20 Graphic Eyeliner Styles That’ll Make You Feel Like ‘That’ Girl

graphic eyeliner styles

If there’s one eyemakeup trend that deserves the G.O.A.T status, it's graphic eyeliner. It's been a recurring trend for years, favoured by celebs and beauty girls alike, which explains its unwavering popularity.

Graphic eyeliner looks are striking, edgy, and the easiest way to give off cool girl energy with barely any effort - which is always the goal, right? Whether you want to radiate hot girl summer energy or doe-eyed cuteness - there is a myriad of ways to try the trend. So to help you catapult your glamm game to an all-time high, we’re listing down 20 graphic eyeliner looks that are straight-up fire and guaranteed to make you feel like ‘that’ girl.

What Is Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner involves using pops of colour and striking geometric shapes to draw attention to the eye. The trend has been making waves for the last couple of years. Thanks to our fave girl crushes blessing our feeds with plenty of graphic eyeliner looks. A graphic liner can be as experimental as it gets and lets your eyes do the talking. As eyeliners are available in just about every colour under the sun, they can be used in tons of ways to create an eye-catching graphic eyeliner look. 

20 Graphic Eyeliner Look You Need To See & Recreate ASAP

Graphic liner is set to be the hottest makeup trend of the season and is a surefire way to take your look from regular to remarkable. If you want to hop on the trend wagon, read on for tons of graphic liner inspo to try during your next glamm sesh.

If It’s Good Enough For Gigi..

graphic eyeliner look

Ever since we saw Gigi Hadid sporting this floating graphic eyeliner look, it has been living in our heads rent-free. You can trust the supermodel to make even the most experimental makeup look extremely wearable and cool. All you need to do is take a liquid dark green eyeliner and trace it as a straight line just about your crease line. 


Tri graphic eyeliner look

For babes who are seasoned pros when it comes to applying eyeliner, opt for this tri-graphic liner. The graphic eyeliner look involved applying two layers of liner along the lower lash line. A pop of red colour really shines while the dramatic wing gives the face a lift.

Go Green

green graphic eyeliner look

If you’re looking for inspiration for a scroll-stopping graphic eyeliner look, look no further than Katie Jane Hughes’s Instagram feed. The eyeliner look is low-effort yet high on style. Just trade in your black liner with an emerald green liquid liner and trace it along the upper lash line as winged eyeliner.

Ombre Graphic Eyeliner

ombre graphic liner

The ombre graphic liner style is an instant mood uplifter so when you’re dealing with Monday blues, apply your liner like hers and the blues will vanish. Use a darker shade of blue for the outer corner of your eyes, a slightly lighter hue for the mid area, and a white liner for the inner third corner of your eyes.

Glitter Graphic Liner

glitter graphic eyeliner

Glitter liner is having a moment right now and this is one of the hottest iterations to try the style for the impending year-end celebrations. Eye makeup like hers is sure to make you the talk of every party you attend. Try this look and thank us later!

MyGlamm Recommends Manish Malhotra Glitter Eyeliner - Jade Forest

This glitter eyeliner by Manish Malhotra is a serious crowd-pleaser. It’s highly pigmented and glided on like a dream to create a stunning eye makeup look. The green glitter liner is sure to take your glamm game to another level.

Negative Space Graphic Liner

negative space graphic eyeliner

Negative space graphic eyeliner looks have been spotted on the lids of our fave girl crushes. It’s a surefire way to make heads turn and rake in the compliments. Just apply a floating liner along the crease liner and a regular winger liner along the upper lash line and you’re good to go.

Floating Liner

floating graphic eyeliner

If there’s ever a hall of fame for graphic liner styles, this one belongs in it. The blue and black liner combo is one for the books. It requires skill and a lot of patience to ape the look but it's totally worth the effort. Keep the rest of your makeup muted and let your eyes do the talking.

An Ariana-Approved Iteration

easy graphic eyeliner look

When Ariana is sporting such a statement-making eyeliner look, it’s sure to go viral in days ahead. This graphic liner is one of the chicest styles to try the trend and will take your eye game to the next level. All you need is a stark white liquid line to try this Ariana-approved graphic liner

For The Bold Type

simple graphic liner look

Not for the faint of heart, this graphic liner is perf for peeps who aren’t afraid to steal the spotlight. It radiates hot girl summer energy which is what we’ll be channelling this party season. Pair it with glossy lips and dewy skin to elevate the look to extraordinary status.

