Summer Skincare Routine That’ll Make Your Skin So Dang Glowy!


Unless you have perfect skin that remains calm, collected, and clear all year round (which, if you do, we’re so jealous of), then it’s pretty likely your skincare routine shifts with the season. Believe it or not, summer is finally on the horizon. And while we prepare for travel, beach days, and summer Fridays, it’s also important to work on transitioning our skin. Clearly, SPF is vital during the warmer months - but it’s not the only thing you need to complete your hydrating, protective, glow-inducing arsenal. 

So to lend a helping hand, we’ve rounded up the ultimate summer skincare routine that’ll leave your skin so dang glowy!

Summer Skincare Routine - Step-by-Step

Whereas in the winter our routines are usually all about moisture and combatting irritation, come summer, our attention tends to turn towards sun protection, oil production, and exfoliation. You see, the summer brings with it a whole bunch of skin concerns. How, then, to prep the face for sunnier days ahead? To help you fine-tune your summer skincare routine, we’re listing down the step-by-step guide to keep your skin looking gorgeous when it’s hot.

Step 1: Cleanse Using A Light Facial Cleanser!

No matter your skin type, it’s important to opt for a soothing and light facial cleanser that is either milk-based or gel-based. Such cleansers will deep cleanse your skin without stripping off the natural oils of your skin. A non-foaming cleanser is ideal for the summer skincare routine as it prevents your skin from drying out further.

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Step 2: Exfoliate To Slough Off Dead Skin Cells

Your heavy pieces of clothing from the winter months shouldn’t be the only thing you shed this season. You have to shed that dull and dry winter skin too. The layers of skin that may have piled up during colder days need to be sloughed off. It’s best to add mild chemical exfoliants to your summer skincare routine for the warmer days ahead. But remember that over-exfoliating your skin can cause irritation and inflammation. Exfoliate twice weekly or if you have dry skin exfoliate once a week. 

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Step 3: Tone!

Apply a hydrating toner to boost hydration, reduce pores, and keep blackheads away.

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Step 4: Add An Antioxidant-Rich Serum To Your Beauty Routine

Serums are lighter in terms of texture, in comparison to thick moisturisers and creams that can clog your skin during the hot season. Go for a serum that comprises of hyaluronic acid for hydration, and Vitamin C, A, or E for pigmentation and anti-aging purposes. Serums are the route to soft, supper, and hydrated skin.

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Step 5: Apply A Lightweight Moisturiser

As the temperature rises, you’ll sweat more and your skin may feel greasy after applying a thick moisturiser to your face. Swap heavy lotions for gel moisturisers or lightweight facial oils that dissolve quickly into your skin. We recommend opting for hyaluronic acid or water-based formula for your summer skincare routine.

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Looking for a moisturiser that gives your skin some serious hydration while also combating skin’s texture? Well, your search ends here. This clever formula contains hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates the skin, while its water bank technology helps the skin create its own internal water source to continually rehydrate itself, then locks in moisture for an endlessly plump, healthy-looking glow.

Step 6: SPF = BFF

Warmer months mean more sun exposure. Wear sunscreen daily to keep your skin healthy. Increase the dosage as the days get hotter and longer. A broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


How can I take care of my skin naturally in summer?

Keep your skin hydrated. Follow the CTM ritual in the morning and at night. And don’t forget to slather on your SPF every single day!

How can I get glowing skin in summer?

Exfoliating is key to keeping your skin glowing. Make sure you exfoliate your skin twice a week, and always keep your skin moisturised. Apply your sunscreen in the a.m. to prevent unwanted skin issues. You can also add antioxidant-rich serums to your daily ritual to give your skin a lit-from-within glow!

What should be in a skincare routine?

A gel cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator, serum, and sunscreen are some of the summer skincare essentials.

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