Two: Once the heated bit has cooled down a little, apply it on your lids in small strokes. Start from your outer corner and move outwards. Then create a tiny wing and join all the strokes together.

Step Three: Tight line your upper and lower waterline with the kajal to complete the look. 


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So, we hope we cleared all your doubts on how to apply eyeliner. Stay tuned for more beauty-related content.




Do you put eyeliner on first or last?

So, it’s always best to apply your eyeshadow first and then your eyeliner so that it doesn’t smudges. Whereas with the case of mascara, try applying your eyeliner first and then mascara.


What is the easiest way to apply eyeliner?

The easiest way to apply an eyeliner is to apply through an eyeliner pencil. It’s the best starting point for applying eyeliner for a beginner. A smooth pencil glides through smoothly and easily. 


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