The Brow Show: 10 Types Of Eyebrow Slits


I never pegged myself as someone who’d find eyebrow-slits attractive—but I am. They’re edgy, sultry, and bold, and transform your look effortlessly. These slits were all the rage in the 90s, and they’re hinting at a comeback—what with everyone resurrecting razor-thin brows, baby-braids, and other trends exclusive to the 90s.


These slits cut across your brows vertically—you can shave them, tweeze them, or conceal them with makeup. For those whose penchant for self-expression lies in beauty, here are 10 different ways you can slit your brows (you’re going to love these eyebrow-cuts). 


10 Types Of Eyebrow Cuts You Need To Try


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  1. Single N Simple


This one’s the simplest way you can add a little drama to your look—one slit next to the arch of your eyebrow. 


MyGlamm LIT Lip & Eye Sparkles 

These double-duty colour-soaked sparkles are so much better than your shimmer-laden lipsticks and eyeshadows. They’re ultra-concentrated with pigment—a little goes a long way—and they’re so easy to apply to achieve high-shine lips and lids. 


  1. Double The Drama


If your eyebrows are thicker, you might want to consider adding another slit to the equation. This one’s experimental and bold—and not for the faint-hearted. Do not attempt this at home—you might end up with botched and overly-plucked eyebrows. You can try this on one eyebrow, or replicate it on the other as well.


MyGlamm Superfoods Kajal

This ink-on-a-stick doesn’t just deliver a dark-brown colour to your eyes: it is infused with skin-loving superfoods (like Vitamin E) that soothe and protect your eyes. Since the skin around your eyes is sensitive and delicate, you might want to consider buying a product that combines skincare with makeup—and this twelve-hour waterproof and tear-proof kajal is just that. 


  1. Front N Fun

While most slits are placed toward the tail-end or arch of the eyebrow, you can try creating one toward the front. 


MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliner

The MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliners enlists the playfulness of five gloss-packed colours: pink, purple, blue, black, and green. They’re glamorous, lightweight, and ultra-pigmented; and They remain budge-proof for 24 hours—never quivering in situations that include water (or anything that could result in smudging). And because they're equipped with a unique flexi-tip for the transfer of defined and precise lines, the threat of quivering fingers mustn't daunt you. 


  1. Front Slant


This one’s just like the previous one—just that the cut is slanted instead of straight. 


Manish Malhotra Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner

This matte-finish fluid-smooth eyeliner is available in three shades—each equipped with a felt-tip and angular tube for precise application of pigment. This one’s perfect for beginners who aren’t well-versed with the art of applying eyeliner. It’s water-proof and smudge-proof, and stays intact for 24 hours. 


  1. Mix & Match


Remember that these slits don’t have to be symmetrical–or follow rules. You can change it up the way you like—two slits on one side, and one on the other. 


Wheelie Liquid Eyeliner 

This eyeliner is revolutionary. It’s equipped with a rolling-disk applicator that allows you to create absolutely any style with ease. Say goodbye to skipping and dotted lines with PETA-approved vegan and cruelty-free wheelie!


  1. Arch De Triomphe 


Instead of placing the slit on the rear-end or tail-end of the eyebrow, you can position it right on the arch. 


Manish Malhotra 24H Kajal Eyeliner 

This triple-duty product works as an eyeliner, kajal, and eyeshadow. It’s super, super lightweight, and glides onto the eyes like silk thanks to how creamy and seamless it is. 


  1. Double Cuts


How does a haircut complemented by an eyebrow-cut sound? This one involves joining your eyebrow-cut with your haircut. Make sure you’re asking a professional to do this—it’s not as simple as it looks. 


MyGlamm Twist It Mascara

This volume-and-curl-inducing mascara, true to its name, adds a twist to your look courtesy of its twistable built-in brush built for every eye-shape ever. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-resistant, and leaves jet-black, pumped-up lashes in its trail.


  1. The Arrow 


Yup—you can experiment with shapes like this instead of going for the conventional slit. You can point the arrow in whichever direction you like—just make sure you’re having a professional do this for you. 


MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil 

Looking for a waxy-smooth eye-pencil? Available in eight deliciously-hued colour-pops, these matt-textured pencils have been formulated with a vegetable-wax from berry-kernels of the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree. Think about it—a smart combination of different waxes with different melting-points allows for effortless transfer of colour from the tube to your eyes. 


  1. Fishtail Fun


Caution: this one isn’t for the faint-hearted. It involves creating an upward flick diagonal to the slit with a brow-pencil. It’s dramatic, bold, and fierce, and creates a statement instantly. 


 MyGlamm Lit Brow Definer Pencil

This brow-pencil is everything you’ve been looking for. It boasts an ash-brown pay-off, and endows your brows with enough definition and pigment for them to look neat and well-groomed. Infused with eco-conscious ingredients, it’s PETA-approved as vegan and cruelty-free, and lasts for up to nine hours. 


  1. Red Rage


How do you feel about coordinating part of your brow with a money-piece highlight? You can dye your eyebrow red like demonstrated in the photo to pump a little bit of colour into your look. This is one of the best eyebrow-cuts IMO.


MyGlamm Glitter Eyeliner

If you want a break from the plain jet-black formulas, and are looking for something glitter-studded that lends a little bit of resplendence to your eyes, this one is it for you. It gives you a metallic finish, and stays in place for about 12 hours on end. 


So—are you planning on getting your brows slit?


How To Do Eyebrow Cuts At Home


Now that we’ve rounded up the absolute best female eyebrow-cuts, here’s how you can actually get one yourself. You can ask a professional (like your go-to didi at the parlour) to do the slit for you, but if you want to DIY it, you need to follow these steps:


  1. Brush your brows with a spoolie. 

  2. Decide where you want the cut, and attach two pieces of tape on either side of the cut to mark the placement on the brows.

  3. Grab a razor or trimmer, and start creating the slit gently. Make sure you’re holding the clipper perpendicular to your brow, and shaving vertically downward—not side-to-side. 

  4. Once you’re done, remove the tape carefully so as to not pluck any hairs out. 

  5. Tweeze any remaining hairs, and replicate this process on the other eyebrow—or for the second or third slit. 


If you don’t want to commit to a razor, you can try concealing a part of the eyebrow with makeup. Start off by brushing your brows with a spoolie, and fill them in with brow-powder to make them look thick and defined. Coat the area around your brows with concealer to make them look neat and intact. Go on to dip a small, flat, and thin brush into the same concealer, and once you’ve decided where you want the slit/s, start pressing the product onto your eyebrows. Move the brush up and down, and make sure the lines are as clean as possible. After 5 minutes, brush the slit and the area around the brows with translucent powder to blend everything together. That’s it! 


So—are you planning on getting your brows slit? Who knew a cut on the eyebrow could look so attractive? 




  1. How long do these cuts last?

These slits/cuts can grow back within two weeks to six weeks. It varies from person to person depending on how fast your hair grows back. It depends on the method employed as well. If you’re tweezing your hair, it will take longer to grow back than shaving them. Keep checking in on the cut every now and then, and repeat the process to create a new eyebrow-cut

  1. Is it safe to cut your eyebrows?

It’s advisable to seek help from a professional instead of trying to cut part of your brow at home.

  1. Are eyebrow slits attractive?

If you find them attractive, they are! This is extremely subjective, and depends on how you perceive them. 


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