Give Them A Reason To Take A Second Look

easy graphic eyeliner

The soul-shaking American drama Euphoria is jam-packed with gape-worthy beauty moments. It has served up enough makeup looks to fill our inspiration mood boards for every music festival, Halloween, wedding, and rave party combined. This one is no exception. The graphic eyeliner is equal parts edgy and eye-conic and deserves a place in your Pinterest mood board.

The Kinda Blues We Love

Blue graphic liner look

Warning Don’t forget to smear an eye primer across your lids before trying this graphic eyeliner. The primer will not only ensure that your eye makeup stays put but will also make the liner pop. The blue hue is too pretty for words and looks flattering against all skin tones. We like!

Stacked Cat Eyes

Stacked cat eye graphic eyeliner look

Katie Jane Hughes is the undisputed queen of graphic eyeliners and this beauty look is proof. The liner style is just too good not to screenshot. All you need to do is apply three slim lines of black, blue, and orange eyeliner stacked along the upper lash line. It’s one of our fave ways to sport graphic eyeliner.

MyGlamm Recommends MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil - Slay

This eyeliner pencil is so good that it’ll ruin all other coloured eyeliners for you. It comes in eight on-trend hues to ensure to stay on top of your beauty game. Plus, the formula feels and looks 10x more expensive than its actual price.

Black & Yellow

yellow and black graphic liner

The yellow and black graphic liner, cherub cheeks, and glossy pout are all our beauty dreams wrapped into one. The beauty look basically guarantees It-girl status and will ensure that all eyes are on you wherever you go.

Green Eyes, Hypnotise

  green graphic eyeliner

The graphic eyeliner look has viral written all over it and we’re hella obsessed. Just apply a sage green eyeshadow all over your lids. Then, grab a green eyeliner in a lighter shade of green and trace a slim liner along your eyesockets. Keep the rest of your makeup dewy and minimal and you’re sure to leave people floored.

To Get Lots Of Attention

bold graphic eyeliner look

If you’re on the hunt for a makeup look that gets you the title of the best-dressed guest, take a leaf out of Sydney Sweeney’s beauty lookbook. A makeup look like this one is guaranteed to get you lots of attention. It gets a 100/10 from us.

Glitter Green Graphic Liner

glitter graphic eyeliner seo

Ever since we saw Euphoria’s Jules donning the graphic eyeliner look, we have been itching to copy it. It is easy to recreate and will get your likes left and right. All you need to do is apply glitter gold shadow all over the lids and then apply slim geometric strokes using glittery green liner. 

We See You Shining!

Shiny graphic liner look

Katie Jane Hughes leaves no stone unturned with her scene-stealing eye makeup look and this one is no different. You can easily create this eye makeup look using a shimmery silver eyeshadow and a precise liner brush. Opt for a highly pigmented creamy eyeshadow formula to ape the look. 

MyGlamm Recommends Powder Magic Eyeshadow Pencil - Smoky Quartz

This eyeshadow pencil is all you need to create a look that breaks the internet. Apply it all over your lids to sport a glitter-bedecked eye or use it to trace a graphic liner.


Blobs FTW!

Blobs graphic liner look

Take your eyemakeup game to the next level by recreating this negative space graphic eyeliner look. Create two freehanded blob shapes. One above the crease and along the upper lash line and a smaller one along the lower lash line.

Freehand It!

freehand graphic liner look

Everything about Kim K’s makeup look is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The clean, soft-focused skin complements the detailed liner moment.  The graphic liner requires pro-level skills if you’re exacting. Alternatively, you can simply freehand the liner and let it lead its way without any planning beforehand.

MyGlamm Recommends Wheelie Liquid Liner

For folks who love to sport precision eye art, this eyeliner has your name written all over it. Whether you want to trace ultra-thin strokes, subtle flicks or dramatic wings - this holy-grail eyeliner can do it all.

Rocker Chic

dark blue graphic liner look

We’re obsessed with this blue graphic liner look. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching look for a music festival or just want to try a stand-out beauty look this weekend - this beauty look is the one to call on. 


How do you apply graphic eyeliner?

There are tons of ways to apply graphic eyeliner. You can use striking geometric shapes and different eyeliner hues to try the experimental eye makeup trend.

What is used for graphic eyeliner?

You can use a gel or liquid liner in the colour of your choice to trace a graphic eyeliner

Can I use eyeshadow as a graphic liner?

Yes, you can use eyeshadow to apply a graphic eyeliner

How to use eye shadow as eyeliner?

All you need to do is take a precise eyeliner brush and spritz on a makeup setting spray on it. Dip the brush in the eyeshadow hue of your choice. Once your brush is loaded with the colour, apply it around your peepers in any shape you like.

Screenshot these graphic liners for your next getaway!

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