Sunken Eyes: Find Out About The Causes & Symptoms To Identify The Best Treatment

 sunken eyes

Sunken eyes are a common skin condition that a wide number of people experience. The causes of sunken eyes vary from person to person and it could be anything from genetics to the effects of surgery. Let’s take a look at the skin condition in detail to better understand what you’re dealing with.


What are Sunken Eye?


Sunken eyes is a condition wherein the skin around the eyes looks pulled and sucked into the eye sockets. The eyeballs are deeper set into the eye socket and it gives the illusion of exhaustion or signs of ageing. The medical term for sunken eyes could be called Enophthalmos. Sunken eyes is a cosmetic condition that is popular in older people but some younger and middle-aged adults can also experience this condition due to weight loss, surgery or other causes.


What are the symptoms of sunken eyes?


 What are the symptoms of sunken eyes


Dark circles are one of the most common symptoms associated with sunken eyes. If you notice visible blood vessels around your eyes, that is a symptom as well. Other sunken eye symptoms are excessive dry under eye skin, hooded eyes, redness around the eyes, droopy eyelids, and hollowed, deep set eyes.


Causes of sunken eyes

Causes of sunken eyes


Find out what are the causes for sunken eyes to better understand this skin condition better.


Yes, sunken eyes can be genetic and that’s why it is at the top of the list when it comes to causes. If many people in your family have sunken eyes, chances are you have them as well.



Skin ageing can lead to your eyes appearing more sunken and hollow. Sagging skin and wrinkles make eyes appear more sunken.


Surgery Or Trauma

If you happen to hurt your eye socket you can develop sunken eyes. Post-surgery effects especially after any facial surgeries also can result in sunken eyes.


Rapid Weight Loss

Quick and sudden weight loss can cause your skin to sag and when it comes to the eye area, it can appear more hollow due to the sagging skin. Weight loss usually occurs after the body is exhausted so that also contributes to your eyes looking tired and hollow.



Certain medications or medical treatments can cause sunken eyes. You can only find out by consulting a professional regarding this matter.


Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to developing sunken eyes. Even when you are extremely exhausted, sunken eyes can develop. Not consuming the right amount of calories to preserve energy is a partly a reason why you may experience this condition as well.

How are sunken eyes treated?


Sunken eyes can be effectively treated in skin clinics or true prescribed medicines. Fat grafting, derma fillers, and cosmetic surgery are some of the options. Non-invasive options can include eye drops or other topical medicines. Some home remedies might also help improve the appearance of sunken eyes.


Home remedies For Sunken Eye


Try these home remedies for sunken eyes that will help improve the skin condition overtime.

Honey Eye Mask

Use a DIY honey mask to help moisturise the skin around the eyes and reduce sagging. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply a layer of it around the eyes and allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


These are luxe under eye sheet masks made from honeycomb gold mesh. They deeply hydrate the skin and help brighten the area.


Oil Massage

Massaging your skin with a facial oil can help improve skin texture and therefore improve the appearance of sunken eyes. You can use a carrier oil like coconut oil or any other facial oil. Apply the oil on the skin and begin massaging it for at least ten minutes. Do this on a regular basis to see results.



This is a sunscreen body oil that helps bring on your natural skin glow. It delivers broad spectrum SPF protection and also makes skin soft and smooth.


Turmeric Gel Pack

Combine a tablespoon of lose vera gel with a pinch of turmeric and apply it to the under eye areas. Allow the pack to dry for a few minutes. Rinse it out with water. This will help in skin become brighter and tighter.


This under eye gel has a silky texture that feels oh so luxurious ont he skin. Once massaged on, it helps tighten the skin and boost radiance instantaneously. The formula contains aloe vera juice and haldi.


Exercises To Reduce Sunken Eyes


You can move your eyes from side to side while keeping your head facing straight ahead for 10 minutes to help reduce sunken eyes. Another exercise is to close your eyes and squeeze them for 5 to 10 seconds after which you open them and look from left to right while keeping your head facing straight ahead; ten minutes of this daily will help too.

Now that you know about all the causes, symptoms, and remedies for sunken eyes, you can figure out a treatment method to help reduce their appearance. Sunken eyes are normal and they can be reduced with regular remedies and exercises.


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