The Easiest Ways To Reduce Puffy Eyes & Keep Those Bags At Bay

How To Reduce Puffy Eyes

If your nights end at 4am with you spending the wee hours either working late, binge watching Netflix’s latest, or scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, you’re know stranger to the puffy eyes. The eyes under your bags aren’t designer, they’re a result of bad habits, genes, and poor diet and lifestyle choices. Puffy eyes can often come with a side of dark circles. The result? Panda eyes for life! Unfortunately, the worst part about sporting this look is that certain eye makeup products tend to pull focus to your issues. These under eye problems can be a little difficult to overcome –– however, they aren’t impossible. If you are trying to figure out how to reduce puffy eyes, remember a few lifestyle tweaks here and there, along with consistent use of the right skincare products will get you there! Scroll down to see the different tips and home remedies to reduce puffy eyes.


Tips to Reduce Puffy Eyes 


Puffy eyes can be a task to deal with. Not only does it look like you’ve spent the night bawling your eyes away, but it also makes you look super tired all the time (even when you’re not). Scroll down if you want to get rid of puffy eyes. 


Get In Some Proper Sleep


A huge trigger for puffy eyes is lack of sleep. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep in the night, so that you can prevent your eyes from puffing up the next morning. Your sleep schedule needs to be pretty much the same every day. Make sure to keep your phone away an hour before bedtime too!


Check Your Allergies


If you’re looking to reduce puffy eyes at home, the first step would be to figure out what’s triggering it. Check if you have got any allergies that are causing your eyes to redden and swell up. Irritation often causes you to rub your eyes further, therefore increasing the redness and puffiness.


Hydrate Away


When you’re dehydrated your eyes are the first to show it! Eye puffiness is often the result of lack of hydration in your system. Ensure that you’re having 8 glasses of water a day.




Opt for a hydrating eye cream that’ll instantly moisturise your under eye area. A lot of formulas contain ingredients like caffeine that help soothe the under eye area and decrease puffiness.

MyGlamm Recommends - MyGlamm Youthfull Hydrating Eye Cream With Water Bank Technology

A triple action nourishing, hydrating, and firming eye cream that has a soft and silky texture that feels non-greasy on your skin. The formula is infused with hyalyuronic acid, Marine Complex 5, and a blend of seaweed and algae extracts and shea butter. It helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines –– the formula prevents water loss and locks in nourishment for ultra moisturised skin. It can be used on both your face and eyes.

Reduce Salt Intake


Excess salt often results in water and fluid retention in your body. Stay away from prepackaged foods or processed foods that are high in sodium. You can reduce the water retention by consuming 8 glasses of water per day.


Use A Cool Compress


Reduce the puffiness under your eyes by placing a cold compress on them. You can either use a cold washcloth or some cool green tea bags to calm the inflammation and puffiness down. Even sliced cucumbers are a great remedy for puffy eyes.


Consume More Potassium


Potassium helps reduce fluid retention in your body, in turn reducing puffiness under your eyes. Foods like bananas, beans, and leafy green vegetables are perfect additions to your diet.


Check Your Sleeping Position


Remember that gravity causes fluids to accumulate under your eyes. If you’re looking to reduce puffy eyes, then try sleeping on your back and prop an extra pillow or two up under your head.


Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed


Love yourself a smokey eyeshadow? Or always wear an eye liner before heading out? Make sure you always take off your makeup before heading to bed. Wearing makeup like mascara when you sleep can cause your eyes to water and make them appear puffy the next day.


Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes


Other than using a great eye cream, you can use different home remedies to reduce puffy eyes. So head to your kitchen and pick up what works best for you. It’s time to treat those bags!


Cold Spoons


If you want to soothe your eye bags and reduce puffiness at home, try applying two cold spoons to your under eyes. Pop them in the freezer for some time, take them out and place them on your under eye bags for 10 minutes. This’ll help constrict your blood vessels under the eyes.


Green Tea Bags


Green tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe under eye bags and reduce swelling. Soak two tea bags in water, add a pinch of salt, and then place them on your eyes for 15 minutes.


Egg White Under Eye Mask


Egg whites help tighten the skin and act as a natural astringent for your puffy eyes. Whisk some egg whites and brush it on to your puffy eyes. Wash once dry.


Potato Slices


The enzymes present in potatoes have astringent properties. They help reduce inflammation, puffiness, and tightens the skin. Finely slice a potato (two slices) and keep it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Take it out and apply it on your under eye area like an eye mask for 15 minutes.


Eye Massage


An eye massage is a great home remedy for puffy eyes. It helps reduce the swelling by boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage. A massage with your ring finger allows for the right amount of pressure to be applied to the sensitive area.


What Causes Under-Eye Bags?


If you’re looking to get rid of puffy eyes, then you need to understand what’s causing it first. Puffy eyes can be a result of many things including sleep deprivation, genetics, water retention, lack of sleep, and allergies. When trying to soothe puffy eyes, it’s best to pinpoint the triggers and then treat it.




How Do You Cover Up Puffy Eyes With Makeup?

First you need to colour correct your under eye bags or hyperpigmentation. Then you apply a creamy or liquid concealer to your under eyes. Always go for a slightly lighter shade, so that it highlights the area while covering it. Lastly, make sure you add a setting powder to ensure that the under eye area doesn’t crease. 

Is It Ok To Put Makeup On A Swollen Eye?

Usually it isn’t recommended that you apply makeup to swollen eyes. It may cause further irritation and sensitivity, resulting in an increased amount of puffiness.

How Do You Reduce Bags Under Your Eyes With Makeup?

The only way to reduce bags under your eyes with makeup is to opt for products that contain skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid that’ll help soothe your eyes.


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Puffy eyes aren’t the most ideal look anyone wants to sport, especially when they’re bringing your face down. This guide on how to reduce puffy eyes is a perfect way to get rid of those under eye bags.


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